Breaking 0-60mph & 1/4-mile world records!






34 responses to “Breaking 0-60mph & 1/4-mile world records!”

  1. Flaming God Of Thunder Avatar
    Flaming God Of Thunder

    That thing looks and feels like a fighter jet

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    2. Calum Cruickshank Avatar
      Calum Cruickshank

      That’s bcuz it is one, for the road

    3. Thawhid Avatar

      ​@Calum Cruickshank oh

  2. Isaac-Newton_izdum Avatar

    My god that’s insane – it’s like a car with a rocket strapped to it.

  3. Jack Idk Avatar
    Jack Idk

    I saw this at GoodWood FOS when it broke the hill climb record. It was insanely fast and nimble.

    1. Nathan 🇺🇦 Avatar
      Nathan 🇺🇦

      Same! Absolutely mental how fast it was on such a narrow, unprepared, road.

    2. DunkCSA Avatar

      I did too, totally blew me away because I was not expecting it to be that absurdly fast

  4. the couch gamer Ed Avatar
    the couch gamer Ed

    dang, almost 7 gs of acceleration

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      Tele-gram me on 👉Carwow14


    2. Wrong! Avatar


    3. Max Anthony Jimenez Berroa Avatar
      Max Anthony Jimenez Berroa

      Can that be possible? 7G of force? Isn’t that too much? Normal hypercars don’t even do 2 G or am I wrong? Correct me please cuz 7 G sounds like a fighter jet.

  5. Elias Bouckaert Avatar
    Elias Bouckaert

    I would buy a rimac above this bc it is way more practical (but slower)😢

    1. Supa Mario Avatar
      Supa Mario

      Rimac has more “sensible” acceleration. This is literal break-neck acceleration.

  6. sanda ngcobo Avatar
    sanda ngcobo

    Matt, if u could launch such an expensive car so brilliantly, why some refuse that you drive their Buggati and Nevara on drag races?

    1. Anthony Avatar

      He has driven a nevEra in a drag

    2. Dhanu _45 Avatar
      Dhanu _45

      Ev’s don’t have to deal with that’s one reason

  7. Stijn Westerhoff Avatar
    Stijn Westerhoff

    And this thing isnt even settup for 1/4 mile runs, consider that

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      Tele-gram me on 👉Carwow14


  8. Michel Bruns Avatar
    Michel Bruns

    sounds like a cartoon sound effect when it starts

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      Tele-gram me on 👉Carwow14


  9. Aron Estabillo Avatar
    Aron Estabillo

    A car that maximizes torque and ground effect. Jesus what a monster.

    1. DunkCSA Avatar

      Kinda like that old Brabham F1 car from back in the day but on a whole different level

  10. Carl Avatar

    Ricky from llf did it in his skyline in 1.6 seconds, absolutely mind-blowing 🤯

  11. Hab Som Avatar
    Hab Som

    The second run was faster because he’d emptied his bowels on the first run, so the car was much lighter! 😁

  12. fact gasm Avatar
    fact gasm

    So, Matt, what was it like in 1955?

  13. Dilpreet Dillhol Avatar
    Dilpreet Dillhol

    Car is so fast, it brought out Matt’s real accent from home.

  14. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    One of the best car ever, the McMurtry Speirling!

  15. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    The G-force you feel when you launch the McMurtry Speirling is super high!

  16. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Mat’s reaction though!

  17. Big duphus AJ Avatar
    Big duphus AJ

    Mats timing gear is highly suspicious. Whys he never at Santa Pod?

  18. Elvis Božič Avatar
    Elvis Božič

    Sounds and looks like one of that toy cars you pull and release.

  19. nyc863 Avatar

    IROZ audi 7 second even more impressive as it does not have a giant fan nailing itself to the road. Unless it turns its turbo intake down there

  20. CSI Grissom Avatar
    CSI Grissom

    It’s basically a giant R/C car

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