Tesla Model 3 Highland Is Not Made For This…

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5 responses to “Tesla Model 3 Highland Is Not Made For This…”

  1. @GudieveNing Avatar

    As a Tesla owner of 14 months, this is all FUD. And the Dual Motor Model Y LR that I have is fantastic off roading in muddle fields AND on icy roads, where the superb traction control kicks in to keep the vehicle stable. Now if an owner uses tyres that are not suited to long cold winters (say in Canada), that has nothing to do with the car, and all to do with the owner. And I have never seen any comments on any forums from Highland owners backing up your claims re range, interior quality etc.

  2. @purrdey Avatar

    Just come back from a trip to the Scottish Highlands in my new Model 3 Highland LR AWD. Poorly made? Rattling? Poor seats? You’re joking right?? Definitely sounds like FUD to me…

  3. @NubWithATub Avatar

    Been driving mine for 3 weeks and this is all absolute nonsense. Marked improvement over old model

  4. @PeterDupont-nn4my Avatar

    My previous Tesla 3 was a 2020 Model 3. It had a few squeaks and some wind noise. It also had 175,000 miles on it. My 2024 Model 3 Highland standard rang is rattle free and the new window glass has made a huge difference in road noise. Winter tires are a must just like any other rear wheel drive car.

  5. @TB-up4xi Avatar

    LOL quite a tough sell…..

    92% of new cars sold in Norway in 2024 are electric, 80% BEV 12% PHEVs. Sweden 63% of all new car sales in 2024 are EVs – 39% pure battery + 24% PHEV. Who is this clown?

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