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  • Slowest car DRAG RACE

    Slowest car DRAG RACE

    Thanks to Jodie for joining us for this race: @KiddinaSweetShop Thanks to everybody for lending us their automobiles: – Ami: @MarkMcCann64 – Jimny: We have actually brought you oh-so-many quick vehicle drag races, so we thought it was time to turn our hand to a few of the slowest automobiles cash can purchase! We've got…

  • This car’s roof is AMAZING!

    This car’s roof is AMAZING!

    State hello to the new Toyota Aygo X! Toyota's beefed up its entry-level offering, and it's now one of the tiniest crossover SUVs you can buy! But is it really worth it? Well, let's have a look at the design. It's clear to see it's increased in size compared to the previous edition, having grown…