Merc’s EQE Is The E-Class Of The Future | 2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE Review

If the AMG EQE is anything to go by, the future of AMG is bright, speedy, and distinctly round. Today I take the latest AMG design for a spin, the 100% electrical AMG EQE. What's an EQE? Think about it as a re-imagined E-Class for the 21st Century.

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19 responses to “Merc’s EQE Is The E-Class Of The Future | 2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE Review”

  1. RiverGlades Garden Railroad Avatar
    RiverGlades Garden Railroad

    need to speak a bit slower please…

    1. Lou Lou 12 Avatar
      Lou Lou 12

      Just go in your settings and put 1/2 speed. His voice speed is perfect

    2. Matt Branham Avatar
      Matt Branham

      I heard everything fine

  2. Wised1000 Avatar

    Darn you! You convinced me to buy an EQS 580, and now I want an EQE AMG. Darn you! Just kidding… range is too short for me (I live in a DC charging desert). I can “live with” “only” 3.7 to 60 and a softer ride.😢. I do like the profile of the EQE better though. I also love my and would greatly miss my hyperscreen.

  3. Solid Snake Avatar
    Solid Snake

    As a current owner of two Benz cars (E And GLE), I find electric benz sedan design to be the worst yet in the market. All other manufacturers have done a better job so I don’t buy Mercedes excuse of improving efficiency. Heck kia and Hyundai are doing a great job.
    I am not a big Tesla fan but I would argue that in this price range one should better consider Model S.

    1. Wised1000 Avatar

      You know absolutely nothing about EV’s😅

    2. Solid Snake Avatar
      Solid Snake

      @Wised1000 hmm why don’t you enlighten me what other reason is why benz decided to design this car and s variant like this other than to have lowest drag coeff? It is subjective and I find the design ugly. Overpriced garbage and nothing else. Infact all electric cars are overpriced garbage.

    3. Wised1000 Avatar

      @Solid Snake
      Keep digging🥱

  4. George H Avatar
    George H

    2:12 Photobomb. Well, you are on his turf.

  5. Longsnowsm Avatar

    MB’s take on things is always interesting to see. It is good that not everyone is just copying what others are doing. Not to my taste, but fun to watch how this is unfolding as the EV evolves.

  6. Christian Sanchez Avatar
    Christian Sanchez

    All trims of the EQE are very overpriced.

  7. Ely J. Avatar
    Ely J.

    Great review as always. Interesting that Genesis G80 has a smaller battery, regular sedan shape and yet has more range and more efficiency? With regular door handles?. If they can why Mercedes couldn’t do the same?

    1. Bald is Aerodynamic Avatar
      Bald is Aerodynamic

      because german thinking. they managed to over complicate a simple EV.

  8. 2sk25 Avatar

    In your opinion, is this going to be durable vehicle that you might want to keep for, say, ten years? Or is this a car that you would only lease?

  9. Bald is Aerodynamic Avatar
    Bald is Aerodynamic

    im just not feeling mercedes anymore. they still manage to over complicate a simpler vehicle, and lost their traditional design values. german automakers are no longer worthy.

  10. John Avatar

    I really like the new 1993 Ford Taurus

  11. Bald is Aerodynamic Avatar
    Bald is Aerodynamic

    225 range. 15% rule means its about 190, dont let it go below 10% means 165-170 usable range.

    this is pathetic….like toyota pathetic

    75k starting price and no ventilated seats, that range, poor storage capacities, no frunk….explain to me why this is worth the money?

  12. ctk4949 Avatar


  13. Phill M156 Avatar
    Phill M156

    Not an endearing shape. Not on a $30k ford Taurus and definitely not a $100k anything.

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