Will this 862bhp Supercharged Mustang try and kill me ? (LOUDEST CAR EVER !) – 4K

Will this 862 horse power Supercharged 5.0 L V8 Mustang attempt and eliminate me? It definitely looks the part with a Ken Block tribute wrap and is up there with the very best sounding and loudest I have actually ever driven. Thank to Andy the owner I get to drive this impressive automobile and he talks through all the work he has actually done to customize a stock Mustang 5.0 L GT into one to the most impressive Mustangs I have actually ever seen.


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00:00 – Bring on the noise!
01:08 – It's finally ready for me
02:53 – A homage to Ken Block
04:22 – Engine mods and power
09:23 – Owner drives and suspension mods
15:25 – My rely on drive!

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25 responses to “Will this 862bhp Supercharged Mustang try and kill me ? (LOUDEST CAR EVER !) – 4K”

  1. Samieb155 Avatar

    1 of the few Fords that I like nowadays. the Super Charger sounded Wicked.!. 👍😎😎

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      I agree!!

  2. Tim Phillips Avatar
    Tim Phillips

    When a car looks fab from all angles, you know it’s a car that’s got it all covered, and that’s withstanding any performance attributes. Perfect machine in every way!

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Cheers Tim 👍

    2. Tim Phillips Avatar
      Tim Phillips

      @Petrol Ped Pleasure Pete 👍

  3. Gareth Edwards Avatar
    Gareth Edwards

    An awesome sound inside and out but must be a handful in the wet 😅

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Oh yes 😮

  4. Rob H Avatar
    Rob H

    Put a smile on my face 😊 , great video.

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Glad you enjoyed it 👍

  5. Paul Dorset Avatar
    Paul Dorset

    I have a standard GT. it’s amazing what can be done to the mustang given time and money. I admire the work that’s been put in to this one, not my cup of tea but, each to his own. At least it’s got some character, and an honest owner, “leave it at home in the wet!😂”

  6. john trinick Avatar
    john trinick

    It’s not practical, it’s not sophisticated, it’s old fashioned, and it certainly isn’t eco friendly. I absolutely love it!😂 You didn’t need to talk to camera, as always, your face was expressive enough!😉😂😂😂

  7. GRfourfun Avatar

    I really like it and got to say I admire him for what he’s done. I’ll bet his neighbours absolutely love him ☺️
    I love manuals but I feel the 10 speed auto would utilise the power better although you can’t really use it here in the UK anyway. Either way it’s one hell of a car and I enjoyed the video.

  8. Steve Mitchell Avatar
    Steve Mitchell

    What a beautiful car I have a soft spot for any mustang and that’s a fantastic example of a great one

  9. Fuel with Dave Avatar
    Fuel with Dave

    Love it from a fellow Mustang owner 😎

  10. reinmansmith Avatar

    Wow 🤩 That takes the phrase ‘Rolling Thunder’ to a new level!! With that power & torque it can make the World turn faster every time you put your foot down! 10/10 for Andy what a machine 😮

  11. Steve Luck Avatar
    Steve Luck

    What a properly epic car! Great to be different. I remember picking up my focus RS from Dinnages in 2017 and they had a mustang in the showroom. I couldn’t get over how big they are.

  12. SoundBoy808 Avatar

    Absolute beast that Andy has built, and I agree with you, I love the wrap too!
    There are Mustangs….. and there are Steeda equipped Mustangs!
    Glad you loved it, great video!

  13. Matt Chester Avatar
    Matt Chester

    What an absolute monster of a Mustang. Wouldn’t like the fuel bill though. Be lucky to make 10 mpg I reckon.

  14. no1ratfan Avatar

    I’ve known Andy for over 30 years and he has always been a petroleum head, bloody nice bloke as well, took me and my daughter out in this beast and I felt everything you were feeling, it is EPIC, great video Pedro

  15. Alan Sheard Avatar
    Alan Sheard

    Lets be honest, that’s the car we would all like to own !!

  16. D. Kendrick Avatar
    D. Kendrick

    Denise McCluggage (sp?), a racer and writer for Autoweek back in the 70’s, described the sound of an American V-8 as the “brown” sound. This car takes “brown” to another level. Awesome!

  17. The Lone Ranger Avatar
    The Lone Ranger

    I’ve always preferred a Supercharged Engine over a Turbo. The noise inside the cabin coming from the Supercharger sound like a Cat is trapped under the bonnet. Just a wicked sound all-round.😵 Can’t beat a V8 Motor, thanks Peter for this video,👍 and thanks to Andy for the chance to watch and hear your pride and joy no doubt.👍

  18. Trev Avatar

    That sound! Oh my days, what a thing! Truly amazing – love the supercharger whine, Pete! Proper tribute to Ken, love it. (Get a detailer to work on the body, far too many swirls in the paint and put a proper protective coat on there – the car deserves it).

  19. Reuben Grech Avatar
    Reuben Grech

    Awesome video & awesome Mustang! Andy’s a top bloke with an awesome mustang! Love having a few head to head games with both our mustangs when ever we meet up 😉 Super Charged GT vs TwinTurbo GT both awesome in their own way.

  20. Jason Shaw Avatar
    Jason Shaw

    Great exhaust note….wow!👍

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