Toyota CEO Our New Engine Will Disrupt The Industry!

just went ahead and made one of the boldest moves ever, as their all-new way of thinking entirely contrasts the whole industry's concept of the future! Instead of going towards an all-electric future, chose to revive the world of internal combustion engines, and according to their CEO, Their All- Will Disrupt the Entire Cars And Truck Industry and its existing flow! Nevertheless, this decision did not come out of nowhere, as Toyota's persistence on keeping their internal combustion engine going has been one of their driving elements for quite some time! These engines and their well-known dependability are the things that kept Toyota atop its competitors, and it is just logical for them to keep checking out and updating them so that they can maintain that gap! And they genuinely outshined themselves with the final product! We are discussing a revolution that is higher than the hybrid transformation, instrumented once again by Toyota and its Prius! You can only think of the sheer and abstruse importance that this utilizes, so, with that in mind, let us respond to the question that you are presently asking yourselves, and that is.

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3 responses to “Toyota CEO Our New Engine Will Disrupt The Industry!”

  1. @bill4482 Avatar

    Lol, good luck getting a hydrogen fill! This is not revolutionary the president of the American hydrogen association had a 100% hydrogen truck many years ago! Toyota hasn’t developed anything new. Do you know how expensive hydrogen is right now? I hardly doubt that they are going to be disruptive. This is years away and it’s already behind the times.

  2. @dustinhankins2153 Avatar

    I’d like to see the specs.

  3. @user-bu2ty1lz4o Avatar

    RIP Toyota.

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