GM CEO “This New Engine Will CHANGE The World!”

EV enthusiasts are careful, GM has actually simply revealed their brand new 0-emission that will make electrical and internal combustion automobiles outdated! This all-new radical innovation is said to be the next revolution in the automotive world and will drive us towards a completely eco-friendly future of cars! GM has been looking for an alternative to EVs for years now, and their search has actually led them to the brand new compressed air ! Compressed air has currently been seen to be of minimal use in the 19th century, mainly with mine locomotives and cable cars in some European cities, the most noteworthy of which is Paris. However, the has since been dropped and forgotten in favor of internal combustion engines, since of their immediate potency. Nevertheless, in the early 2010s, the French producer, Peugeot, saw the potential in combining compressed air with internal combustion engines into an all-new hybrid innovation that maintains the eco-friendliness of a routine hybrid, without needing a battery! While these prototypes didn't really move far from the testing stage, they did stimulate a fair little interest from the remainder of the vehicle market, most especially GM.

So, let's not lose at any time and check out this new method of believing as announces This New That Will Modification The World!

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3 responses to “GM CEO “This New Engine Will CHANGE The World!””

  1. @ernielatham-brown774 Avatar

    Lol GM what ever they do Tesla will do better

  2. @williamrush8370 Avatar

    There is a Company that has already developed this technology and it works very well, Im self am moving heavily tart this Tec And want to use wind and compress air pipeline delivery networking to move vehicles through pipelines as this is the fastest and safest delivery system you can have! Here we fly with the same river of delivery as the Amazon River only Faster and way cheaper, and safer and can use Ocean Tide’s to produce vacuums and pressure to move coast to cost in 11 sec, and much further in all directions then all trace above ground will be for pleasure!

  3. @albertdevitt5307 Avatar

    I have a way 2 extend the range of air powered cars

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