This FORGOTTEN Water Engine Will DESTROY The Entire Car Industry!

Prepare to dive into the of transportation in this intriguing video! We're checking out the innovative concept of the and its prospective to improve the entire industry. Join us as we dissect the latest improvements in hydrogen fuel cells and electrical vehicles, and go over the potential ramifications for the automobile landscape.

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6 responses to “This FORGOTTEN Water Engine Will DESTROY The Entire Car Industry!”

  1. shoulders1408 Avatar

    It had been done on the past. Someone got killed for it

  2. Hayabusa H Avatar
    Hayabusa H

    show me one browns gas is not as powerfull as you claim

  3. Brian Jackson Avatar
    Brian Jackson

    Does it require any type of lubricants? I think it’s awsome and would be great, but wondering about it’s performance and reliability.


    Your water power engine is just electrolyzing water into H2 and O2 which takes energy than you use the H2 to power the car. You have no net energy, you have not shown me so far how water can power an engine.

  5. hamid golaminezhad Avatar
    hamid golaminezhad

    Good lock Iranian engineer

  6. StarkStromer Avatar

    Just one point speak against this Water engine. The physics itself. Theromodynamics!
    The fusion of H and O2 cause the energy, but the equal energy is required to split Water into H and O2. So ignoring efficency looses it would be a 0 energy result.

    The pictures showed combustion machine nothing more.

    Also some lies about reparing of EV Batteries! 8 Years Waranty! So it costs nothing.
    Even after the warranty are Modules that can be replaced. A replacement engine of a combustion car is 3 times more expensive than buyibg one module. But the old module could be repaired by cell replacemend and you’ll get cash back.
    Some Teslas reached the 1 mio miles already with the first Battery.

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