680hp AMG C63: LAUNCHED!


51 responses to “680hp AMG C63: LAUNCHED!”

  1. Anuradha Khanna Avatar
    Anuradha Khanna

    oh my god the power

  2. Kartikay Avatar

    IDC if it’s fast or not, it doesn’t have a soul

    1. Matt Bolt Avatar
      Matt Bolt

      @J you’re not a car guy are you?

    2. Russell Ash Avatar
      Russell Ash

      So many cry babies.

    3. Tony Cashman Avatar
      Tony Cashman

      Nothing mechanical has a soul. It’s not alive

    4. Kartikay Avatar

      @Tony Cashman lmao you are not a car guy I guess

    5. Matt Bolt Avatar
      Matt Bolt

      @Tony Cashman dial down the autism by 80% and read between the lines lol

  3. MaLa Avatar

    Performance: 10/10
    Emotions/sound: 1/10

  4. 2theCore Avatar

    Those gear changes are heavy !✌

    1. Matt Bolt Avatar
      Matt Bolt

      @ALMX5DP it does since it weighs over 2 tonnes 😅

    2. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @Matt Bolt it’s heavy for sure but torque fill negates the need for really quick changes as it’ll help with forward acceleration during the shift.

    3. Volker True Avatar
      Volker True

      Just fake noise through speakers

    4. Matt Bolt Avatar
      Matt Bolt

      @ALMX5DP something you wouldnt need if it weighed 1.2 tonnes instead of 2.2

    5. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @Matt Bolt you wouldnt want/need quick gear changes? Or torque fill? For performance it would be nice to have one or the other. Torque fill though does have the added benefit of being more sympathetic to the transmission. I think the AMG One reviews have mentioned that engineering consideration. Plus being a luxury saloon, nice to have a gear shift that isnt a kick in the back.

  5. sd77 Avatar

    From a 6.2 to a 2.0 deflation in the wrong place

    1. sd77 Avatar

      @Kapten Still was a V8 and with a lot potential for tuning and sounded decent unlike the hybrid 4 cylinder

    2. Kapten Avatar

      @sd77 Meh, C class AMG was ruined when they ditched the inline 6

    3. Faisal Avatar

      @Kapten the 6.2 was defo a step up from the i6 don’t be delusional

    4. Lazar Marius Avatar
      Lazar Marius

      Maybe you are wrong dude

    5. Kapten Avatar

      @Faisal 6.2 came after the supercharged V6 you noob

  6. Piki279 Avatar

    680HP for few seconds……

    1. ALMX5DP Avatar

      At least enough for a 1/4 mile right?

    2. SOLAR Avatar

      Just like all cars?

    3. B58 King Avatar
      B58 King

      @ALMX5DP I have a 340i with 210BHP less, and i do the same 1/4mile…

  7. J. Avatar

    Why Merc doesn’y mentioned that 680hp is only available when the batteries are charged. Without batteries you only have 480hp.

    1. ALMX5DP Avatar

      I thought the engine recharges it at every opportunity. Only time I could see it being depleted is a long top speed run or maybe on track when there are a lot of straights.

  8. Dani Székely Avatar
    Dani Székely

    BMW M3 xDrive gets the same 0-60 but with a bigger engine, better sound, 500kg less weight and better driving dynamics

    1. Ronya Avatar

      Only if you *want* one which I definitely don’t.

    2. Russell Ash Avatar
      Russell Ash

      Unfortunately BMW interior looks like it’s from Chinese designers gay magazine

    3. Dani Székely Avatar
      Dani Székely

      @Russell Ash well everyone has different taste, i personally like bmw interiors a bit more than mercedes, most car reviewers say its better quality as well

    4. Russell Ash Avatar
      Russell Ash

      @Dani Székely you must be blind . KiA’s interior looks better than BMW

    5. TheMercedesTraveler Avatar

      No, the new c63 does beat the m3 xdrive in 0 to 60. However m3 most likely has much better driving dynamics

  9. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    The AMG C63 is one of my favourite car ever!

    1. Matt Bolt Avatar
      Matt Bolt

      So you like ridiculously heavy cars with fake exhaust noises and a soulless engine? All for a decent 0-60 time?

    2. Valera Beinarovics Avatar
      Valera Beinarovics

      ​@Matt Bolt yes

    3. Matt Bolt Avatar
      Matt Bolt

      @Valera Beinarovics wow you have no taste 😂

  10. Josh Miller Avatar
    Josh Miller

    They could’ve kept the V8 one more year!

    1. te,legram👉@real_carwow1 Avatar

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  11. tushar aggarwal Avatar
    tushar aggarwal

    Not as fast as it should be with 680hp…. 680hp ice only will be so much faster

  12. Snute7 Avatar

    AMG C20 really is something

    1. Advait Kamath A_44 Avatar
      Advait Kamath A_44


    2. Daniel Westher Avatar
      Daniel Westher

      The real name for this would be C45e as it has the same engine as all 45models + electricity

  13. 370z Bros Avatar
    370z Bros

    11s with 680bhp! That’s one heavy car!

  14. Mokset Harous Avatar
    Mokset Harous

    Really AMAZING Mercedes AMG c63 just im gonna say اللهم أرزقنا ياااا☝️ااارب

  15. TLord Avatar

    The Waffle House has found its new host

    1. Simi Kehinde-Taiwo Avatar
      Simi Kehinde-Taiwo

      The waffle house has found its new host

  16. Kevin L Avatar
    Kevin L

    Looks under the hood. Walks away.

  17. Ultra El Kappo  Avatar
    Ultra El Kappo

    So, it still has a slight 2019 AMG C63 sound in there

  18. AlbrightonTheNight Avatar

    I remember sub 3 seconds was mind blowingly fast in a Nissan GTR…now its pretty much the benchmark for fast hot saloons

  19. FLAT OUT FTW Avatar

    It woulds like a blending machine.

  20. neil7.5gti Avatar

    the BMW M3 Comp xDrive did it in 2.8 with “180” less hp? as much power as this has, this just shows how much weight hinders performance

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