Do you even need a windscreen at this point? 🤷‍♂️






25 responses to “Do you even need a windscreen at this point? 🤷‍♂️”

  1. Irmgard Scholz Avatar
    Irmgard Scholz

    Machen Sie weiter so und bleiben Sie so, wie Sie sind❤️❤️❤️

  2. Eric Pisch Avatar
    Eric Pisch

    Reversing sensors were a £500 option on my merc lol

  3. Carl Seghers Avatar
    Carl Seghers

    “How many cameras do you want?”


  4. Pooya Khalili Avatar
    Pooya Khalili

    If you have a car that big, you need cameras everywhere 😃😃😃

    1. Sheena Abrams Avatar
      Sheena Abrams

      I drive a semi and we dont have cameras. Hey, where are our cameras? 😂

  5. Jelly Funga Avatar
    Jelly Funga

    If you need that many cameras, you shouldn’t have a license

  6. PortuguesePirate99 Avatar

    Realistically given the option no one would ever say no to having added security and peace of mind when manuvering something that massive so its honestly amazing. You dont want it? cool dont select the option or just dont use it but its there for the people who do want it

  7. Osama Khaled Avatar
    Osama Khaled

    Imagine reversing with all these cameras and then crash 😂

    1. Stefan Cristi Avatar
      Stefan Cristi

      It didn’t happen to me with my Toyota and I make exclusive use of the rear camera only. It never happened for the camera to be less than precise or lag behind.
      Can’t imagine a brand like Cadillac, which puts so much emphasis on their quality, to have lagging cameras.

  8. EK Avatar

    Screen still to way to small 😄

  9. Jimmer Kerlin Avatar
    Jimmer Kerlin

    …and somehow, certain ones will still back into things…😐

  10. Craig Campbell Avatar
    Craig Campbell

    If you don’t have a windscreen a bird could fly into you.

    1. J W Avatar
      J W

      good one

  11. Sam Burrows Avatar
    Sam Burrows

    Don’t wanna get in the face with a stone or a fly, so yeah, I’d still like something there 😂 my eyes have also never ‘lagged’ like cameras sometimes do…

  12. Curtis Belford Avatar
    Curtis Belford

    -And what about quality and screen size?

    1. Kamil B Avatar
      Kamil B

      How are the screens not quality? They are OLEDs.

  13. CreekChief Avatar

    The United States of America has more than 84 million acres of national parks & this beast comes ready to tow your camper & family to all of them 💪🇺🇸

  14. ano T Avatar
    ano T

    If gm cough get their charging straight the Cadillac would be a nice cruiser.

  15. Brian Avatar

    I had that same mirror in my Bolt, it sucks. GM missed the mark with that mirror quite badly. The biggest issue is the electro-chromatic layer doesn’t go edge to edge, there’s about 8-10mm of boarder around the edge that has no dimming so you get really bright flashes of light at night as lights move in and out of the EC boundary.

  16. 牧野鷹揚 Avatar

    German: our car has most powerful engine
    British: our car has most luxurious interior
    American: our car has most cameras

    1. Billion Dime Avatar
      Billion Dime

      Americans our normal cars are borderline semi

  17. Jori Diculous Avatar
    Jori Diculous

    cameras are good. Especially when they double as surveillance when parked and driving.
    Insurance companies love and hate them since you can prove “anything”

  18. 668iygjo Avatar

    Still needs more

  19. Anandam Roy Avatar
    Anandam Roy

    Engineer: How many cameras do you want?
    Cadillac: Yes!

  20. Ken Flaherty Avatar
    Ken Flaherty

    Doesn’t matter how many cameras you have your not getting in a multi story car park

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