Why the Peugeot 308SW PHEV didn’t do it for me ! | 4K

Why is it the simply didn't do it for me. I learned to drive in cars and have a lot of love for the brand name. I spent a week with the 308SW plug-in hybrid and truly enjoyed the automobile to drive but there were a number of things that really challenged me. This is among the most difficult to stabilize evaluations I have actually made so far.


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Video Contents
00:00 – Introduction
00:36 – Why I love Peugeot
02-45 – Front and Rear
03:48 – Joining the front to the back!
05:05 – Boot and rear space
07:01 – That guiding wheel!
13:59 – Early morning start
15:22 – Great to drive
18:04 – The obstacle with the PHEV!
19:34 – Last ideas

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20 responses to “Why the Peugeot 308SW PHEV didn’t do it for me ! | 4K”

  1. @fleixfire6641 Avatar

    While on the french theme, you should test the Citroen C5X. It gets a lot of good review scores.

  2. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    😆 loads of room in the back

  3. @jamesstanley7263 Avatar

    44mpg on a longer journey isn’t bad, if you can then charge at home to run around on cheap electricity for a shopping trips/school run etc

  4. @HawkMillFarm Avatar

    You’ve had the grass cut! how posh is that 😆. On my Cayenne (how posh is that 😜) the rear seat slides back and forward so you can have the space where you need it. Perhaps others could do this..

  5. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Cheers mate see you on Wednesday

  6. @solentbum Avatar

    You almost summed it up completely, a short range PHEV has no place in a modern world. All that complexity and expense just for a very poor overall mpg. As for the fixed Tow Bar, for me that is a plus, It deters idiots from rear ending the car.

  7. @Emjackson89 Avatar

    I’ve driven the 308 as a Police Vehicle and my main issue is with the drivetrain, particularly the gearbox and it’s inability to quickly change gears. Sometimes this can affect the power/acceleration while it’s trying to figure out what gear to select. Just something to note if you like driving briskly on those nice B roads. Other than that, it’s comfortable and definitely a good daily car. The steering wheel will turn a lot of people off tho.

  8. @user-ih7gc7dt9l Avatar

    I wouldn’t touch a car from the Stellantis group which probably just a silly baseless bias . Great review as usual.

  9. @peterhardwick4939 Avatar

    My Ford Puma averages 54mpg compared to what you’re driving and it’s not a hybrid it’s a mild hybrid where the motor just boosts the BHP.
    Disappointing mpg for a plug in hybrid.

  10. @shakesnbake Avatar

    Oh my goodness – the Proton badge 🤣🤣 I thought the new logo looked familiar 🤣

  11. @boblambert7889 Avatar

    Hi PP, My good lady wife had a test drive in a new 208 could not get on with the steering wheel setup. Opted for a Golf 1.5 etsi instead. We get over 58 mpg on a run. I’ve never understood the attraction of PHEV’s, tax saving for some I guess. Really enjoyed your review 👍

  12. @MrPeteJMc Avatar

    As a rav4 phev owner, I don’t think Peugeot have done their homework on this one. I did a Torquay to York trip last month and my average on HV was 55 mpg and I only used 4 miles of range of my battery. When fully charged my battery range says 56 miles but realistically that would be 48. With 302hp to play with as well the car is very versatile. Nope Peugeot haven’t got me on this one.

  13. @tomashley5869 Avatar

    Couldn’t agree more with you Pete! Not my cup of tea either for the same reasons. Peugeot are lucky to sell most of them to company car or rental fleets here in France. Likewise, I also have great souvenirs regarding the old models you mentioned. I learned to drive on a 205 also, but unlike others in most cases, I was lucky to drive a 205 GTI, with the monitor telling me to rev the engine a little more, brilliant! 😊 So lucky! Needless to say, it cost them too much in petrol, and those great cars were replaced by the diesel versions a few months after.
    Back in the days when cars didn’t need 2 or 3 hundred bhp to put a smile on your face! 😉
    Cheers, Tom.

  14. @willielarsson9651 Avatar

    Sorry but this car has absolutely nothing going for it. The last straw was the rear legroom, shocking, you’d much rather have sightly less boot space and more leg room.

  15. @willielarsson9651 Avatar

    Whoever thought that peeking over the steering wheel to see your dials was a good idea. Mental

  16. @laurencemoore5737 Avatar

    Honest balanced review in my view. Not quite the sum of its parts. If you want a nice comfortable car for a long run it’s good enough. Some design features are subjective, which is fair and the plug in part seems more of a nice to have if you have a home charger and do short journeys frequently. Keep em coming Peter!

  17. @oliverhulme9451 Avatar

    Given one of our race cars got shown in this but it was a Peugeot video, how about we do a race in my 206 when it is FINALLY ready to go…!
    Great review as always. Great to see the pros and cons. I happen to uite like the aesthetic (said so when you pulled up at Silverstone) but know where you’re coming from and that’s the joy of cars…beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  18. @mikadavies660 Avatar

    This review just proves to me that modern ICE cars haven’t progressed in years. As a backup car I have a 2009 Megane which I use for long work journeys… It only cost me £1200 and it does 48mpg at a steady 70-80mph. Why would I finance my backside off to buy an expensive new car for the same or less mpg? My wife’s BEV runs about for 1/5th to 1/10th of the cost of my Megane.

  19. @GrahamGroovyUK Avatar

    I’ll be sticking with my Xsara Picasso for now. All these fancy new lights look great until they break. No £3 quick change bulb. I believe some are many hundreds of pounds and require panels to be removed!

  20. @DamoDrives Avatar

    Very honest but feels like the car is 10 years behind its rivals. Not being able to recharge while driving is narrow minded or just poor planning. Dragging around batteries most of the time which are empty hits the mpg. Maybe it’s better in the flesh but not really a fan of the looks from any angle.

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