How awesome is this drive selector?!






47 responses to “How awesome is this drive selector?!”

  1. Amal Joe Avatar
    Amal Joe

    They want to take the joy out of driving so that people will test out their self driving software more often.

    1. Passport Gaming Avatar
      Passport Gaming

      They’re trying to save millions of lives a year, increase convenience and decrease cost of transportation

    2. kristoffer3000 Avatar

      @Passport Gaming Millions of dollars is what they’re trying to save, you’ve fallen for the Elon grift.

    3. Passport Gaming Avatar
      Passport Gaming

      @kristoffer3000 idk why you hate him, he’s just trying to help

    4. riba2233 Avatar

      ​@Passport Gaming yeah sure, he just wants to help his bank account

  2. Lasergun Avatar

    A stick or a switch would have been a lot better

  3. Ameen Hensem Avatar
    Ameen Hensem

    You know the thing is a gimmick if they need a backup for it

    1. Isaiah Avatar

      Or get this… like all devices things break or shut down so having a physical backup makes sense

    2. lbnewell Avatar

      @Isaiahit’s not physical tho is it

    3. Mouwcat Avatar

      ​@lbnewell they have a physical backup below the phone charger

    4. lbnewell Avatar

      @Mouwcat proves how pointless and stupid the digital one is 😂

  4. Guidance Chivasa Avatar
    Guidance Chivasa

    thats what happens when you join the race during the last lap

  5. MrSoiSauce Avatar

    That’s an awesome drive selector. It’ll be even more awesome when the screen breaks and your vehicle becomes inoperable

    1. Dingus Ding Avatar
      Dingus Ding

      There is a failsafe located under the wireless charger

  6. Arnold Avatar

    What if you Swipe Left onto oncoming traffic?

    1. Sebastian Tschatordai Avatar
      Sebastian Tschatordai

      This ain’t Tinder. 😂

  7. shinybaldy Avatar

    “awesome” like getting rid of the volume up and down buttons on your phone.

    Exactly what users wanted. Said no one ever.

    1. tzn Avatar

      What phone does not have volume buttons?

    2. iTech Talk Avatar
      iTech Talk

      @tznyeah I wonder what phone he’s on about?? iPhones still have them lol…

    3. Matthew Avatar

      I think this is sarcasm

    4. Austin Moore Avatar
      Austin Moore

      ​@iTech Talk i get his sentiment though. Getting rid of ear phone connections and selling an item that allows headphones to plug in without bluetooth. Terrible cashgrab feature.

    5. Trevor Avatar

      @Austin Moore pretty sure they did that to maximize screen surface since the jack is so long

  8. Mike W. Dash Avatar
    Mike W. Dash

    If it’s not a manual, then the drive selector cannot ever be awesome.

  9. Ali Ar Avatar
    Ali Ar

    I think this steering wheel is dangerous

  10. Simon Li Avatar
    Simon Li

    What if the touchscreen breaks. Or your hands are wet?. Tesla takes the joy out of driving.

    1. Optimist Prime Avatar
      Optimist Prime

      Ever drive a Tesla?

    2. kristoffer3000 Avatar

      @Optimist Prime Ever driven a car that’s actually fun to drive instead of just fast?

    3. Samuel Stevens Avatar
      Samuel Stevens

      ​@kristoffer3000 fun is very subjective so…

    4. Optimist Prime Avatar
      Optimist Prime

      @kristoffer3000 I’ve driven an example of pretty much every category of car except full on mid engine super car. Why do you ask?

    5. rindi05 Avatar

      There is a failsafe located under the wireless charger.

  11. Jurjen Avatar

    Matt when a normal car manufacturer uses a touchscreen to control things on the car : 🤢

    Matt when Tesla uses a touchscreen to control things on the car: 🤩

    1. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      Great, this channel has fallen into the bias trap.

  12. Apo Avatar

    Teslas are made for people who dont like Cars. This suits them well.

    1. Conor Avatar

      “My 170 horsepower not even a real S Audi A4 is so much cooler”

  13. Mr Filax Avatar
    Mr Filax

    Imagine accidentally swiping down on it going 250kph on the autobahn 😂

    1. Saurav Chhabra Avatar
      Saurav Chhabra

      will it regenerate?

    2. Mr Filax Avatar
      Mr Filax

      @Saurav Chhabra imagine suddenly getting all the 1000hp going backwards while you move forwards. Wheelspin city guaranteed

    3. Matthias De Scheerder Avatar
      Matthias De Scheerder

      ​@Mr Filax not a big Tesla fan but dude, think for a second. This will absolutely not work, there will be a safeguard that prevents this.

    4. Mr Filax Avatar
      Mr Filax

      @Matthias De Scheerder most likely the engine power in reverse is reduced in the first place. Secondly you can see the buttons go away as you start driving so you can accidentally hit them. Only thing is that it’s all software and there are glitches. On the other hand glitches can happen to all cars, even the ones with regular automatic gearboxes cause they’re still controlled by a computer. The only safeish way is manual, where a gearbox failure should most likely drop you outta gear and leave you in neutral. In theory one of the gears could explode and jam another gear jamming the whole gearbox but I don’t think that, that would be able to lock up your wheels. I’d say that at this point the whole gearbox would explode again leaving you in neutral

  14. Abinu Udakara Avatar
    Abinu Udakara

    Elon got rid of volume buttons 😂

  15. BuuGz Avatar

    do tell us again after 2-3 years once it stops responding, and you have to change the whole screen for 5000 $

    1. Conor Avatar

      Provide an example of where that’s happened. Your phone is presumably a decade old and you presumably brag about how you won’t get a new one. Why would you think that displays randomly break now?

  16. The Hypnotoad Avatar
    The Hypnotoad

    Give me a button, or a knob, or a lever any day.

  17. Qasim Al-Saidi Avatar
    Qasim Al-Saidi

    You just know that’s the cheapest way to do it.

  18. Hassan Avatar

    Carwow please fire whoever in charge of your yt shorts

  19. Tapio_M Avatar

    Give me a proper lever over this.

  20. Darren Boss Avatar
    Darren Boss

    So basically if the screen breaks you can’t drive the car.

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