Why is the Dacia Spring so popular?

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Mat's got his hands on the !

It's an inexpensive and joyful electric cars and truck that isn't currently on sale in the UK. The question is, even with a ₤ 16,000 cost, should you consider it over other small electric competitors?

When it pertains to materials, it's fair to say the isn't exactly the most robust vehicle. The doors appear reasonably flimsy, and when you step within don't anticipate to discover any soft touch, high-quality materials here! Cheap plastic covers most of the cabin, and it does not even feature any cup holders! We have the Extreme edition for this , which comes with phony leather seats, although the quality doesn't feel all that excellent.

When it concerns the battery & range, the comes with a 25kWh battery pack. In the entry-level automobile this is good for a declared variety of 143 miles, while in the Extreme edition, it drops a little to 137 miles.

Naturally, the efficiency figures aren't anything to write home about. The entry-level delivers simply 45hp and hits 60mph in 19 seconds, while the Extreme has 65hp and hits 60mph in over 13 seconds.

But of course, it only costs ₤ 16,000, while other little competitors can cost practically double that! So is it worth it? You'll need to stick to Mat and see on your own!

00:00 Introduction
00:19 Range
02:21 Interior
04:27 Efficiency
05:35 Freeway Driving
08:03 Rate
08:37 Town Driving
09:48 Tech
10:20 Rear seats
10:59 Boot
11:15 Products & Worth
12:06 Real-world Range
12:58 Verdict


95 responses to “Why is the Dacia Spring so popular?”

  1. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @Mustbepapz Avatar


    2. @moody_lene_level_crossing Avatar

      As her second, then I’ve got Nana Google

    3. @user-fy4ln5cf4w Avatar


    4. @manilove2pwn Avatar

      note to thieving scumbags matt wears a 6k watch

    5. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@moody_lene_level_crossingthe Dacia Spring i belive only costed like $66.000.

  2. @suhaasnadulamattam4793 Avatar

    Fun fact, in India this is called the Renault kwid

    1. @shuvajitpalit2005 Avatar

      We’ve this car lol

    2. @gustavoarmellini186 Avatar

      Also in Brazil!

    3. @aweeb634 Avatar

      And it has a internal combustion engine

    4. @amaljoe367 Avatar

      Yes but the ICE version. The Ev should be so much better. I heard they are planning to bring this to India. Priced below tiago ev 🙈

    5. @luisacuna3078 Avatar

      Also in Argentina and it has a 3 cylinder engine

  3. @SamyLucky29 Avatar

    Because it’s cheap

    1. @CasualYoutubeWatcher_ Avatar

      you legend

    2. @HShango Avatar

      Exactly, common sense really (economically)

    3. @shiTthebed86 Avatar

      Yep. Some people like to spend a lot on cars, but even more people like a cheap run about that costs very little to run. Hardly rocket science lol

    4. @drunkenhobo8020 Avatar

      And the average car journey is less than 10 miles.

    5. @bryantwilson4731 Avatar

      Just buy a dacia sandero. Its cheaper and have more range. And its petrol or diesel

  4. @_ravenous_4628 Avatar

    “Good news chaps! There’s a new Dacia and I’ve got a picture!”
    ~James May

    1. @marcogentile3392 Avatar

      ..great! anyways…

    2. @queenelsa6974 Avatar

      Great! and um moving on now…

    3. @mattthompson5894 Avatar

      Oh wow! And now the news….

    4. @TommyNowDoesGaming Avatar

      “Oh that is a looker!”
      ~Richard Hammond

    5. @Rentta Avatar

      Great! Anyways the new Lamborghini…..

  5. @craignelson5101 Avatar

    Because most people don’t need a 2500kg electric fridge that will do 60mph in 2s, they want a cheap to buy and cheap to run car

    1. @SOMEONE-ME Avatar

      True, but this is a step too far.

    2. @wnnss7212 Avatar

      buy a used car then nobody with a brain would buy this car

    3. @orepopovic2443 Avatar

      Frankly, the only reasonable EV

    4. @daemiax Avatar

      @@wnnss7212Used I.C.E ? You’re missing the point.
      Used electric? Jumping in an exploding volcano in your birthday suit is probably less risky.

    5. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@orepopovic2443Tesla Roadster also is a reasonable EV.

  6. @ruk2023-- Avatar

    The world will always have a lot of people who want cheap transport that gets them from A to B. Back in the day the 2CV was revered. Now we seem to mock anyone trying a similar tactic?

    1. @dobrecristianro Avatar

      At 21k EUR I wouldn’t call this cheap. It’s a damn tuk tuk that costs as much as a brand new Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.5 Petrol.

    2. @lucimon97 Avatar

      I feel like the closing point was perfect. For the same money you could get a lightly used car that is just vastly better in every way. If you HAVE TO have a new car for some reason, sure it works. But really only then.

    3. @DimitarStanev Avatar

      @@lucimon97 you could say that about any new car though. For the price of a Corolla you could get a lightly used 5 series. What’s your point exactly?

    4. @nomoreheroes93 Avatar

      @@lucimon97 every used car was new at some point? So the closing point was actuallly incredibly dumb.

    5. @ruimpinho Avatar

      @@dobrecristianro tuk tuk 💀😂
      by the way, they are currently for sale in Germany for 12750€

  7. @Buck3366 Avatar

    Is it because they can’t afford a GT3RS?

    1. @whocares264 Avatar

      and a GT3RS is useless ….

    2. @defnotatroll Avatar


    3. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@whocares264why GT3RS is useless like 959? I thought its very useful.

    4. @Imnameless69 Avatar

      It’s useless if you don’t care about cars and just need it for go from A to B.

    5. @sujeewarathnaweera Avatar

      Right on mate

  8. @MrTor8 Avatar

    Brits don’t know how “fortunate” they are to have such low prices for the second-hand market. Despite of how much Zoe depreciates, a year-old one will be at least 25k€ in most parts of Europe.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Dacia Spring also costed $9000 more expensive than R8 Gordini or Renault 5 Turbo.

    2. @alexanderstefanov6474 Avatar

      Not anymore, a nearly new Kia soul ev is 22k EUR in Germany now, 6m ago they were 30k

    3. @LAndrewsChannel Avatar

      Depreciation became a joke in the last 4 years because of the inflation and the market. I sold my 9 year old Sandero for more than half the price it was when new in okish condition and low mileage. I was looking for funsies at the used market for my current car and I can sell it at like 15% depreciation after almost 2 years (with low mileage).
      Used BMW 3 series with low mileage barely have more than 60% depreciation at the 5-7 year mark.

    4. @user-xz4yb3pv3g Avatar

      In india it’s reno kwid

    5. @SamsungGalaxy5G Avatar

      ​@@LAndrewsChannelusually cars with lots of quality issues and problems depreciate much more. Also because they have no demand

  9. @robmowe8090 Avatar

    I drove the Renault Kwid when I was working in Africa. It’s a cheap car but was pretty durable and good for driving over bad roads. Kind of felt appropriate for the environment. Quite liked it.

  10. @adventpc3 Avatar

    This is the sort of electric car we need. £100k plus taycans, electric SUVs and whatever else are impressive, but they are enormous and way too heavy. Family cars needn’t be over 2 tonnes and 9 feet off the ground.

    1. @wnnss7212 Avatar

      we dont need this in the modern world

    2. @markrhoden68 Avatar

      Exactly and not everyone can afford 100k cars even if they didnt mind the size

    3. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@markrhoden68only 21 percent people can afford the 100k cars actually.

    4. @leandrobarradas8589 Avatar

      I understand that not everyone can afford a more, let’s say, expensive car. However, I would say it doesn’t look like a particularly safe at all

    5. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@wnnss7212i thought many needed that.

  11. @stephenlamb90 Avatar

    It’s a Citroen 2CV for the electric-age. From what info I could find, in 1984 a new Citroen 2CV (Charleston)was around £5,100. That’s around £15,810 at 2024 prices. The 2cv had 29bhp, a top speed of 71mph, took 35 seconds to do 0-60, and, of course, no airbags, no ABS, no ACU, certainly no Apple carplay, Android-Auto or USB sockets, no cruise control, no reversing cameras and not even wind-down windows, let alone electrically operated ones… though it did have optional cup holders! Taking all that into account, the Dacia seems an absolute steal!

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      The Honda S500 and S600 in 2024 now costed around £5930.

    2. @dimannis Avatar

      2CVs still exist, that one will look like a walking dead after all those years. Thats what people used to pay back then. Build quality.

    3. @mbak7801 Avatar

      I brought a new Citroen Dyane. It was the next model up from the 2CV and cost around £2200. I think your numbers are not just made up but crazy wrong.

  12. @p24hrsmith Avatar

    The fact this sells well, holds its value well kind of tells you this is what people want because its cheap enough to be a second car for city use which is the majority of our driving meanwhile owners have a proper car for long trips

    1. @sebastianstoica578 Avatar

      That’s what a lot of people seem to be missing. It is to be used as a city car, and also ideally as a second car. But then again, I think it will come updated for the UK market, so some of that nastiness might get ironed out.

  13. @mikeymike1792 Avatar

    This seems to be unnecessarily harsh and unfair. It’s designed to be as cheap as possible. It delivers everything people need, nothing else. Would I want one? No. Would I buy one if it was all I could afford? Yes.

    Edit – Stop with your tired comparison with used cars. The people who buy this want low monthly payments and a warranty.

    Again. I still don’t want one. But it exists for a reason.

    1. @THe-ug7wn Avatar

      True, taking a city car on a motorway and seeing how fast it can go from 80 to 130 , that`s just pointless. It`s designed to be used in a city

    2. @Filip_Phreriks Avatar

      He has lost all touch with reality.

    3. @gazfish Avatar

      If your strapped for cash you’d buy a second hand old banger

    4. @eddyk3 Avatar

      Im sorry but it can’t be much more to include at least one cup holder. I’ve never seen a car without one. And how much does adding a mirror cost really? 10p?

      If you had 16,000 to spend on a car this is the last car you’d get, lets be honest. You’d get the 1 year old £15k Zoe instead.

    5. @ruimpinho Avatar

      @@gazfish These will be on the second hand market as well.

  14. @ruimpinho Avatar

    This review felt a bit arrogant. The average Spring buyer doesn’t care about the price of your watch mate.
    Have you seen the price of petrol and other better cars? You seem to have lost touch with reality. 😀
    I agree that the Spring kind of sucks, but it’s a great option for plenty of people who need a cheap and reliable runabout.

    1. @GraveUypo Avatar

      to be fair, i don’t think ANYONE cares about the price of his watch.
      personally, it only serves to make me think he’s dumb for buying it and then again for bringing it up

    2. @abejacobs6345 Avatar

      Everyone has different self-esteem

    3. @sapphirejunction8993 Avatar

      Well he’s probably on a high end six figure salary thus can afford what he wants, but based on the clothes he wears and what he personally drives he does come across as very materialistic hence showing off his watch.

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@GraveUypoDacia Spring also quite rare to find in Asia.

    5. @MrQ454 Avatar

      @@purwantiallan5089 It’s build in China, probably is with other name.

  15. @martian9999 Avatar

    judge it for what it is, mate. It’s a perfect commuter car — it takes you to your workplace and back, for pennies.
    If your job has charging or you have a charger at home, then range and charging speed are totally moot.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      The car looks good like Fiat Multipla.

    2. @Kelveron Avatar

      Definitely perfect for commuting from my bedroom to the bathroom at 3 am!

    3. @ilyamerzlyakov5540 Avatar

      Realistically, why would you buy this if you have an LPG sandero? Same price, similar economy, but way nicer on the inside and it can be used as a real car (Spring is a strict A to B commuter or a local grocery getter due to the lack of fast charging). For a private buyer, the Spring does not make any sense whatsoever.

    4. @flyingpanhandle Avatar

      @@ilyamerzlyakov5540 “you buy this if you have an LPG sandero?”

      Because LPG isn’t ubiquitous, despite being around for decades. A 3 ping plug is.

      My nearest LPG station is 23 miles away and i live in a town of 110,000.

    5. @MrRandomguyTom Avatar

      ​@@ilyamerzlyakov5540where I live, Sandero is about 40% cheaper than this and feels 3x nicer in every way.

  16. @Josephashwell_14 Avatar

    I think Mat is missing the point with this car and any cheap car. This shows why I dont like carwow as much as I used to. Supercars and drag races get booring. And when a review of a cheap car rarely pops up, we are told it it rubbish… Just look at the content from 4 years ago. Thats the kind of content that i liked. Interesting, honest reviews of normal, affordable cars and the odd supercar/ luxury cars.

    1. @br4kecheckd Avatar

      Yep agree with you 100%. He shits on a basic car because it lacks features. It’s cheap ffs, that’s the point. They poshed up the channel in recent years everything cheap gets mocked. I watch them less and less as the time passes. Other channels are full of praise for a car like this. It does the job

    2. @RealDarkBlade Avatar

      I think there is a point to be made between moaning about luxury items and just disregard for basic things. You can make cheap stuff but still give a damn. The usb position, no cupholders and rattling doors is not something that would have broken the bank in design. Let’s not forget, it also scored a whopping 1/5 in NCAP which makes sense as it sounds like it’s made from fish tins.
      And before I am being accused of stuff, this is my country’s car, but it is also the only Dacia I would never consider buying

    3. @JB9000x Avatar

      He still comes across as a massive snob in this video. Not very endearing.

    4. @leme3503 Avatar

      I mean tbf, a Sandero is a lot nicer for the same price or less. It’s not electric, but they really had to take everything nice that the Sandero has out of the Spring to make electric _this_ affordable. It’s good for a daily commute or going to get groceries, but you really don’t wanna drive this thing if you’re going farther than 50km…

    5. @br4kecheckd Avatar

      @@RealDarkBlade you are also missing the point. It’s the cheapest or one off the cheapest ev’s out there. It’s idiotic to complain, what are you expecting at that low price. You knew what you where getting in. That car has two jobs, to be cheap and get you from a to b. Basic motoring. Thats how they started with the Sandero

  17. @Andrei-hl2fx Avatar

    paid 12k euro / 10k pounds for it, new. has parking sensors, camera, apple car play, auto lights, front radar, app control (start heating or cooling via app), range in the summer 200 km / 124 miles and around 110 km / 70 miles in the winter (aircon and heating on), 30kwh fast charge. 5 years warranty on the car and 8 for the battery, service included for 5 years. no taxes for it, free parking in my city. it’s a city car, designed for ride sharing and deliveries.

    1. @scottishfanta Avatar

      Exactly! Matt hasn’t a clue anymore it seems

    2. @Andrei-hl2fx Avatar

      @@scottishfanta ever since he got that Porsche

    3. @scottishfanta Avatar

      @@Andrei-hl2fx I think it might be the big house! When I’m rich and famous I’ll stay humble

    4. @Andrei-hl2fx Avatar

      @@scottishfanta i dont have to worry about that. i know imma die poor :))

    5. @alexbut384 Avatar

      Stai în București? :))

  18. @NikenCristine-lb2fj8hq2d Avatar

    Props for making an effort to say Dacia correctly and doing a pretty good job of it!

  19. @Aut0Race Avatar

    It’s basically a perfect solution for a city commute. You really don’t need nothing more than this, great way to save money as well.

    1. @kristaps4054 Avatar


  20. @user992.1 Avatar

    In Romania, till last year, the Romanian state offered a voucher in value of 10.000€ for electric vehicles. So people bought Dacia Spring for 7000€, which is a good price😁

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