Finally the time has come ❤️






25 responses to “Finally the time has come ❤️”

  1. Noah Gonzales Avatar
    Noah Gonzales

    One of my favorite movies 🤣

    1. _shamras Avatar

      Movie name?

    2. Su Ya Avatar
      Su Ya

      Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  2.  Avatar

    Was ein wundervolles Video👍

  3. Gourab Das Avatar
    Gourab Das

    True but why are bots spamming in comments

    1. dinckelman Avatar

      welcome to youtube in 2023. People uploading full movies and some indian bots farming engagement

    2. Gourab Das Avatar
      Gourab Das

      ​​​@dinckelmanattaching nationality to the bots are crazy take, wonder why most of them are promoting in German and French.

  4. Rakan Alrumaihi Avatar
    Rakan Alrumaihi

    Best car wow video 😂😂😂

  5. ruymanbr Avatar

    Tell me the car is plasticky without telling…

  6. Conor Avatar

    lol they finally made a good short

  7. Giant Waddles Avatar
    Giant Waddles

    Please have a decent grill it’s all we want

  8. Desert Sandfly Avatar
    Desert Sandfly

    Hot take: The new M5 touring looks way better than the sedan version.

    1. phyzzy Avatar

      This should not be a hot take

  9. UnKnown Avatar

    XM gets me everytime 🤣

  10. Eric Pisch Avatar
    Eric Pisch

    Strange design language that bmw uses, each car must be uglier than the previous one, and somehow they manage it 😂

  11. ⬅️My Dream Avatar
    ⬅️My Dream

    New M2 mt

  12. rob379 Avatar

    (For the the people that don’t get the meme) The proud owners of the other BMWs “know” they each have the bestest model BMW… while the rest of us smile and cringe inside. 🙂

  13. Ahmad Hassan Avatar
    Ahmad Hassan

    Just wow Carwow 😂

  14. B Scooter Avatar
    B Scooter

    God they’ve lost the plot recently, what on earth are they actually trying to do

  15. Maikeru Avatar

    I really like my G80 M3 Competition xDrive but the X1 and X2 35i are terrible cars. Less power, more weight, quad exhaust. Bring back rear wheel drive. I also have a 2008 118d, it’s still a great car with comfortable drive and efficient fuel consumption.

    1. Dr Haluskay Avatar
      Dr Haluskay

      So you are comparing a car that is practically a super car costing 100 000 base Can$ (2024 m3 comp) to an Suv that is $58 000!!!??? really…the M3 tops out at $150 000, you can have three X1 m35i s for that…I think you should compare apples to apples!!!

    2. Maikeru Avatar

      @Dr Haluskay a good speced x2 35i is $80000. That’s more than a M340i and almost a M3 without competition. BMW front wheel drive cars are just terrible compared to the rear wheel cars.

  16. Hope Yiwombe Avatar
    Hope Yiwombe

    Carwow dropping the hardest edits

  17. Yiannis Hayabusa Avatar
    Yiannis Hayabusa


  18. Kevin Varghese Avatar
    Kevin Varghese

    I thought the XM was really good 🙆🏻🤣

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