Why Skoda owners love winter…

BRB learning how to use an ice scraper…






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  1. kayaking northeast Avatar
    kayaking northeast

    using it the wrong way however 😂🤣

  2. CSI Grissom Avatar
    CSI Grissom

    “That is the Most insufficient ice scraper…in the WULLLD.” – Jeremy Clarkson

    1. Anže Kočar Avatar
      Anže Kočar

      @SV have u used it before?

    2. SV Avatar

      @Anže Kočar Have you? I don’t need to use it to have common sense. A real ice scraper/brush combo is far superior than this time waster. Have you used a real ice scraper?

    3. Jim Omega Avatar
      Jim Omega

      Heated rear screen????

    4. SV Avatar

      @Jim Omega not all cars, also the side windows need to be done

    5. Radim Kracmera Avatar
      Radim Kracmera

      Its not ideal, but you have!!!!

  3. Vrum's Adventures Avatar
    Vrum’s Adventures

    Ford users have heated seats and windshield in hatchbacks since ’98… Skoda has ice-scrapers 🙂

    1. German mechanic Avatar
      German mechanic

      Skoda as well. Non the less side windows should provide view as well and in many Europeans countries you‘re not allowed to keep your car running for defrosting purposes solely.

  4. error 404 Avatar
    error 404

    WRONG WAY ROUND!!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  5. Paul Easthope Avatar
    Paul Easthope

    The best scraper I have used- when you use it the right way round

  6. Pe-Te Avatar

    Never used mine, got heated front and back windows that would knock that kind of “ice” off within a minute.

  7. Mebthe12luvulongtime Avatar

    If that sparkly effect was achieved on a metallic paint, that paint job would look incredible.

  8. Sazan Dervari Avatar
    Sazan Dervari

    Skoda owner for 7 years now. NEVER used a scraper, only the heater button on my remote.

    1. Pavel Kostromitinov Avatar
      Pavel Kostromitinov

      But frankly, not something complicated, and really useful for less well-equipped cars

    2. Sazan Dervari Avatar
      Sazan Dervari

      @Pavel Kostromitinov if only people like Matt knew how to use it propperly 😅

  9. TrangleC Avatar

    For a while back in the late 90s some car manufacturers put heating wires in the front windshield and the side windows too. I have seen that work really well on a Ford Mondeo back then. I wonder why that never caught on.

    1. LF90 Avatar

      It did. many fords and others still have that option

    2. Mawerick77 Avatar

      Ford had patented it, that’s why no one else did it. These days you can get it on different vehicles.

  10. Senior Whoopy IRL Avatar
    Senior Whoopy IRL

    Yeah you’ll just be there for five hours in the freezing cold trying to clean your windows with a credit card

    1. DMA Avatar

      Still the thought that matters

  11. Street Driver Avatar
    Street Driver

    that’s a simply clever thing, need to give that to skoda, but still I think I will stay with my BMW parked in garage

  12. Okith De Silva Avatar
    Okith De Silva

    Mat thank you so much for this insane video!

  13. GxG Avatar

    Easier to just pour cold water over the glass, after you started the engine.

  14. Tommyboi 666 Avatar
    Tommyboi 666

    Yeah and look at the thin line it does, awful! I use a pound shop one 👍🏻

  15. Neil Cooper Avatar
    Neil Cooper

    They would love it more by turning it the right way round through 180 degrees!!🤷🏼‍♂️🙄

  16. Waggly Cloth Avatar
    Waggly Cloth

    they should probably add a “USE THIS WAY UP” sticker to it…

  17. Chapati Avatar

    They must love such a tiny scraper

  18. Lewis 44th Avatar
    Lewis 44th

    A Question for people living in parts of the world where it gets so cold.. how does the cars look in secondhand dealer shops?

    Really scratched or not to much?

  19. JD Avatar

    I’d rather wait for my windows to clear by leaving the car to defrost without it being on then use that piece of shhh🤣

  20. Arnold Avatar

    Apparently a spray bottle full of water / rubbing alcohol solution mixed in a certain proportion, and the ice melts right away. No scraping required.

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