5 New Battery Technology to Revolutionize Everything

Representing 5 Amazing New Battery Technologies pertaining to alter the method we travel and power our future!

0:00 Intro
1:14 Fluoride-ion battery
Fluoride-ion battery with Solid-State electrolyte by Toyota and Kyoto University
4:00 Structural battery
Structural or Massless battery by Chalmers University
6:31 Bodyshell as energy storage
By Lamborghini and MIT
7:54 Sodium-ion battery
By CATL (Na-ion battery).
11:01 100-year Battery.
100 Year or 4-mln mile battery By Jeff Dahn & Tesla.






4 responses to “5 New Battery Technology to Revolutionize Everything”

  1. Daniel Bencar Avatar
    Daniel Bencar

    Amazing video.. I love it- Thank you Future Lab 😇

  2. Dewiz Avatar

    Test your credibility index by imagining the narrator having a Deep South accent. . .

  3. Rick James Avatar
    Rick James

    I ll believe it when I see it. otherwise, vaporware.

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