The 2024 Silverado EV Is Solid, Expensive, and Totally Cool | Silverado EV Review

Chevy states the future of the Silverado is electrical and I [Alex] flew to Michigan to see what that suggests for one of the very best selling trucks in America. Top line? What it suggests is a more pricey truck with distinct functions discovered no place else and plenty of unanswered concerns. Let's dive in.

What is it? The 2024 Silverado is * NOT * a transformed Silverado like we see in the F-150 and upcoming RAM BEV. Instead, this is a ground up clean-sheet 21st century pickup truck style. Consider it as a re-imagining of what a truck could/should be. Yes, it's a unibody truck. No, that's not a problem. The merged battery-body-structure of the truck yields enhanced rigidness, more steady towing, and (likely) enhanced off-road capability in the upcoming off-road variations. This is definitely various type the Ford and RAM that use the same body mated to a brand-new -specific frame.

Chevy has chosen not to disclose the battery capability, however its most likely the same 212 kWh battery that the Hummer truck utilizes, however the Silverado is much, much more efficient. Chevy states that the 24-module variations will be EPA ranked for 450 miles, and although we don't have the final numbers, highway range is likely to be over 400 miles. This is thanks to better aero and the bigger battery vs the Lightning.

Power for the work truck variation will originate from de-rated motors vs the consumer variations, although 510 HP and 615 lb-ft is still pretty healthy. Towing capacity has been modified up to 10,000 pounds of SAE accredited towing (up from 8,000).

Mentioning power, you can off-board 10.2 kW of 120/240V air conditioning power from the Silverado through the onboard outlets and the J1772 (charge connector) breakout box. Trying to find an auto-house backup solution? Chevy does not have a response yet.

Curb weight? A tremendous 8,532 pounds. Oops. Bear in mind that the RST will have more animal comforts and the mid-gate option which should bump weight near to 9,000 lbs.

Sooo, how much will it cost? Well, at the start $77,990 plus destination will get fleet clients the WT trim with the huge battery. Not a fleet client? Regrettable, you can't purchase one. A fully-loaded RST First Edition will be $105,000. Oops. How about the smaller battery (~ 167 kWh) work truck version? Just a little discount rate occurs there putting it at $72,905.
What does that mean for the all- future of the Silverado? Likely greater MSRPs all around. The base model will likely start around $55,000+. What do you think? Are you team Lightning? Silverado? RAM? Cybertruck?

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34 responses to “The 2024 Silverado EV Is Solid, Expensive, and Totally Cool | Silverado EV Review”

  1. Joe Avatar

    Bizzarre that the worktruck edition DOESNT get the mid gate option

    1. Bald is Aerodynamic Avatar
      Bald is Aerodynamic

      RST buyers are not using trucks as trucks….so yea bizzare to me too

    2. Fubar Medic Avatar
      Fubar Medic

      It’s almost like the folks who decide the build and design of these things don’t actually do real work 😂

    3. LakeLake123 Avatar

      Seems logical to me. Mid-gate is expensive and WT needs to be “cheap” and basic 🤷🏼‍♂️

    4. Bald is Aerodynamic Avatar
      Bald is Aerodynamic

      @LakeLake123 WT should also have the larger capacity, and a bed they can easily replace when it gets trashed by hard labor…..

    5. Brandon Hill Avatar
      Brandon Hill

      @LakeLake123 yes, because a $78,000 WT is “cheap” 😛

  2. The Adventure Auto Avatar
    The Adventure Auto

    Such a badass truck.

  3. squaresphere Avatar

    My mind breaks with the truck pricing these days. I guess I’m thinking how these are priced way outside of normal construction/trade workers. That being said I see plenty of those folks buying way more truck than they need.

    1. The Adventure Auto Avatar
      The Adventure Auto

      I work in the auto industry and most people who buy big trucks already can’t afford them, which is why they write it off as a business expense. I see it all the time. What’s the difference here? Maybe it will prevent all those people who own trucks for no reason from buying one. At least EV’s are so much more efficient.

    2. TwoZeroFiveZeroZero Avatar

      Trucks are quasi luxury vehicles these days. Most people who drive them have little use for its truck capability. They’re just giant people haulers.

      I include myself in that group somewhat. I have a Bronco but I’ve only put it in 4WD once.

    3. JST Avatar

      Friend said a ford f450 can cost $130,000 shrug

    4. Paul Avatar

      It is very expensive, although several other ICE trucks reach this price or more. However, because of such a large battery, this one can power your full house for about a week, or for a about 3 weeks if you only use the essentials like your refrigerator, lights, TV, PC/laptop, etc. but not such things as 5 ton air-conditioners. So that’s something to keep in mind.

      And I would imagine that those that use it for business that use a lot of electricity on off-sites, this might be perfect for them. No more generators needed or buying of the fuels needed for them, not to mention none of the the smell and noises from them.

  4. George H Avatar
    George H

    The steering wheel may be more durable and stain resistant than leather. For $77K and as a work truck, it should have a wireless charging slot. I could see someone wanting to just throw their phone in the slot to make sure it stays charged throughout the day without having to plug and unplug it every time they drive to a different job site.

    1. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström

      The battery is probably 50% of the bill of materials… it will be expensive no matter how large it is cause the battery costs so much

  5. Right Lane Hog Avatar
    Right Lane Hog

    Alex, I waited and waited for Alexandra to get a word in edgewise and it never happened. 😉😉As far as the truck is concerned, all 4 door pickups should have a cabin this spacious. 🤩

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      Alex is the strong silent type

    2. Right Lane Hog Avatar
      Right Lane Hog

      @EV Buyers Guide 😂

  6. Aqua- tron Avatar
    Aqua- tron

    Can’t wait to see more of Alexandra… she looks like she’s got a sense of humor just like Alex has 🙂

  7. Peter Fessier Avatar
    Peter Fessier

    I like the idea of the mid gate and I think this is a good looking vehicle. It has great specs but I’m wondering at the practicality of it when it needs such a larger battery to achieve them. If I wanted to tow I think I’d just stick with gas or diesel but other than that I think this would be a great truck if you can afford the consumer version. I’ve been wondering if a plug-in hybrid truck might make more sense for towing. You could drive electric most of the time and then have gas for when you tow. I’m a little surprised that so many people are aghast at the price. I met a construction worker the other day who had bought a model 3 performance because he got sick of paying for the fuel in his $80,000 Ram pick up. Obviously that was top of the line pickup, but this is new cutting edge technology.

  8. John Cutler Avatar
    John Cutler

    The V2L breakout box you displayed was only 120V. The large connector was a TT-30 camper style plug, which is 30A at 120V.

  9. geekdomo Avatar

    I like this smaller Silverado truck. The race to make pickup trucks the same size as a Peterbilt or Mack truck is overboard. If the truck performs well it does not have to be massive. I think the compensation race needs to slow down and this truck seems to fit that bill nicely. Thanks Alex!

    1. Jermaine C Avatar
      Jermaine C

      Small !! 👀?… Where lol

    2. ElijahRock92 Avatar

      Isn’t this longer than the ICE Silverado?

  10. D M Avatar
    D M

    350 mile range is enough with super chargers available next year. The question is what is lowest price mid-gate silverado available?

  11. David Reichel Avatar
    David Reichel

    Looking forward to your separate video on the midgate opening. Especially when combined with shorter beds these significantly increase the utility of pickups.

  12. godofdun Avatar

    Full size trucks have gotten silly expensive in the past few years, so 55 to 105 isn’t really so out of the ordinary unfortunately. That being said, it seems like they’re really aiming at dealing with the criticism that EV trucks can’t do “truck stuff”.

  13. KP HVAC Avatar

    This is interesting for some fleet customers but the price is crazy high for a basic work truck! Truck prices are just insane!

  14. Joe Bullwinkle Avatar
    Joe Bullwinkle

    Until there is a far more significant charging network, range baby, range. For me having a 400 mile range is a great feature to have and especially when towing. I saw a video of a Rivian towing a mustang on a trailer and they had to stop every 100 miles, which is ridiculous. So far it looks like a much better vehicle than the Ford Lightning.

  15. Jon Marshall Avatar
    Jon Marshall

    77k for a work truck is crazy, Chevy going to find out quickly once the hype dies down and these sit on lots how crazy that is, already happening with the lightnings. Can get a ER lariat fully loaded for 68k with only 3k miles on it.

  16. Jim Avatar

    I see the embargo was lifted 4 hours ago. I choose to watch Alex and his review. Kyle and others don’t measure up. Thank you for your excellence.

  17. Garrett W Avatar
    Garrett W

    I like it a lot, but not having several features such as height-adjustable seats at that price is absurd. I guess all the money really goes into the huge battery

  18. Ed Ricco Music Avatar
    Ed Ricco Music

    If they offered this on the current generation T1 Suburban chassis with fully independent suspension, the usual 5.3/6.2/3.0 Duramax engine options from the Suburban, and called it an Avalanche, they would sell really well at a much more approachable price point. I would rather have a gas version of this truck with the mid gate instead of our current Silverado 1500. With the EV powertrain, the performance and range is impressive, but the pricing is too high relative to a comparable ICE truck.

  19. Frank Alesso Avatar
    Frank Alesso

    5:48 PM, Great video as always Alex. Love the exterior styling, especially that sail panel behind the rear door. Love the large interior, adult sized backseat room. The only downside is the cost.

  20. Joe Bullington Avatar
    Joe Bullington

    Great, in-depth review, as always. I absolutely love the mid gate. I still own a 20 year old Chevy Avalanche…I keep hoping that Chevy may bring it back…even in hybrid guise.

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