Toyota’s New HYDROGEN Battery Will Destroy The EV Industry

FCEVs are the underdogs of the Market, as they show terrific prospective, but they are very impractical in the real world due to their low power output, high running expense, and extremely high asking costs. but, finally discovered a way to make FCEVs a genuine competitor to fuel-powered automobiles and .

it's their ALL-NEW , but how it's much better than EVs and Combustion engine lorries? and what technology does it utilize to develop its Hydrogen Batteries?

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7 responses to “Toyota’s New HYDROGEN Battery Will Destroy The EV Industry”

  1. White Phoenix Avatar
    White Phoenix

    Soon, Toyota’s New Solar Engine destroys the Entire EV industry 😅

  2. Jason Tang Avatar
    Jason Tang

    When out

    1. ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ Avatar

      Soon…. around the year 2525 LOL

  3. ꧁RadicalRick꧂ Avatar

    *Soon Toyota’s new grass-fed engine will destroy the entire EV industry.*

  4. ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ Avatar

    While Toyota is dreaming about making profitable non-ICE cars… Tesla and BYD actually make money while selling BEV….

  5. Joepoe20041 Avatar

    Hydrogen is very explosive and should be handled cautiously. We use hydrogen in power plants to cool the generators.

  6. Joepoe20041 Avatar

    It’s like the VHS and Betamax which Sony developed during the 80s and you know what happened to Sony even though they had a better product.

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