Ferrari Enzo with a straight-piped racing exhaust… 中






26 responses to “Ferrari Enzo with a straight-piped racing exhaust… 中”

  1. Shaheen Thomas Avatar
    Shaheen Thomas

    That noise makes me blush more than my girlfriend

    1. AssBeaterGaming xd Avatar
      AssBeaterGaming xd

      like you had one

    2. MJB 7 Avatar
      MJB 7

      You better hope she doesnt see this comment

    3. Taylor Ward Avatar
      Taylor Ward

      Alr we need proof lil bruh

    4. Shaheen Thomas Avatar
      Shaheen Thomas

      @AssBeaterGaming xd lol

    5. MrDjsmooth87 Avatar

      My Gf….

      hold my

  2. Marc Sob Avatar
    Marc Sob

    Pure perfection!

  3. Big Red Machine Avatar
    Big Red Machine

    V12 engine type is art.

  4. Paul Hawley Avatar
    Paul Hawley


  5. Mohammed Bilal Khan Avatar
    Mohammed Bilal Khan

    Every performance car should be straight piped from the factory and without soft limiters!

    1. Ziad Aziz Avatar
      Ziad Aziz

      Dont let the Environmentalists hear you

  6. LJ Songolo Avatar
    LJ Songolo

    Damn and the way i love Ferrari’s 手手手手

  7. 帢彖庰弇峸 峓帢庤庢庥庣峎庥怷 Avatar
    帢彖庰弇峸 峓帢庤庢庥庣峎庥怷

    My dream car

  8. Hrishi Avatar

    Creamed in my shorts

  9. Jstewlly Avatar

    The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari made by Company Ferrari named after founder Ezo Ferrari…has a 6.0l Ferrari V12 and is a hypercar by Ferrari, The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari competed with Carrara GT which the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari made more hp

  10. Yakoub Belayadi Avatar
    Yakoub Belayadi

    Glorious sound

  11. Hubbell Walker Avatar
    Hubbell Walker

    I always used to take pleasure in taking a good look at their inventory, whilst on the way to screwfix!

  12. GN 8013 Avatar
    GN 8013

    What will happen if you start this at a funeral

  13. Zyvren 13 Avatar
    Zyvren 13

    Enzo ferrari and the FXX are just two of the most well designed cars of all time.

  14. Stfu Avatar

    This Ferrari Enzo is the definition of the main character

  15. Billythebubble Avatar

    And thats why lowering emissions is for the poor not the rich who dont give a feck

  16. TJ Avatar

    Ferraris best looking car.

  17. Cam Cambron Avatar
    Cam Cambron

    That put one hell of a smile on my face

  18. chuck Avatar

    That rear end is timeless

  19. Hank Avatar

    Imagine what it would sound like outside on a track – instead of just gathering dust sitting in a collection

  20. DREAM RIDES Avatar

    The ENZO is a marvelous machine…my childhood love

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