BMW E36 328i v Hyundai i30 N: DRAG RACE






28 responses to “BMW E36 328i v Hyundai i30 N: DRAG RACE”

  1. Sophia Owens Avatar
    Sophia Owens

    Watching it was really fun. Your work is really top !!!☝️☝️

  2. Jon R Avatar
    Jon R

    14.7 wasn’t too snappy back then.

  3. Ryan Frisby Avatar
    Ryan Frisby

    Great #short!😸

  4. Kiwii Kiwiii Avatar
    Kiwii Kiwiii

  5. Lewis Mussumba Avatar
    Lewis Mussumba

    The slowest drag race I have ever seen on this channel😅

    1. WeaponXI Avatar

      Why the heck you didn’t watch the lorry videos with yianni and daniel..

    2. Lewis Mussumba Avatar
      Lewis Mussumba

      @WeaponXI 💀💀💀no, I didn’t watch them. They must have been slower😅

      Edit: No wait, I think I have ever watched them. I don’t remember them that well but I think I have

    3. Slide Ways Avatar
      Slide Ways

      Clearly didn’t watch the 3 wheelers race then

    4. PurpleBugs Avatar

      shouldve watch the video with the tiny cars

  6. geemy Avatar

    193hp vs 270hp 😮 how is that possible the 328i is only 100lbs lighter

    1. BlitzkriegRap Avatar

      E36 is tuned to 227HP and has rwd which helps it grip off the line better

    2. ᛉ   ᚱᚨᛁ ᛗ ᚨ   ᛣ Avatar
      ᛉ ᚱᚨᛁ ᛗ ᚨ ᛣ

      RWD + the fact, that the I30N rarely puts out the stated 270HP. The majority was measured at 220-230HP, some even below.

    3. Cameron Lotter Avatar
      Cameron Lotter

      ​@ᛉ ᚱᚨᛁ ᛗ ᚨ ᛣthey were actually measured around 300hp

    4. T0ni M. Avatar
      T0ni M.

      German car ! 🇩🇪 Questions?😜

  7. Checkyoursix77 Avatar

    Ok Hyundai is 30 years behind BMW in technology…😂

  8. Movsar Naculchanov Avatar
    Movsar Naculchanov

    328 is tuned

  9. TomSingletonRacing Avatar

    My e36 328 would spank it ❤

  10. JudeLow Avatar

    The e36 is soooooo much more fun, its uncomparable, the most fun car to drive

  11. WeaponXI Avatar

    That BMW back in the 90s was 🔥

  12. Jeremy Weatherly Avatar
    Jeremy Weatherly

    That e36 is a beaut! That motor will last twice as long as the Hyndai

  13. Allan Prits Avatar
    Allan Prits

    E36 has some minor mods but no forced induction.

  14. Daniel M Avatar
    Daniel M

    Bmw all day ❤

  15. TiptronicSS Avatar

    Fair race, finally, bravo! Usually it’s like putting a fully automatic car with perfect gear changes against an old badly maintained car with horrible gear changes.

  16. Calum Cruickshank Avatar
    Calum Cruickshank

    Hyundai team

  17. Hein Hendricks Avatar
    Hein Hendricks

    Will still take the e36

  18. Robotric Avatar

    Exactly the same 328i coupe as I had years ago and thought it was really quick when i first had it, but shocked to see how slow it is today.

  19. Yannik R. Avatar
    Yannik R.

    I love that BMW 😊 It’s not always a matter of HP. Great 🎉

  20. Peter Avatar

    DSG version would have wiped the floor against the BMW

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