Why the Tesla Model Y is the best selling car in the WORLD ! | 4K

I invested a week with the Tesla Design Y Efficiency and now understand why the is the very best selling cars and truck in the UK, Europe and the World! Range stress and anxiety is a thing of the past and the Tesla Design Y is packed with features and gizmos that will make you smile and alter your world. I just had to try Dog Mode!


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Video Contents
00:00 – Introducing the best selling vehicle on the planet!
00:52 – Poor build quality and not pretty!
03:47 – Your phone is the key
07:07 – Practicality
08:03 – Buying a Tesla
11:24 – No buttons!
12:56 – I 'd purchase one just for Dog Mode!
18:23 – Efficiency and Handling
20:17 – Variety Stress and anxiety is a distant memory!
26:27 – Last Thoughts

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26 responses to “Why the Tesla Model Y is the best selling car in the WORLD ! | 4K”

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    Buy YouTube Views | Go Viral

    This video deserves to be shared on every social media platform!

  2. Petrol Ped Avatar
    Petrol Ped

    Get in touch with Tesla Bournemouth if you are interested in a test drive 👍


  3. Matthew Bellamy Avatar
    Matthew Bellamy

    Yep, got one, everything is as you say. It’s just a very good car and very very easy to live with.

  4. Slartybartfarst Avatar

    Engineered in big auto world wide 44 years. Rebuild motorcycles and tuned engines but always a fan of Evs. When Tesla came along seeing the way they operated I tried the Model S P85 and bought it in 2014 based on the performance AND the Supercharger network, if a jumped up start up could put their hands in their very shallow pockets at the time and look after owners so we could actually use the car as a car then they get my support and order. So 133,000 UK miles and near 10 years later I have only ever come across 2 stalls not working and in one a tech turned up swapped out a board and had it working. Only had to que once for 15 minutes. To be honest I still love driving this car Ive driven all over the UK and could in an instant drive to Sorrento Italy for free as the free for life Supercharging given to pre 2016 cars is genuinely free for life (if i sold the car privately it would go with the car). Home solar puts 20 miles in a day again free. My Peal white, black wheels, red calipers, creme interior, carbon spoiler, 0-60 4 seconds, RWD drift wagon is still relevant today and ill probably just keep it and head over 250,000 miles……Id say thats a green car. Thanks for highlighting the Tesla functionality with hassle free charging, Ive had 10 years of this. Oh and my “classic” Tesla is as up to date as your latest Y, over the air updates have kept my car bang up to date with dog mode and all the rest…..next car A TESLA.

    1. Derek Warren Avatar
      Derek Warren

      Just out of interest, as I’ve seen similar age and milage to your car as described for sale, how is the battery holding out? have you seen any significant degradation to your original range?

  5. PNWOOD999 Avatar

    These are precisely the reasons I drive a Tesla. No hassle when driving across the country, and dog mode restores freedom to visit places where dogs aren’t allowed.

    1. James Smith Avatar
      James Smith

      All very well until your EV goes up in 🔥


    Great video Ped. I drive a RWD model 3 and it’s simply a brilliant car. So easy to live with, drives well, costs me practically nothing to run day to day and is reasonably fun to drive.

    I love driving ICE cars, especially manuals, but I’d rather use a Tesla day to day if I’m honest, and have a great manual sports car for weekend fun.

    My ideal, attainable garage is a 911 (997.1 Turbo) and a Tesla.

  7. GRfourfun Avatar

    I had to really push myself to watch this video as I’m not much of a Tesla/EV fan, but because it’s you I knew it would be unbiased and honest so I watched. Thank you for showing me how good the Tesla is, especially with the right charge network which like you I think is brilliant. I thought the dog mode was also pure genius. If I was going to buy an EV it would be a Tesla.

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      I appreciate that mate 🙏🏻

    2. 15Bit Avatar

      Dog mode is genius. Honestly, it is transformative if you travel with dog. I will simply never buy another car without it whilst i have a dog.
      Tesla offers an integrated “EV solution” more than a car. Which really does make up for the deficiencies of the car. We have no problems driving ours around europe every summer from central Norway.

  8. 15Bit Avatar

    Little touches like Dog Mode really make Tesla’s stand out. Honestly, it seems like a frivolous joke thing, but if you have a dog it is totally transformative – you can leave the dog in the car with total confidence that it won’t suffer and people won’t break your windows.

    I would say that i have had no problems with my model 3 being tricky on the limit. Even in an icy norwegian winter it handles fine and will either understeer or drift neutrally. Nothing i can do will make the back end step out.

  9. Matthew Rogers Avatar
    Matthew Rogers

    I’m a petrol head or now electric head! I’ve had a Model Y LR now for 6months and when people ask me about it I say “it just all makes sense” and it does abit like you have just explained, you’ve hit the nail on the head. They are just good at what they do, arguably the best. Best car I’ve ever owned.

  10. Kaleidoscope_Retro Avatar

    Tbh, the charging network in general is improving massively at the moment for all EVs. For example I drove my humble Renault Zoe from North Cornwall to Liverpool and back in a day recently with almost no planning whatsoever. I didn’t use any apps, I didn’t use any rfid cards, I just tapped my debit card and charged. But you’re right, that integration is second to none, and until a manufacturer pairs properly with a CPO, Tesla has everyone else beat. That all said, as you pointed out, how often do you really need to charge away from home? Even the aforementioned Zoe requires so little public charging on a regular basis, it’s something I honestly don’t really ever consider.

  11. 15Bit Avatar

    Totally agree about charging and satnav – we bought a model 3 specifically for the fact that Tesla offer an EV “solution” more than a car. We do summer vacations around europe in our Model 3, and 7500km (4660 miles) in 4 weeks is no problem. The only challenge is finding slow chargers at hotels and guesthouses. Highway charging is insanely easy.
    As to build quality – no complaints on my (american made) car. It’s actually well screwed together, but the minimalist interior styling does struggle to convey the same sense of luxury you get with a jag or porsche. The car does have a huge weakness with road noise though.
    Tesla Service: Yeah, that has been a disappointment for me here in central Norway. They even managed to forget to plug in my main cooling fans after service, which left me slightly screwed whilst trying to drive round europe and fast charge a lot. But Tesla Milton Keynes in the UK took the car with no appointment and sorted it same day, so huge credit to them. And it highlights that service is as much a person-dependent thing as a brand dependent thing.

    1. Colin Hankers Avatar
      Colin Hankers

      Good video on Tesla model y who needs performance when
      Standard so fast for normal drivers these are the best ev cars yet my next car model 3standard £42 k with everything standard no need for extras have a Audi q3 good car but German cars as we know expensive extras!

  12. Jax George Avatar
    Jax George

    I drive a 2023 model 3 performance and the build quality is excellent. It costs next to nothing to run, seriously next to nothing. I’ve done about 2000 miles and it’s cost about £40 in electricity in that time as I charge off peak and have solar. Insurance was £582, It has free road tax, no servicing costs, warranty for 4 years on everything and 8 years on drivetrain and battery. I bought it using Tesla 0% finance as well.This month our other car a BMW 840 gran coupe has needed road tax (£570) service (£645) and insurance (£693) plus MoT. Factor in fuel at 28mpg as it only runs around the doors and the Tesla is a bargain. I honestly prefer driving the Tesla as well. If someone told me this a year ago I wouldn’t have believed them.

    1. Stuart Christie Avatar
      Stuart Christie

      I did the same, had a M340d, bought a M3P with 0% and £5700 off list price. Love it so much. Quiet, easy to drive and the stereo is amazing. Wouldn’t go back to an ICE car now

  13. Chris' Caravan Capers Avatar
    Chris’ Caravan Capers

    This car has changed my mind about EVs. 300 miles is ok and the features it offers are great. also the towing capacity is pretty good for a non-SUV type of vehicle. However what would the range be towing a, let’s say, 1500 kg Caravan ? That would be interesing to find out. and with the Charge-network integration it would certainly alleviate the Range- anxiety, for me, assuming I don’t have to unhitch the caravan to charge it. Very interesting Video. Thanks Ped

  14. wowbagger66 Avatar

    This is probably the best review of the model y that I have seen, it perfectly explains why they are so good. 👍
    I am also a car enthusiast, I have had loads of cars over the years including proper petrol head cars like Alfa, TVR and Maserati but I love my model Y.
    I have done 37k miles in just under a year, including a trip from Perth to northern Italy and back, l don’t charge at home so I only use public / Tesla chargers and it has been easy.
    I previously did 120k miles in 5 years in a 40KWh Renault Zoe so I really appreciate the advantages of the Tesla.

  15. Andrew Nicholls Avatar
    Andrew Nicholls

    Good video PED can see the overall attraction of living with a Tesla with regards to charging Network though for me price wise if I’m gonna spend that much on a car it’s gotta at least have some curb appeal. The dog mode is clever but I’d never leave my dogs unattended in a car personally.

    I’ve had a Cupra Born for just over two months and that easily does 230miles on a full charge (58kWh version) which is more than enough for me. I have found public charging pretty straightforward though the increasing cost of Rapid chargers is a concern.
    I did make sure I got a free charge off Tesla the other day when it was free though 😉

  16. Neal M Avatar
    Neal M

    Glad you finally got to find out how good the Tesla experience is. Its also worth pointing out that the Tesla Supercharger network is about half the price per kWh compared to all the other rapid charging networks.

  17. Dan Greasley Avatar
    Dan Greasley

    Ignore the negativity. One of the reasons I watch your channel is because you review and appreciate all cars. Tesla are clearly way ahead with the infrastructure. Hopefully other manufacturers will get better and become real competition. Sat Navs have to be integrated into the charger network… Great review Pedro. Loved this one….

  18. Adrian Booth Avatar
    Adrian Booth

    This is why I drive a model y. It just does everything so well. I tried everything from competitors and nothing came close.

  19. Phil McCaul Avatar
    Phil McCaul

    In our house we’re lucky enough to have a 20 year old Mini cooper, BMW 335d xdrive, Honda Fireblade and a tuned Kawasaki H2SXSE – so you could say I’m a petrol head 😄 However I also got my hands on a new Tesla Model 3 performance through our company salary sacrifice scheme in April. 8000 miles later and all I can say is you have hit the nail on the head with your review, nothing else for me to add, just a superb piece of kit that has fitted into this car and bike enthusiasts life seemlessly

  20. Tim Hallatt Avatar
    Tim Hallatt

    Great review, and certainly a model y was one of the options I was looking at but I couldn’t get past the way it just feels like an appliance rather than a car. A point to make is to say my BMW iX sat nav integrates with the charge network – tells me if it’s normal, DC, or HPC and colour codes red, amber and green to denote if they’re busy, all being used or all available. I can get 220 real world miles out of a single charge and generally my long journeys tend to be to similar places so have scoped out decent charging points along those routes if needed. There doesn’t have to be any anxiety and I have a fabulous luxury car that is cheap as chips to run – I love it. I know the feeling is the iX is “ugly” but I have yet to meet anyone that feels that way when they see it in the metal (I do think it needs the right colour/wheel combo though!)
    Keep up the great work, Ped!

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