GAME OVER! Toyota Goes All In Hydrogen Cars!

revealed a brand new hydrogen pickup in 2023 that is about to interfere with the entire industry. This new hydrogen pickup truck by has actually been long waited for and it's lastly here. Is it better than the Tesla Cybertruck? has actually been designing hydrogen fuel cell automobiles but also hydrogen fuel automobiles for a long time now. The all-hydrogen-powered vehicle 2023 will be a substantial automobile announcement as well but we'll likewise take a look at the brand new 2023 which is an all-new hydrogen-powered and to be precise, pickup truck.


20 responses to “GAME OVER! Toyota Goes All In Hydrogen Cars!”

  1. Gabor Toth Avatar
    Gabor Toth

    Ok, how about recharging possibility?

    1. Ralph Geyer Avatar
      Ralph Geyer

      No man

  2. mr guru Little Avatar
    mr guru Little

    Now we need the infrastructure.

    1. Zolo Avatar

      I guess we might not worry about that..! Coz it’s just like normal petrol diesel pumps ig

  3. Ryan Hewett Avatar
    Ryan Hewett

    Hydrogen is the most abundant element!

    1. Adrian Thoroughgood Avatar
      Adrian Thoroughgood

      While that statement is true, it’s not relevant. Ready to use hydrogen doesn’t exist on Earth. You have to make it either from water which requires a lot of electricity or methane which releases greenhouse gases, even if you try to capture some of the CO2.

  4. Manuel A Avatar
    Manuel A

    We need a new orator

  5. Lucas kelvin Avatar
    Lucas kelvin

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      darmam dragon

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    2. Larry Flores Avatar
      Larry Flores

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    3. Larry Flores Avatar
      Larry Flores


    4. darmam dragon Avatar
      darmam dragon

      @Larry Flores
      Thanks for his info I’ll get to him right away..

    5. kenniej1 Avatar

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  6. Joan Sandoval Avatar
    Joan Sandoval

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      Lawrence Mendez

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      Sophia grace

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      Jerry Johnston

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      Oliver John

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    5. Frank Reynolds Avatar
      Frank Reynolds

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  7. Adrian Thoroughgood Avatar
    Adrian Thoroughgood

    Most of this was reasonable, but please stop claiming you can recharge an HICE faster than an HFC. The recharging process is the same, but the HICE gets half the range. So you have to spend twice as long filling per mile travelled. When Toyota took part in the 24hr endurance race with their HICE car they spent 12 hours driving but 4 hours refuelling! (the rest was repairs)

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