A landmark electric car. The Hyundai Ioniq 5N! 🔥






32 responses to “A landmark electric car. The Hyundai Ioniq 5N! 🔥”

  1. @EvaMiller19 Avatar

    Every new release on your channel is a surprise that makes my day. Thanks for the pleasure!👄 4 💋

  2. @TWIXTIMA0 Avatar

    Looks amazing !

  3. @sufianshahid3690 Avatar

    Guess what he might be reviewing tommorow!!!

  4. @alexanderswistak1778 Avatar

    That’s the quickest car order I’ve ever herd of

  5. @bp19870 Avatar

    An upload that isn’t a cybertruck – who would have thought it!

    1. @EV_car_reviews Avatar

      It’s still electric and sibling to one of my favorite cars so I’m very happy!

    2. @Cubeforc3 Avatar

      A car that’s actually road legal! Keep the cyber truck vids for American channels, we can’t get that pedestrian mower 3000 here anyway.

    3. @crxtodd16 Avatar

      ​@@Cubeforc3 I thought it was the pedestrian mower “over 9000″….

    4. @Ryan-sd8pw Avatar

      A dumb and unoriginal comment – who would have thought it!

    5. @DavideDavini Avatar

      @@crxtodd16LOL. That made me chuckle.

  6. @armaan78696 Avatar

    I been going solo now 🗣️🗣️

  7. @riba2233 Avatar

    Looks really cool!

  8. @sifisonkosi9822 Avatar

    Love the sound track!

  9. @TfRsmokinmasta Avatar

    Wish they’d make a smaller version of the same thing.

    1. @thunderbug8640 Avatar

      Yeah, seeing these in real life they are too big for the styling, it would look great as a smaller hatchback rather than the moronic SUV crossover awfulness.

  10. @S8ER Avatar

    Carwow is becoming carmeh by the day. 😢

  11. @JoriDiculous Avatar

    The Ioniq5 still looks real good, even better IRL. I do preferer the look of the EV6 though, but this one looks brilliant with the blacks and red stripe

    1. @newchannel1220 Avatar

      dent battery case cost you $60,000 .

    2. @ritzk79 Avatar

      @@newchannel1220the car doesn’t even cost 60k lmao

    3. @JoriDiculous Avatar

      @@ritzk79 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N
      Starting at $70,000 est
      Or in pounds: Prices start from £65,000

    4. @Dranzell Avatar

      I’ve seen the Ioniq 6 in person and at least in my opinion is looking so much worse than 5

    5. @geemy9675 Avatar

      ​@@Dranzellthey have nothing in common and the ioniq 6 does look like a weird hypermiling prototypes while still having slightly worse drag coefficient than a model S or a lucid air

  12. @glennchinyangarara8225 Avatar

    As a Kia fan, I think this is better than the EV6 GT

  13. @skinza1000 Avatar

    I always liked the Ioniq 5’s design over the 6, so I’m glad they stayed with it

  14. @outermarker5801 Avatar

    Want to see it actually racing now
    Let’s go!

  15. @Navoii. Avatar

    I love the Ioniq 5, and this looks so much cooler

  16. @framekeeper_ Avatar

    A true masterpiece!!!
    Im curious for the 6N

  17. @geemy9675 Avatar

    the ioniq 5 is a landmark in car design. the oniq 5N is very quick but I think the next model 3 performance is going to level the field in performance EVs

    1. @jasonw98 Avatar

      Let’s put them against each other in Laguna Seca and you would see this gaping that

  18. @krismine99 Avatar

    It looks both cool and derpy at the same time

  19. @FazeDylan Avatar

    Lovely car 😊

  20. @danieldagenais7945 Avatar

    78kw battery pack replacement listed in Canada by Hyundai Canada @ 56.999$CAD😮
    A brand New Ionic 5 2024 78kw awd worth 56 999$CAD😂

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