The Best Selling Car in The World! Tesla Model Y | IT HAPPENED!

In this video, we discover the world's best-selling – the Tesla Design Y. Tesla Design Y is officially the very popular and truck worldwide. Elon Musk and Tesla put a big effort into the electrical vehicle and finally, the news is main as the Tesla Model Y is the very popular on the planet in 2023. and hybrid automobiles are everywhere and Tesla is the most selling vehicle brand when it comes to electric vehicles. Tesla's car Model Y is the very best one out there as a great deal of people love this new Tesla automobile.


8 responses to “The Best Selling Car in The World! Tesla Model Y | IT HAPPENED!”

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    Chris Carston ( Trade all day)

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      David White

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  2. Nick Usalis Knight Avatar
    Nick Usalis Knight

    Notice these EV channels are sounding more crypto bro by the day 🤣 So so much nonsense

  3. Richard Case Case Avatar
    Richard Case Case

    Can’t afford to buy one

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