Volvo’s T8 Plug In Hybrid System Explained

How does Volvo's T8 Plug In Hybrid system work and how is it various from what we see on the German PHEVs? Let's discover.

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16 responses to “Volvo’s T8 Plug In Hybrid System Explained”

  1. Sat L Avatar
    Sat L


  2. freddie carr Avatar
    freddie carr

    Touched all the questions I had-

  3. Robin White Avatar
    Robin White

    We’ve been considering an XC60 Recharge PHEV for our next car mainly because we really liked the all-electric range and the solid build quality. What turned us away (other than the price tag) was the meager MPG the car achieved when in normal hybrid mode. Compare the Volvo’s numbers with the 50 MPG in the Kia Niro PHEV (I know, a much smaller, lighter car). Or even with the RAV 4 Prime’s 40 MPG. The Volvo’s 400 plus horsepower imposes an efficiency penalty (that 25-35 MPG) that’s just too high for our liking. It would feel (to us, anyway) like a giant step backwards.

    1. ALMX5DP Avatar

      I struggle with that sentiment, especially if you’re using this as much as possible in pure EV mode. I think if you do so 75% of the time, getting the regular fuel economy for the other 25% really amounts to something like $15-20 a month difference versus a RAV4 Prime, which in the grand scheme of things quite minor in my mind.

    2. Robin White Avatar
      Robin White

      @ALMX5DP Sure, with the Volvo’s decent all-EV range we might rarely need the gasoline engine to come on and only visit the gas station to refresh the fuel. But every time we were in hybrid mode and saw the 25 MPG (official) or 35 MPG (Alex’s experience) we would cringe. Not what you want to experience in a $70k car. But that’s just us. Others will have different needs and come to different conclusions.

  4. ALMX5DP Avatar

    I love this vehicle, styling above all else but is pretty cool it has the EV ability and fairly decent fuel economy when not running on pure electrons.

  5. Phil Kulak Avatar
    Phil Kulak

    Best game to play with friends on AA channels: drink every time you here the word “equitably”. 😀

  6. Peter Fessier Avatar
    Peter Fessier

    I prefer my Prime for it’s greater efficiency and greater EV horsepower, but this review has me wondering if it would be even better if it had the larger motor in the back like this Volvo rather than the small motor it has to give it AWD. I’m sure Toyota has it’s reasons, but it sounds good to me.

    1. naveenthemachine Avatar

      The Volvo PHEV is efficient and powerful.

      The Toyota prime models are boring

    2. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @naveenthemachine it may be boring but is it possible the Toyota Prime electric powertrain is more powerful and efficient than the Volvo here?

    3. naveenthemachine Avatar

      @ALMX5DP well the ev only mode is slow and the Volvo has a more powerful electric motor in the back

    4. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @naveenthemachineboth cars are relatively slow in their EV modes and the RAV4 Prime has an electric motor on each axle..

    5. naveenthemachine Avatar

      @ALMX5DP but the motor in the back is not powerful.

  7. Zeke W Avatar
    Zeke W

    Excellent, comprehensive analysis of Volvo T8 Recharge PlugIn system. Thanks.

  8. AC Smoothing Avatar
    AC Smoothing

    Although Alex’s tested 35mpg in hybrid mode for this T8 trim S60 sounds pretty lame to some viewers, allow me to contribute some perspective: that is a better fuel economy average than my Honda Fit averages year round, and the Fit weighs about one US ton less and has about 300hp less power. I’d say that is impressive.

  9. naveenthemachine Avatar

    The Volvo PHEV is probably the best PHEV out there. Toyota can’t even come close

    The Volvos system is simply more polished than Toyotas. Not to mention it’s just a better PHEV system altogether than Toyotas

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