Comparing a 1,000hp hypercar to a twin-turbo V8! 💥






38 responses to “Comparing a 1,000hp hypercar to a twin-turbo V8! 💥”

  1. Allan Zepeda Avatar
    Allan Zepeda

    What an amazing car. Can’t wait to see these in public. 🏎️

    1. Almajd K Avatar
      Almajd K

      You never will

    2. Little Angel Avatar
      Little Angel

      Track focused cars are illegal on the road

    3. TheBadBunny87 Avatar

      ​@Almajd KThey are aiming to make a road legal version.

    4. RealGoose Avatar

      The intent is a road legal car that rips on the track.

  2. ganetty"" Avatar

    That’s how it was a long time ago…

  3. Ib Erik Söderblom Avatar
    Ib Erik Söderblom

    That didn’t take long 😀

  4. DeathSc00p Avatar

    Doesn’t matter if the Audi has a 4-litre twin-turbo V8.. It’s just sat at 60 😂

    1. Ameen Hensem Avatar
      Ameen Hensem

      Yeah Matt should just keep accelarating

    2. Shak Avatar

      Clickbait done smartly

    3. Luc Wijngaard Avatar
      Luc Wijngaard

      Reminds me of the time me and my Fiesta absolutely destroyed a Chiron that was parked alongside the road

    4. M7MD Avatar

      ​@Luc WijngaardBRO, you saw a chiron just parked out in the wild and didnt stop to admire it? Not even steal it? 💀

    5. Luc Wijngaard Avatar
      Luc Wijngaard

      @M7MD I was joking, I have seen the Veyron though

  5. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    We need to see this in a drag race against some other ballistic hypercar. Anyone calling a Rimac?

    1. Caesar Avatar

      YES PLEASE, we want to see more rimac testing because its an absolute electric beast

    2. onno kis Avatar
      onno kis


    3. Dom GTSK Avatar
      Dom GTSK


    4. Saad432 Avatar

      The day they put a nevera against a jesko venom f5 and a chiron ss in a 1 mile race ill die peacefully

  6. Giorgio Massignani Avatar
    Giorgio Massignani

    this reminds me of the White Angel boss car in Ridge Racer Revolution 🤩

  7. Alright Alright Alright Avatar
    Alright Alright Alright

    This car is so fast its acceleration is measured as m/s^3

  8. youxkio Avatar

    Matt, I know you wanna give it a go on the McMurtry once more.

  9. Aby Mathew Avatar
    Aby Mathew

    Nevera vs Mcmurtry..🥳🥳🥳🥳

  10. Nasiruddin Sha Mohammad Avatar
    Nasiruddin Sha Mohammad

    Bro casually drag racing on Wellington straight

  11. shaklama brakama Avatar
    shaklama brakama

    Next: McMurtry vs RC Car
    That would be extreme

    1. MrGodspeed Avatar

      Actually that’s a good idea
      Although it’d have to be an extremely powerful RC car

    2. shaklama brakama Avatar
      shaklama brakama

      @MrGodspeed a dual motor rc car with 40HP (the one from the F1 vs RC Car) its more than enough

    3. MrGodspeed Avatar

      @shaklamabrakama  40hp??
      Sheesh, sounds like it could break your wrist if you were holding the tire and someone accidentally pressed the gas on the remote

    4. shaklama brakama Avatar
      shaklama brakama

      @MrGodspeed lmao

  12. Joel Mendes Avatar
    Joel Mendes

    Batmobile is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Matt Garside Avatar
    Matt Garside

    Amazing camera work there!

  14. Onkel Marvin Avatar
    Onkel Marvin

    That McMurtry……… a rocketship……….it`s crazy fast………….WOW…

  15. ~ORACLE~ Avatar

    Feels like the batmobile

  16. حمود الشمري Avatar
    حمود الشمري

    Rimac Nevera vs McMurtry please 😍🔥🔥

  17. Mzansi Popular Rides Avatar
    Mzansi Popular Rides

    He should have kept on accelerating 😅

    1. Jackazz Plays Avatar
      Jackazz Plays

      Still wouldn’t have helped though 😂😂

  18. nickrudeen Avatar

    My car wouldn’t even get out of the frame💀

  19. commentator Avatar

    With all those repeats with different cameras , I have no idea how long it took

  20. Steve Wakeford Avatar
    Steve Wakeford

    That little thing is like a slot car from when we were kids – instant acceleration – amazibg

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