The 2024 Polestar 2 Gets Bigger Batteries And More Powerful Motors

For those questioning how Polestar was going to keep their range fresh, now we understand! For 2024 Polestar is bringing a bunch of updates including brand-new batteries, motors, inverters, a new front bumper style, more power and a brand-new RWD model. Yep, the practical FWD single motor version is dead! Also on tap is faster DC charging (some trims just in the U.S.A.) and finally a model that might strike 300 miles of range.,

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12 responses to “The 2024 Polestar 2 Gets Bigger Batteries And More Powerful Motors”

  1. Biker Jim Avatar
    Biker Jim

    I love the Polestar 2. If i were to buy an EV, that would probably be it, especially after this 2024 tweak.

  2. Michael Ding Avatar
    Michael Ding

    editing oops at 3:14

  3. Billy Rock Avatar
    Billy Rock

    Overpriced. Brutal range. No service or dealer network 👎🏿

    Not wasting any money on a mess like that. 🤢

    1. Tony S Avatar
      Tony S

      Where do you live? In a cave! ….. you don’t have a clue, but this doesn’t stop you from giving @#$&ing opinion.

    2. Max Straesser Avatar
      Max Straesser

      @Billy Rock Current UCL history student here – if you think that China has a brutal history of human rights, you’re in for a rude awakening when you look at Japan, the US, and practically every European empire. Polestar is a publicly-traded company with partial Chinese ownership that produces its products in China (with US production starting in 2024). If you boycotted every company with Chinese-made products, you’d end up with pretty much nothing. Get that xenophobic crap out of here. I hate the CCP as much as the next guy, but the reality is that casting down entire companies by the sole virtue of being partially owned by a Chinese company in no way solves anything.

    3. Joe Avatar

      Do they not share with Volvo? I assumed (I know……) they do.

    4. Max Straesser Avatar
      Max Straesser

      @Joe they do.

    5. Billy Rock Avatar
      Billy Rock

      @Joe Majority owned by commi’s. Geely. Most made in 🇨🇳. 😡

  4. Dan C. Avatar
    Dan C.

    Sister has one and someone hit her car. Minor mess up but 6 months for parts. If she totaled it, a new one costs 15K more.

  5. Justin Waters Avatar
    Justin Waters

    Alex, what are you seeing different with the hood? It looks exactly the same as my 2021 to my eye.

  6. Josh Post Avatar
    Josh Post

    my favourite EV on sale today, only wish I could afford one, lol.

  7. Radek Narozny Avatar
    Radek Narozny

    Come on Alex, there is no battery mystery here. US is not getting Chinese CATL and other markets are…

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