How HUMMER owners off-road…






24 responses to “How HUMMER owners off-road…”

  1. Gaming≠criminal Avatar


  2. Heisenberg Avatar

    Hummer owners are party animals

  3. Gaming Boi 3 Avatar
    Gaming Boi 3

    its my brother he has an hummer h2 and a cummins swap

  4. Stewart Mckinna Avatar
    Stewart Mckinna

    rip balljoints

  5. ᴍᴀɴɢᴀ ˢᵘˢ Avatar
    ᴍᴀɴɢᴀ ˢᵘˢ

    That’s one way up there or not fully up there 😂

  6. Ásbjörn Einarsson Avatar
    Ásbjörn Einarsson

    Ram: nice and steady
    Hummer: just floor it

  7. Snake Eyes Avatar
    Snake Eyes

    Disturbed- “Down With The Sickness”

    1. Tony Manuel Avatar
      Tony Manuel


  8. k0li40 Avatar

    Speeeed and power

  9. Jo Avatar

    What is the background music of h2 ??

    1. Björn Blümchen Avatar
      Björn Blümchen

      Thats Disturbed with “Down with the sickness”🤘

    2. Jo Avatar

      @Björn Blümchen thanks man 👊

    3. Björn Blümchen Avatar
      Björn Blümchen

      @Jo You’re welcome!👍

  10. Tevfik K.Ç. Avatar
    Tevfik K.Ç.


  11. Björn Blümchen Avatar
    Björn Blümchen

    Now thats how i like it! Disturbed in the background! Ooh ah ah ah ah!🤘

  12. tufan acharyya Avatar
    tufan acharyya

    Crab walk 😁😁

  13. Optimus Slime Avatar
    Optimus Slime

    When in doubt

  14. AutoLords_Gh Avatar

    Matt oo Matt😂😂😂

  15. Seth Danso Avatar
    Seth Danso

    Hummer means hummer. So if take a hummer off-road you get to do hummer dirt really hard

  16. Ib Erik Söderblom Avatar
    Ib Erik Söderblom

    None of you have ever done real tactical off-roading under fire.

  17. a man Avatar
    a man

    A 1000 hp truck is not normal off roading but ok

  18. Jack let his dog loose and the cheetah had a meal Avatar
    Jack let his dog loose and the cheetah had a meal

    Bro has 1000HP Hennessey Ram

  19. Yiannis Hayabusa Avatar
    Yiannis Hayabusa


  20. Robert Smedley Avatar
    Robert Smedley

    When your right foot makes up for your lack of skill…

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