The 2023 Hummer SUV Is As Stupid As The Truck… And That’s Fantastic

The new electrical Hummers are the supreme in noticeable consumption. They are legendary, outrageous, great, dumb, and so a lot more all at the very same time. This is the that no one requirements, but covertly a good share of and ICE purchasers want, and that's sort of the point. If you want to conserve the world and minimize your emissions and usage, purchase a little battery EV. The Hummer's mission is to encourage that person we all know that's rolling coal to try swapping into a bonkers-crazy Hummer SUV or truck instead. This isn't for everybody, and arguably it's a "terrific concept" however for those that can manage it, it's on sale now!

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20 responses to “The 2023 Hummer SUV Is As Stupid As The Truck… And That’s Fantastic”

  1. Right Lane Hog Avatar
    Right Lane Hog

    Alex, Don’t worry, we know that when you call the Hummer stupid, insane and bonkers you mean it as a sincere compliment. 😁

  2. Peter Fessier Avatar
    Peter Fessier

    If you are going to make a bonkers EV then GM nailed it. It’s a guilty pleasure for me that I kind of love this vehicle. It’s fun to know that it exists but it’s not something I’d want to drive.

  3. bostondani Avatar

    Totally agree with your final statements, I would never buy this but glad it exists and would love to see these on the road.

  4. MoutainMan3000 Avatar

    Now I know this thing is ridiculous and just kinda stupid, but if I won the lottery I’d daily this. LoL

  5. Peter Fessier Avatar
    Peter Fessier

    Those 3 windshield wipers working together look odd. 😅

  6. Noah_E Avatar

    At 1.4 miles/kWh that’s only 12 cents per mile where I live (central VA, USA), 50% cheaper than a diesel truck. Not too bad if you buy it as a business tax write-off.

  7. David D. Oliver Avatar
    David D. Oliver

    I think the logic of this Hummer just came to me. If you’re the person who is shopping for a Bronco Raptor (R or not), then this may be a good SUV to cross shop. I also prefer this version to their truck. As an aside, earlier in the video, some of the lighting made you look like you grew out a stache Alex. I was amazed and then things cleared up and I was sadly confused.

  8. THE_JARMEL Avatar


  9. Alien Drone Services Avatar
    Alien Drone Services

    1:12 Large and in charge.

  10. mike168168 Avatar

    I would never buy this, but would love to rent it for a few days.

  11. James Avatar

    As much as I love the hummer EV’s, I’m going to wait probably a decade before getting a fancy EV because the tech just isn’t there yet. These are really just a concept car brought to production. I have a older ioniq EV as a commuter car, and a V8 grand cherokee. I’d love to replace them both with something like this, but honestly still prefer my old grand cherokee. Plus the ioniq gets 4-5.5 mi/kwh depending on the temps. And this isn’t just the hummer either, its most modern EV’s, just unless you’re getting a niro or bolt, they’re just NOT worth as they’re so rediculously overpriced for what they are

  12. The Nerdy Arab Avatar
    The Nerdy Arab

    Crazy how big it is not have a third row

  13. Manuel Avatar

    Not gonna lie, they should’ve come out with this before the truck. This is much better looking and it cam actually come with a spare tire 😅

  14. radudeATL Avatar

    From the department of “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…”

  15. Paul D Avatar
    Paul D

    I LIKE IT!!!!

    If I buy one, I am definitely going with the two spare tire option. A pox upon those manufacturers who lately have been going cheap and only give us inflators & a can of fix-a-flat.

    In terms of the optional roof panels, I want the pintel ring machine gun mount over the passenger seat to make it a truly nostalgic experience.

  16. Nick Maple Avatar
    Nick Maple

    Was kinda hoping that we’d get away from the Penis Enhancement Vehicles transitioning to EV’s, but I guess not… RIP to whoever gets hit by one of these things.

  17. Brad Kiser Avatar
    Brad Kiser

    Have you calculated how long it would take to charge on 120v?

  18. Shad Arif Avatar
    Shad Arif

    love when alex calls things silly

  19. ncvwrx Avatar

    nothing says NAPA like a hummer.

  20. Tim Gurr Avatar
    Tim Gurr

    Good video. There is a limit to regen braking based on battery temperature and battery percentage. Obviously, at 100% charge the BMS cannot allow regen. If there is a lot of regen going on (downhill) the BMS has to maintain battery temp and that could limit the amount of regen. That said, I think I like the Hummer approach of blended braking. Regarding efficiency, it is no different than large ICE engines. Typically, I would think that someone who can afford one of these to just have fun, can afford the “lack” of efficiency. As a car salesman once told my Day who was looking at Cadillac when he was a teenager – “If you have to worry about the cost of gas, then you can’t afford this car”.

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