Why the new S63 is the ultimate AMG!

At last, the brand-new S63 has actually landed … now with a hybrid twist!

Not simply an S63, this is now the S63 E-Peformance. It's the latter bit that hints towards the power of this German high-end machine.

A familiar 4.0-litre twin-turbo engine sits under the bonnet, however it's now likewise paired with an electrical motor at the rear axle. It's a comparable setup to the latest GT 4-Door, nevertheless here the two combine to produce 802hp and 1,430 Nm of torque! The outcome? A declared 0-60mph time of 3.3 seconds, and an excellent 180mph leading speed.

As an outcome of all the batteries and the motor though, weight is up too – with the brand-new S63 tipping the scales at a whopping 2,520 kg. Gulp.

There are a few subtle AMG fine-tunes to the S63. Together with a brand-new grille, it gets AMG-specific wheels and an intimidating quad-exit exhaust pipeline that's a dead giveaway to the performance concealing below the skin.

Inside, it's as glamorous as any S-Class ought to be – albeit with an AMG steering wheel and some brand-new screens to include that efficiency touch.

The cost is big however, starting at ₤ 186,015. A heavy rate to pay, or a rewarding premium? Stick with Mat to find out!

00:00 Introduction
00:17 Design
01:38 Interior
02:26 Boot
03:00 5 Annoying Things
04:38 5 Good ideas
06:28 Engine
06:55 Brakes
07:07 Driving
11:30 Back Seats
15:58 Decision

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78 responses to “Why the new S63 is the ultimate AMG!”

  1. Zno Avatar

    I know Mat is not pregnant but he never fails to deliver

    1. Oversteer _ Avatar
      Oversteer _

      😆 Good one

    2. Kronos Avatar

      men always carry around like 2-10 million babies

    3. Keith Nicholson Avatar
      Keith Nicholson

      That was good

    4. Spencer B Avatar
      Spencer B

      He might be don’t assume his gender

    5. Spencer B Avatar
      Spencer B

      @Kronosit’s actually 2-90 million.

  2. carwow Avatar

    Mercedes or BMW… Which makes the best luxury limos?

    1. Johnathan Petcher Avatar
      Johnathan Petcher

      Great content matt

    2. Johnathan Petcher Avatar
      Johnathan Petcher

      I’m watching this before my school bus comes

    3. گپــے نيس Avatar
      گپــے نيس

      Ofc mercedes

    4. HOHO Avatar

      Mercedes by far!

    5. Ritviz K Garg Avatar
      Ritviz K Garg


  3. Robert O. Ogunbanwo Avatar
    Robert O. Ogunbanwo

    Despite the modern tech in this w223, there is something more stately or muscular about the aesthetics of the w222

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Amazing car.

  4. Rogue Avatar

    Let’s appreciate this V8 while we have it. Crisp lines, chrome is just enough. I have to admit, the design has grown on me

    1. Kronos Avatar

      Because you like hyundais

    2. Pawcio2115 Avatar

      The S65 AMG should have the V12

    3. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Pawcio2115S65 AMG should have a V6 Turbo.

    4. Pawcio2115 Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan are you high?

    5. Vorname Nachname Avatar
      Vorname Nachname

      @Pawcio2115the S65 always has the V12 tho, right? It’s just that the S65 isn’t built anymore

  5. Aksator381 Avatar

    I was happy when I heard it is 4.0 V8, for a second I thought it will go on the same path the new C63 amg is going

    1. lolheads579r Avatar

      it’d be crap if it did

    2. Metha Zone Avatar
      Metha Zone

      Imagine a 2,8 ton amg with a 4 cylinder 🫨

    3. Hector Necromancer Avatar
      Hector Necromancer

      IMO C63’s only mistake is just its name. If it’s named C36 instead, I can accept it

    4. Metha Zone Avatar
      Metha Zone

      @Hector Necromancer
      Or C45s

    5. Janey Arnold Avatar
      Janey Arnold

      At least it’s. It electric

  6. Glen Mason Avatar
    Glen Mason

    Mat’s videos are top quality. No one else in the car YouTube industry comes close right now!

    1. RedFox Motovlog Avatar
      RedFox Motovlog

      His got a comedy factor mate, i allways smile when im watching carwow,

    2. Glen Mason Avatar
      Glen Mason

      @RedFox Motovlog definitely mate a great mix of quality and humour

    3. Ralph K. Bauer Avatar
      Ralph K. Bauer

      There is a german “carwow” channel, i am german and i prefer watching Mat. Nothing more to say…

    4. Sharp Bhai Avatar
      Sharp Bhai

      Doug Demuro entered the chat

    5. GetRektPoseidon Avatar

      ThrottleHouse is even funnier in my opinion, but Mat‘s insanely good as well

  7. Ghaith Massoud Avatar
    Ghaith Massoud

    I like how matt is blurring his speed on the highway😂😂

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Matt Watson nailed jokes right it seems.

    2. It's Red Racer Avatar
      It’s Red Racer


  8. James barbato Avatar
    James barbato

    I usually prefer the styling of the Audi a 8, but I gotta say that is one pretty car inside and out.

  9. Jordan Avatar

    Am I going crazy or did Mat not launch it?

    1. Thato Pheko Avatar
      Thato Pheko

      He did not🤧🚮

    2. iphone 7 7 Avatar
      iphone 7 7

      because it’s slow as hell

    3. blessed nyoni Avatar
      blessed nyoni

      Because he’s in the US and you cannot go over the of 55 MPH

    4. Fawad Raza Avatar
      Fawad Raza

      @blessed nyoni what? Like nowhere at all? 😯

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@blessed nyoniyes. In crowded US streets its mostly restricted to 30mph.

  10. wtfdinges Avatar

    That wood trim on the dash looks bloody amazing! Probably one of the nicest dash designs I’ve seen.

    1. Toh Wu Hann Avatar
      Toh Wu Hann

      i loved wood trims more than gloss black trims

    2. Max Avatar

      I’d say the best dash design

    3. Shariq Suleman Avatar
      Shariq Suleman

      Looks horrible in person, it’s not actually a wood finish, it’s vinyl.

    4. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Toh Wu Hannyep. The black trims looked quite hideous.

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Shariq Sulemanagree.

  11. zyy Avatar

    The 720s’ owners passes the vibe check ✅

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      So did Bugatti EB110 owners.

    2. PatriotPigeon Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan when did the EB110 appear in this video?

    3. lodocarbo Avatar

      Onlyfanser for sure haha

    4. Pit 2612 Avatar
      Pit 2612

      @lodocarbodon’t think so, sugar daddy is right behind her😂

  12. Isaac Phehello Matsaneng Avatar
    Isaac Phehello Matsaneng

    MATT when you push the passenger seat to the front, doesn’t it obscure the driver’s view to the right and the door mirror?

    1. P V Avatar
      P V

      it does….but he is a car reviewer and would be kicked out of the early access review program if he talked about it.
      No more fancy dinners treats or cruises or flights.

    2. Ripped Pingu Avatar
      Ripped Pingu

      It does. The car will keep flashing a warning to the driver to either move the seat back or remove the headrest.

    3. Umut Yusuf Avatar
      Umut Yusuf

      bildiğim kadarıyla aynanın üzerinde kamera var ve orta konsoldan yan ayna kamerasına bakabiliyorsun, bu sayede sorun olmuyor.

    4. QB TRAILERS Avatar

      I’ve always wondered… but I guess it does.

  13. Carlos Ocatavious Avatar
    Carlos Ocatavious

    I remember when the 500hp bi turbos had come out in the early 2000’s, now 800hp without Brabus or Renttech is insane.

    1. Dol Guldur Avatar
      Dol Guldur

      Thank you electric motor 🤘🏻

    2. adam barrett Avatar
      adam barrett

      A map on a non hybrid would give u same power. No thank you hybrid

    3. Cincy_Supercar Avatar

      Well now they are 1200 more pounds than those old AMG cars which were always the heaviest to begin with. It’s all a wash.

    4. Myrin Gains Avatar
      Myrin Gains

      I think 500 horses on 2.5 bloody tons would make such car just moderately speedy, nowhere near impressively fast

    5. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      ​@Dol Guldurelectric motor had some words for us.

  14. Maksymilian Wiśniewski Avatar
    Maksymilian Wiśniewski

    Thanks Matt I considered getting this S class but I really didn’t like that boot capacity is so small so I settled for a 26 year old Bmw

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      S63 deserved to be top 100 for best Luxury Sedan cars.

    2. Selfproclaimed Nobody Avatar
      Selfproclaimed Nobody

      Yeah, you definitely settled😅

    3. Koot Bear Avatar
      Koot Bear

      what BMW did you get? 750?

    4. Maksymilian Wiśniewski Avatar
      Maksymilian Wiśniewski

      @Koot Bear 725tds

  15. Madhur Chadha Avatar
    Madhur Chadha

    IWC Ingenieur – well done Mat, much better than the smartwatch days!

    1. latuch Avatar

      I saw the watch and I instantly went into the comments section to see if someone mentions it 😀

    2. Madhur Chadha Avatar
      Madhur Chadha

      @latuch cheers to the eye for detail!

  16. Lilrick96 Avatar

    The W222 was absolutely perfection, especially the S65 AMG. But at least the W223 S63 carry over it’s wheels like on this model 😍

  17. deep state Avatar
    deep state

    We came to see s63 but ended up watching 2 mclarens. Wow! Mat is the guy 🙌🇰🇪

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      What about McLaren F1 LMs?

  18. Aaryesh G. Avatar
    Aaryesh G.

    The lazy throttle and transmission response is typical in Comfort mode for non-hybrid Merc models too.
    Yes you can use Sport mode and it gives a throttle pedal that is actually responsive but the problem then is that the transmission uses the entire rev range of the engine before shifting gears…..
    There should be a drive mode between Comfort and Sport tbh.

  19. Car-spot-one Avatar

    Also think that in the AMG version of the s class you also sit a bit more in the front behind the wheel than in the back. Fortunately, there is still a v8 in it, although in the past that could be a v12.

  20. Shoe Avatar

    My ’22 GLE53 exhibits the same thing when coming to a stop where it feels like the rear is doing it’s own thing when the car comes to a stop. Really strange feeling. Great video by the way.

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