Why Mat is the opposite of Fernando Alonso…






27 responses to “Why Mat is the opposite of Fernando Alonso…”

  1. Simeon Ejena Avatar
    Simeon Ejena

    Your entrance only is epic 😂😂😂

  2. Super driver Avatar
    Super driver

    Someone hold my subscription, please

  3. mrKapitch Avatar

    Fernando Alondo dond dell me whad do do

    1. ten_cents Avatar

      I yam delling you Samir dond crash de carr SAMIRRR 😂

    2. Jackazz Plays Avatar
      Jackazz Plays


    3. Jackazz Plays Avatar
      Jackazz Plays

      Lmao 😂

    4. Lightning Mcqueen Avatar
      Lightning Mcqueen

      All da dime you have do leave da space!

  4. the couch gamer Ed Avatar
    the couch gamer Ed

    I love that Matt enters a multi million dollars car like if he entered a rusty scrapyard car

  5. Salem Qadr Avatar
    Salem Qadr


  6. JKreal1 Avatar

    Your right he’s Marcos Alonso

  7. Daniel Jakobsen Avatar
    Daniel Jakobsen

    You should try this Aston with Yianni 😂

  8. Matt Owen Avatar
    Matt Owen

    It’s Fernando Alonso, not Alonzo. And it’s great to see you on a video related to Spain without vomiting childish, stupid, offensive rubbish against that great country, Matt.

    1. Aris1956 Avatar

      Instead, I heard…..”Alondo”.

    2. Copinal Avatar

      Obviously he was joking…

    3. twotube family Avatar
      twotube family

      You must be fun at parties
      No wonder your wife ran off with a sense of humour

  9. Aris1956 Avatar

    He said….. Fernando Alondo ?

  10. Daniel Wick Avatar
    Daniel Wick

    FenanDO AlonDO 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  11. Word Avatar

    Fernando alondor?

  12. Greenman 710 Avatar
    Greenman 710

    Fernando alondo bitish people😂

  13. Juggernaut Alpha Avatar
    Juggernaut Alpha

    Here is where Mat farted so hard and loud 😂

  14. Shelby Avatar

    Dont know what to say, but can I just get pinned

  15. Filipe Daniel Correia Avatar
    Filipe Daniel Correia


  16. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson


  17. Ryan Frisby Avatar
    Ryan Frisby


  18. kepo Avatar

    Fenando alonso😂

  19. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai getz on carwow day 219

  20. Qwerwolf Avatar

    A car you don’t just get in, you have to put it on.

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