2024 Polestar 3 First Look | Watch Out Porsche, Polestar Is Gunning For You!

Polestar's newest is a 2-row midsize performance created to be the " Cayenne". With 489 horse power standard, 517 ponies optional and more to come, this is luxury SUV for you if you desire more room and more luxury than a Model Y can supply. Desire a 3rd row? Check out the related Volvo EX90 for that.

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40 responses to “2024 Polestar 3 First Look | Watch Out Porsche, Polestar Is Gunning For You!”

  1. MaxQ Avatar

    Nice review!

  2. Craig Avatar

    These look great

  3. DarthChoice Avatar

    Great review.
    But the vehicle is just another vehicle most people cannot afford.

    1. CMCNestT Avatar

      Most people can’t afford a new vehicle. Is Alex supposed to review used vehicles that cost $10k that most American adults can afford? A lot of commenters think if they can afford X vehicle then it is “affordable.”

    2. N C Avatar
      N C

      exactly if Alex only reviewed vehicles the average person could afford…. he would be out of business….

  4. K B Avatar
    K B

    Looks nice but $80k+ is entirely unjustifiable. Hard, hard pass. I felt that $56k was expensive for my fully loaded Ioniq5 Limited, and I just don’t see where this is worth $25k – $40k more.

    No need for any tax credits for EVs in this price range. People who can afford an $80-100k vehicle don’t need a tax credit. Save that money for the people who are struggling to afford even the least expensive EVs.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      Bigger battery, bigger vehicle, more powerful motors, more gadgets, more hand stitching and hand assembly. Either those things are of value or they are not but it’s the same question when it comes to Dodge Charger vs Mercedes E class

    2. K B Avatar
      K B

      @EV Buyers Guide understandable. Value is a relative thing. For me, where my money is important to me and not unlimited, I don’t see the value in paying 50-80% extra for frivolous things. Thanks for the reply though.

    3. N C Avatar
      N C

      tariff on Chinese imports is 25%…. US version should be cheaper and could be eligible for the tax credit…. For those willing to wait…

    4. N C Avatar
      N C

      Genesis BEVs would be a closer comparison

  5. Jason Lodge Avatar
    Jason Lodge

    Robocop will like to drive the Polestar 3 police vehicles. I’m a fan of sci fi and futuristic technology.

  6. Jason Lodge Avatar
    Jason Lodge

    Both Robocop and Terminator will like to drive the Polestar EV cars. Futuristic technology is part of sci fi technology.

    1. N C Avatar
      N C

      the cyberduck holds that title

  7. Max Straesser Avatar
    Max Straesser

    People are complaining about the price, which is fair, but compared to the competition – the BMW iX, Tesla Model X, Rivian R1S, etc it’s actually fairly cheap, especially considering it’s another 20k in options for the BMW to compare to the PS3. Big fan of the design at the rear, the front is decent enough but definitely agree with comments that an execution closer to that of the Volvo EX90 would’ve been preferred. Overall I’d very much buy this if I was in the market for one. As it is, I’ll be picking up the PS4 providing it has the same interior and tech that the PS3 has (except LIDAR, that’s already confirmed as only coming to the PS3 and PS5).

    1. ZTE Burner Avatar
      ZTE Burner

      This is a Model Y sized… Not Y.

  8. Pra Kom Avatar
    Pra Kom

    Good review as always! I wonder why someone in their right mind would buy this over an EX90?

    1. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström

      The ex90 is longer and offers less room in the second row.

    2. N C Avatar
      N C

      I would somebody buy an Acura of a Honda… a Lexus… etc etc etc?

  9. cyberhard Avatar

    Great looking vehicle! Choices, choices!
    Adventure – R1S
    Family – EV9
    Sport – Polestar 3

    Which to pick?!

    1. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström


    2. N C Avatar
      N C

      Bolt EUV

  10. E M1 Avatar
    E M1

    Alex, you are one of the best out there, and no gimmicks about silly “quirks and features and a lame scoring system”.

    1. DunkBoi Avatar

      Shots fired 😂

  11. squaresphere Avatar

    I love the look of the polestar but DANG it’s priced way outside of reasonable.

    1. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström

      They’ll start from about 65-70k once production has ramped up 🙂

    2. N C Avatar
      N C

      The Chinese imported models, include a 25 percent tariff…. So when the USA version is available, the price should be lower…. Plus there may be an EV tax credit…

    3. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      Less expensive models will come soon.

    4. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      @N C The price on these configurations won’t drop, but there will be less expensive trims over time.

  12. Jermaine C Avatar
    Jermaine C

    The future’s looking very shity right now … Cuz it looks like we’re not going to be able to afford the future 😞😅

  13. Tesla Tips by MTN Ranger Avatar
    Tesla Tips by MTN Ranger

    I’m interested in looking at the upcoming Polestar 4 – smaller and more performance. The PS3 is a little too big for my use case.

  14. Krylle Avatar

    Funny excuse, that for not having a front trunk should be a crash test issue – while some of the safest cars in the world ever have frunks 😅

    Legacy automakers FTW!

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      Crash tests are performed with the frunk empty, so we don’t know how any EV will really perform with say a suitcase vs a gym bag vs bags of gravel from home depot etc because the tests aren’t public.

  15. Vamonos Avatar

    I was there yesterday at the San Jose location in the mall.
    1. Visors finally extend out
    2. B-pillar has an AC vent for window, but NOT for the rear passenger like Spa architecture based volvos.
    3. Luminar LiDar available only 2025* model / starting with USA manufactured model.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      Rear air vents for the 2nd row are in the center console, it only has side window defiggers for the rear

    2. Vamonos Avatar

      ​@EV Buyers Guide yeah, but that’s the same as the CMA architecture /xc40 /polestar 2 which is still disappointing for true Volvo fans.

    3. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      @Vamonos The XC40 doesn’t have rear window defoggers like this

  16. Nima B Avatar
    Nima B

    I wish they branded them as Volvo since Polestar is so obscure if you buy this, you will have to explain what it is to everyone of your friends

  17. George H Avatar
    George H

    If you want an EV with a rear windshield wiper, it will cost you $83K.

  18. geekdomo Avatar

    Looks similar to my ID4

  19. godofdun Avatar

    If you go to their website the 84k option has 2 packs selected that you can’t un-select, I’m guessing that they’ll give us the option of not having one or both of those once production moves to NA in order to have some trims that qualify for some portion of the tax credit.

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