This Genius Airplane consumes Less Fuel than SUV

Meet the Celera 500L, a bullet-shaped airplane from Otto Aviation aiming to reinvent traveling permanently by cutting fuel consumption 8 times and bringing emission-free electrical aviation incredibly closer.
The egg-shaped design of the airplane assists attain laminar flow on the plane's surface area, lowering drag by 59% compared to likewise sized airplane.
As an outcome, the airplane gets fuel economy figures between incredible 18-25 miles per gallon, which is better than a big SUV and an average pickup. The performance will be even more improved as soon as Celera is equipped with Hydrogen-electric powertrain in cooperation with Zero Avia later on.







6 responses to “This Genius Airplane consumes Less Fuel than SUV”

  1. Allen Bragg Avatar
    Allen Bragg

    Taxis going five hundred miles.

  2. Paul Datche Avatar
    Paul Datche


  3. sanjuansteve Avatar

    STOP burning fossil fuels!
    #SwitchToElectric #SwitchToSolar

  4. Artek - Avatar
    Artek –

    Jeżeli to jest prawda, to jest to bardzo dobra wiadomość

  5. wesley reid Avatar
    wesley reid

    My current suv gets 30 mpg and my new one that arrives in September is even bigger and that gets 52 mpg, I know because I’ve already tested it

  6. ron 678 Avatar
    ron 678

    no rich businessman is gonna sit in single engine airplane

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