Car doors are so overrated…






27 responses to “Car doors are so overrated…”

  1. STR Avatar

    So now you have to climb into your car – we’re going back in time

  2. iGO Avatar

    what if you got hit by a hellcat and the car flipped and burnt?

    1. burnzy3210 Avatar

      Not sure what relevancy a hellcat has but sure

  3. john m Avatar
    john m

    Just hope you dont flip it. Youre fucked if its on fire

    1. Tommaso l Avatar
      Tommaso l

      So dangerous

    2. York Oxmaul Avatar
      York Oxmaul

      Rip in advance

  4. Franku Avatar

    Paint it black and you have a Batmobile.

  5. mamin2849 Avatar

    That’s the Delage D12. A french hybrid supercar.

    1. fun racing Avatar
      fun racing


    2. Ionel Dima Avatar
      Ionel Dima

      Thanks a lot bro

  6. Altus Talent Avatar
    Altus Talent

    This actually adds physical effort completely unnecessarily and adds ridicule to a simple task of sitting down.

  7. JK!#6666 Avatar

    Imagine trying to get in when you’re angry, by the time it opens you’ll look ridiculous 😂

    1. Mrs Nezbit Avatar
      Mrs Nezbit

      Imagine when you seriously need to go to the toilet

  8. Bayanda Msweli Avatar
    Bayanda Msweli

    A rainy day is all you need

    1. HowDoIPlayAgain Avatar

      And the fire will be there waiting for you 😂

  9. Jay D Avatar
    Jay D

    it looks cool on some cars like this but I don’t think I wanna make big deal out of getting in and out of my corolla by opening the godamn roof!

  10. Harpo 911 Avatar
    Harpo 911

    How’s my 85 Year old dad going to get out??

  11. Sanjay Raina Avatar
    Sanjay Raina

    Now if I buy this car all I’ll need is a Batman costume to go along

  12. n1co Avatar

    i will stick to the BAC mono which just looks like the roofless version of this.

  13. not your typical guy Avatar
    not your typical guy

    Until the mechanism fails and you’re stuck inside

    1. Adam Artzi Avatar
      Adam Artzi

      At least not inside…

  14. mmaster23 Avatar

    Just don’t flip it like all those burned up Lambos.

  15. Josh Bean Avatar
    Josh Bean

    I’m so upset carwow is using this sound 😔

  16. 19 Muhammad Ali Moula Avatar
    19 Muhammad Ali Moula

    Doors opening are really cool, especially scissor/butterfly doors, adds to the effect, Canopy Roofs better fit helicopters/planes, or cars designed after such things, like the Tramontana R

  17. Adrian Miles Avatar
    Adrian Miles

    I like my interiors to have giant pistons in them.

  18. Michael O Avatar
    Michael O

    I pray no one ever gets T-boned in this car.

  19. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a hyundai getz sx on this channel 201

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