Bye bye driveshaft 必






27 responses to “Bye bye driveshaft 必”

  1. Pamella Hoods Avatar
    Pamella Hoods

    You are the first person I ever signed up for in my life毋

  2. Lioba Kneller Avatar
    Lioba Kneller

    Endlich wieder positive Gef羹hle die ich durch dieses Video versp羹hre

  3. Jason Smith Avatar
    Jason Smith

    Drive shaft has left the chat… We need the badge.

  4. Aris1956 Avatar

    That BMW has lost its balls.

    1. Stephen Middlehurst Avatar
      Stephen Middlehurst

      Nah, theyre still there, its just feeling like it was a kiwi rugby player in a game against the French. And anyone that gets that reference is probably curled up protectively right about now at the mere thought

  5. Sebastian Chmist Avatar
    Sebastian Chmist

    Bmw reliability at its finest. Sadly I know the feeling

    1. Moosevision Avatar

      example of newer =/= better

    2. Diego Diegosovich Avatar
      Diego Diegosovich

      its 560 rwd monster, its normal sometimes will fail. amgs and rs have a lot of issues also, so you must understand that thing not failing much only like 2.0 125hp atmospheric toyotas for granddads

    3. Muneeb Rehman Avatar
      Muneeb Rehman

      @helldiego never saw a GTR fail like that.
      When it comes to reliability, BMW is always at the bottom

    4. Zokoych Avatar

      @Diego Diegosovich Wrong

  6. Rakan Alrumaihi Avatar
    Rakan Alrumaihi

    Newer M5; wheel spin *cartoon tool kit sounds* 拎儭儭劾儭

    1. Martin S. Avatar
      Martin S.

      Long live Israel

  7. CAL S.A Avatar
    CAL S.A

    Mat, you need to do this race again…Please Please. South African 遲 BMW fan boys are waiting

    1. Skyl3r07 Avatar

      Awe my broe

  8. Fashola Akintunde Avatar
    Fashola Akintunde

    aw how do you lose both your balls in minutes!

  9. Ernis Morina Avatar
    Ernis Morina

    I loved the German face

  10. MrShoter Avatar

    Such an BMW moment

  11. SMIK25 Avatar

    When you went to parties I studied the car

  12. Rohit BinuKumar Avatar
    Rohit BinuKumar

    I expected the E60 to throw a rod.

  13. Adam Avatar

    Ultimate driving machine, apparently….

  14. Stephen Middlehurst Avatar
    Stephen Middlehurst

    Has a bad thing happened? A? No. Many, yes.

  15. Jager Avatar

    Typical bmw quality there

  16. TschingisTube Avatar

    German quality!

  17. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 309

  18. AHMED Hossam Avatar
    AHMED Hossam

    The mechanic meme is pure class

  19. Jackson Hunt Avatar
    Jackson Hunt

    Oh we love Bavarian build quality

  20. Muro Mango Avatar
    Muro Mango

    B “Bring” M “Mich” W “Werkstatt” means “take me to the mechanic

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