BMW M3 Touring v Audi RS4: POV DRAG RACE


36 responses to “BMW M3 Touring v Audi RS4: POV DRAG RACE”

  1. Nayma Coutinho Avatar
    Nayma Coutinho

    Imagine being in an Uber (somehow being an M3 Touring) and racing an Audi RS4 which is another Uber seeing the fun there is.

  2. heasent Avatar

    And then it beat the RS6….

    1. Concon r32 Avatar
      Concon r32

      Highly doubt that not stock anyway

    2. Jival Roopnarian Avatar
      Jival Roopnarian

      It did beat the rs6 but the new performance is faster

    3. Concon r32 Avatar
      Concon r32

      @Jival Roopnarian must be because of the weight difference

    4. Daniel Jagger Avatar
      Daniel Jagger

      just wait for the M3 touring CSL. it’ll smoke the RS6 performance.@Jival Roopnarian

    5. Slide Reveiws Avatar
      Slide Reveiws

      @Jival Roopnarianbut by a little

  3. Throttle Body Avatar
    Throttle Body

    Beat with 2 extra passengers. Yianni isn’t light either

    1. Адекватный Фанат BMW Avatar
      Адекватный Фанат BMW


  4. Faizel Philander Avatar
    Faizel Philander

    Bmw 👌👌👌👌👌

  5. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    Wow, the M3 Touring won with 2 extra passengers!!! 😮

    1. Moving MALLU Avatar
      Moving MALLU

      U missed the cameraman

    2. AGD White Avatar
      AGD White


    3. R/D Avatar

      ​@Moving MALLUCameraman was running outside of the car

    4. kungfuhustle Avatar


    5. Адекватный Фанат BMW Avatar
      Адекватный Фанат BMW


  6. WarThunderator Avatar

    *kerosene intensifies*

  7. Anonim Adam Avatar
    Anonim Adam

    En büyük sorun gelir adaletsizliği, bir kesim evde et yiyemezken diğer bir kesim masaya asgari ücret bırakabiliyor. Kimse bu durumu değiştirmek istemiyor özelliklede dar gelirliler…

  8. Богдан Avatar

    3 passengers and won Wow

  9. Cammy Avatar

    Did you get free earplugs?

  10. K_Swap_The_World_69 Avatar

    Wagons > The Air I Breathe

  11. Gourab Das Avatar
    Gourab Das

    Hope Yianny recovers soon from his injury.

    1. 24k Avatar

      Injury from riding a bicycle with no seat 😂

  12. Oualid Allal Avatar
    Oualid Allal

    Audi for ever ♥️😍🦎🦎🦎💣💥💪😎

    1. shiny potato Avatar
      shiny potato

      Just don’t listen to kerosene while in it

  13. joury🥀 Avatar

    The rs4 not stock because the rs4 444hp and m3 510hp 😊

  14. Elizabeth: Soccer mom Avatar
    Elizabeth: Soccer mom

    If the whole team dont say “c’mon” you actually go slower😂

  15. Eleonik 76 Avatar
    Eleonik 76

    That not race. It’s humiliation. Once and for all VAG fans have been shown to know their place.

  16. M3 WIllie Avatar
    M3 WIllie

    The BMW M3 Touring winning with 4 heavy blokes in the car is crazy. 🤯

    1. Angel Valdovinos Avatar
      Angel Valdovinos

      More power

    2. Harry H Avatar
      Harry H

      I was wondering how the Audi kept up

  17. Rbnation Avatar

    Yianni he so funny 😂😂

  18. Bleazy710 Avatar

    Still not bad on the audis end since its way under powered compared to the new m3s

  19. adas Avatar

    audi rs4 ma 450moc , bmw m3 ma 510 moc

  20. Yiannis Hayabusa Avatar
    Yiannis Hayabusa


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