How great are these door handles?!






25 responses to “How great are these door handles?!”

  1. Jodie Robinson Avatar
    Jodie Robinson

    Yeah, they look slick. I love the look on my Alfa 156. It’s confused quite a few of my passengers 😅

    1. Keyon Cantlay Avatar
      Keyon Cantlay

      My dad had one, I loved it but some drunkie wrote it off 🙁

  2. bigredgrumbo Avatar

    My old 07 civic has rear door handles like these

  3. Roadbart77 Avatar

    I hate all kind of “hidden” or “flush” door handles. Impractical as hell.

    1. Vojtulee M. Avatar
      Vojtulee M.

      It’s practical because it extends range

    2. Roadbart77 Avatar

      @Vojtulee M. I can live with some miles less range, if i don’t have to deal with crappy door handles. They are just annoying, you always have to wait for them to pop out or twist your hand/fingers in an unnatural way to operate them.

  4. Sandouras Avatar

    Welcome to Alfa Romeo 30 years ago.

  5. Hayhay Avatar

    I rate them : £4000 repair bill in 7 years

    1. 8XUS Tech Avatar
      8XUS Tech

      What a rating!

    2. Roadbart77 Avatar

      Why? They are mechanic, no electronics and motors involved.

  6. Palash Bhaumik Avatar
    Palash Bhaumik

    Wooow…how unnecessary

  7. Khalandar Mashood Avatar
    Khalandar Mashood

    $10,000 Suzuki Swift has those shitty door handles

  8. Mr Ed Avatar
    Mr Ed

    Will be great when they freeze shut in winter or the motor / solenoid wears out. Standard handles for the win

  9. Bryant West Avatar
    Bryant West

    Is that a Swiss-army remote that contains a lug wrench and air compressor. That’s what the video really should have been about.

  10. Mark Heywood Avatar
    Mark Heywood

    What car is it?

  11. Lord Butler Avatar
    Lord Butler

    That back door handle has been out for years!

  12. Andrew Vincent Avatar
    Andrew Vincent

    I think its cool how its integrated, but look at how big the handle actually is😂

  13. Vojtulee M. Avatar
    Vojtulee M.

    Random YouTube comments thinking this has no purpose, won’t work in winter and assuming there is no manual overdrive 🤦

  14. REVERB Avatar

    Them nissan 350z handles shessh

  15. SR82 Avatar

    Great untill winter and they snap off

  16. Hannover Aviation Avatar
    Hannover Aviation

    But what is wrong with that key? Looks like a remote control for a toy car ordered on Wish.

  17. mr guru Little Avatar
    mr guru Little

    Great. Something to break.

  18. Indian Jones Avatar
    Indian Jones

    Is it a Renault car!?, The key fob(card) is the same here in Indian versions as well

  19. TheSuperVortex Avatar

    Rear door hanels like swift 🙂

  20. Clockwork Cabbage Avatar
    Clockwork Cabbage

    Agree with the comment about a huge repair bill in a few years….but in all the front door handles are fine, but those back door handles are pretty lame where they’re situated.

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