Why I’m buying a Cybertruck!

The time has actually come for Mat to the most distinct lorry worldwide – the !

But is everything design over compound? Or does the Cybertruck stand as a fully-fledged pick-up that can take on all-electric rivals like the Rivian R1T & Ford F-150 Lightning?

Well, let's find out by taking a better look! When it pertains to the exterior style, there's no denying the Cybertruck is one of the most distinctive cars in the world! Sure some people grumble about spaces in the body panels and the straight edges, however there's no rejecting it appears like it's time-travelled back from the future. The stainless-steel panels make it very difficult, and the full-length light bars at the front and back just assist to make it stick out further.

Step inside and the interior is classic Tesla. Disallow some buttons on the guiding wheel whatever is controlled through the huge infotainment screen on the dash. This can be frustrating at times, but there's no denying this screen is very slick and really responsive. Otherwise, the build quality is quite solid, with soft-touch products throughout most of the cabin. There's even a little infotainment screen in the back, too!

When it pertains to efficiency, there are 3 editions of the Cybertruck you can buy. A single motor, double motor, and tai-motor 'Cyberbeast' edition! The latter edition can produce 845hp and 930Nm of torque, and all this costs simply $96,000! However naturally, this edition is likewise incredibly heavy, tipping the scales at 3,084 kg!

So what do you believe – have you discovered to like the looks? Or is it simply too much? Let us understand in the remarks!

00:00 Intro
00:42 Design
02:48 Rate
03:08 Interior
07:07 Rear seats
08:57 Boot
11:18 5 Annoying Things
13:15 5 Cool Things
17:22 Driving
22:29 Toughness
23:25 Performance
23:56 0-60mph & 1/4-mile
24:55 Windshield Wiper
25:24 Decision


76 responses to “Why I’m buying a Cybertruck!”

  1. @carwow Avatar

    Rate the Cybertruck out of 10!

    1. @stellaa1328 Avatar
    2. @Presto_001 Avatar

      Looks: 5/100, Performance: 90/100, Interior: 35/100, Range: 60/100, Reliability: ???/100, Durability: 95/100, Safety: ???/100 (after that brake test in a previous drag race), Overall: 40/100, though I this car may grow on me like BMW and their grills.

    3. @metintaskn4165 Avatar
  2. @tsireledzoprotect6389 Avatar

    The only car you can kick without worries Mat😂😂

    1. @bigduphusaj162 Avatar

      good one. I could crease every panel up on that as quick as any other car with work steelies on.

    2. @andrewfranklin4429 Avatar

      @@bigduphusaj162not sure if you could crease it even with steel caps as that is 3mm thick cold rolled 30x stainless steel, not the 1mm thin aluminium of other trucks.

    3. @fynkozari9271 Avatar

      Wouldnt matter if its ugly inside and out. Looking at unpleasant things is not easy.

    4. @ed808 Avatar

      @@bigduphusaj162 have you watched Hagerty’s video on the Cybertruck? He took a sledgehammer to it.

  3. @TheLeafyo Avatar

    Not having to worry about keeping the paint job pristine is surprisingly attractive quality.

    1. @recon1673 Avatar

      It’s all fun in games until you go into a car wash and scratch the crap out of the steel 😅

    2. @GurpsCheema Avatar

      @@recon1673 you can brush off the scratches with an abrasive sponge

    3. @DoctorFish10 Avatar

      Fingerprint magnet

    4. @ivecadit Avatar

      Yeah, but people will be kicking it every time you park it anywhere to see if they can dent it!

    5. @dsp4392 Avatar

      @@recon1673 TBF scratches on a painted mild steel car are only worrisome because they eventually lead to clearcoat failure and rust. When the material is fully exposed to start with you can proudly display those scratches like battle scars as they won’t affect the future integrity of the bodywork.

  4. @coinboing11 Avatar

    To be honest, the Cybertruck is kind of underrated and overrated at the same time. But it is pretty refreshing to see Mat’s videos on it!

    1. @ouethojlkjn Avatar

      I wonder if the load carrying figures quoted include the 200kg in the frunk?

    2. @typeterson8376 Avatar

      Tesla cars are so polarizing, at this point, I can really only listen to people that have equal number of criticisms as they do praise.

    3. @phermey Avatar

      @@typeterson8376 yep. A reviewer that is willing to lose subs because they were telling the truth, is a reviewer worth giving a sub.

  5. @Yash-ye1zq Avatar

    7/10 for car 10/10 for the guts to build it

    1. @whalegh6861 Avatar

      More like 0/10 on the car and 10/10 of building it

    2. @Multifireturtle Avatar

      ^this guy doesn’t understand engineering

    3. @ProXcaliber Avatar

      @@whalegh6861 Haters gonna hate.

    4. @handznet Avatar

      9/10 it looks cool, it is what everyone thought future cars will look like, watch any older Sci Fi movie…

    5. @truthandjustice6838 Avatar

      11/1 for production

  6. @1mban3zz Avatar

    I think this channel is becoming the new Top Gear show from the past. They’re the only guys doing crazy things with this new Cybertruck and I feel like watching the old naughty and silly Top Gear. It’s actually Fun, plus a comprehensive Car review. Always entertaining! 🙂

    1. @teodor4ik183 Avatar

      Not much companies can give you a new car and say “do what you want”😁. Also, in top gear cars mostly loose.

    2. @1mban3zz Avatar

      @@teodor4ik183 That’s what it is. that makes this channel more like Top Gear. Bottom line is Fun, Comprehensive car reviews. Plus exclusive car testing. Right?

    3. @searing7549 Avatar


    4. @d.s.2868 Avatar

      @searing7549 no

    5. @hollowtian6148 Avatar

      Hagerty is the new Top Gear, they focused more on the stories of cars instead of commercial advertisement.

  7. @earl1394 Avatar

    “Hey guys it’s made out of stainless steel, let’s kick it!”

    The reason I love this channel 🤣🤣🤣

    1. @stephenfurr8769 Avatar

      Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy) Crocodile Hunter….. listen or watch it. Come back to your comment. Haha

  8. @lemmontree1 Avatar

    Cybertruck is like a blank canvas. I can’t wait to see how people will mod it!

    1. @ESWAGG123 Avatar

      i’m curious if you can weld designs on it!😭

    2. @fletch9702 Avatar

      Thought you were going to say you can’t wait for Tesla to finish it.

  9. @AdamJ-nu6lx Avatar

    I like it a lot more after this video and seeing all the options

    It’s very practical, no more dents, no rust, no scratch, power for your tools and house, lots of space. I hope they have a camping tent for it

    1. @thefish5861 Avatar

      They do. It’s kind of pricey, though.

    2. @andreasyahoomail7956 Avatar

      The whole suspension set up is still gonna rust tho

    3. @smithcd Avatar

      Get into a fender bender and it’s RIP though

    4. @whowhy9023 Avatar

      @@andreasyahoomail7956Doubt it.
      Lots of aluminium alloy all over.

    5. @ericy.2108 Avatar

      @@thefish5861yeah $3,000 USD lol. I think third parties will make the same tent for cheaper.

  10. @bartwaggoner2000 Avatar

    I can’t get enough of people kicking the sh*t out of a vehicle and doing basically no damage.

    1. @-FederalBureauOfInvestigation Avatar

      not basically, litterally none. its funnyXD. i,d like to see this as a cop car

    2. @MathsYknow Avatar

      It would get annoying if you bought one and strangers kept trying to test the damage resistance. You come back to where you parked it to find a crowd of people hitting it with hammers, driving trolleys into it etc…

    3. @DataLog Avatar

      Yeah but cars today have thin panels because of pedestrians.

      This car will never be legal in the EU.

    4. @rafawartel7332 Avatar

      ​@@DataLoghard to say, rumours are that there is possibility. And you wrong about pedestrian safety as a reason. It’s about crumple zones. Frame is hard to design, and frame is shared between multiple models, and often generations. Panels have to be weak to not influence crumple zones. And OFC it’s also about price

    5. @rafawartel7332 Avatar

      ​@@-FederalBureauOfInvestigation I agree, it’s dream car for cops: durable, not damage from idling and slow driving like gas cars (large engines don’t like as much slow cruising), so can be not so often changed. Only requirement are fast chargers at police stations, fully charged during shift change. Range is sufficient, and even dual motor is powerfull enough. Not sure about bed,

  11. @cohent9983 Avatar

    as a cart pusher at a walmart if I saw mat doing this that woulda made my year

    1. @alexandru8097 Avatar

      LOL we have a professional cart pusher

    2. @cohent9983 Avatar

      @@alexandru8097 being 16 doesn’t leave a lot of job options

    3. @Iffy50 Avatar

      @@cohent9983 I was a cart attendant at Target when I was your age. Nothing wrong with that! Alex probably has a small one so he has to write stuff like that. If you saw a photo of him at his job you would probably think “Who cares what that person has to say?! ha ha”

    4. @NT-or9wh Avatar

      @@Iffy50Same. I always have respect for anyone making an honest living.

    5. @Zach.3246 Avatar

      @@alexandru8097Alex, that car in your profile picture doesn’t entitle you to belittle another person’s income

  12. @Shaqshaq_pov Avatar

    You have done more in this video then anybody with the cyber truck they trust you more than their own employees 🤣 Thanks for bringing us this great content.👏🏽👏🏽😎

  13. @Waiting_For_You_Lia Avatar

    No rear view when towing a trailer behind any vehicle. You just get used to using the side mirrors like a semi driver. And if you really need a better view, most of the time the rear camera will be clean enough to work. But yes, they should have a spritzer for all cameras. Could even be an auto spritzer that can detect level of opacity. Although with windshield washer fluid quantity being finite an on off feature for auto camera clean would be best.

    1. @Alessandro--- Avatar

      I’m also kind of wondering why the mirrors don’t automatically adjust to the pupils of the driver.

    2. @khanhdo7151 Avatar

      I’m sure they can do it but they probably put affordability first and then when costs come down they add new features. It’s happened before

    3. @doodler2d8 Avatar

      @@khanhdo7151 its already 30% more expensive lol

    4. @DQ-su6qf Avatar

      The screen can be put in rear view mode….

    5. @a-don13 Avatar

      @@khanhdo7151 the camera on the front bumper has a washer. the reason they didn’t put one on the back is because its so high up it doesn’t get dirty often

  14. @theidahoan1240 Avatar

    I’m not an huge fan of electric cars, but I’d definitely buy one of these, purely for the look.

  15. @user-og3cf1hc4t Avatar

    Keep the Cybertruck content coming! This is awesome!. The only car you can kick without worries Mat.

    1. @nyc863 Avatar

      its disappointing to see Matt selling out to whatever tesla has been throwing him. for a car that is not even available in europe.

  16. @berthogendoorn2133 Avatar

    Your Carwow reviews are so much more reliable as you all review anything that has wheels! Keep it up!

  17. @jakedeutscher Avatar

    I’m so conflicted, I love ICE vehicles but this is so proper, and the range is acceptable too. We will see how available they are in a year or two but I would much love to own one.

    1. @tigertoo01 Avatar

      It’s so weird to hear someone say the love ice vehicles these days.

    2. @baibureh8816 Avatar

      ​@@tigertoo01they look better and sound better than any EV cars.

      Ev cars are attractive to vegans and people who do hot yoga.

    3. @jakedeutscher Avatar

      @@tigertoo01 how is it weird? Internal combustion engines are works of art. I love my 4 bangers!

    4. @lrod8692 Avatar

      @@tigertoo01 I have a Model 3 and a Lightning and prefer to drive my Golf R on weekends. EV’s are great commuters, other than that meh

  18. @nickbull6603 Avatar

    Must admit I wasn’t that keen, and I’m still not in as much as it’s not something I’d want to own. But what it does do though, perhaps more than any other vehicle, is demonstrate just how superior the electric drivetrain is and how many advantages it has over the internal combustion engine. And for that reason alone I think it deserves massive respect.

  19. @miggylol Avatar

    For a not-for-work truck, this is actually a REALLY good deal. Will be less maintenance that any F150 (which I own) and still has everything you need for a non-work truck. Space and comfort with a bed at an actual competitive price

    1. @martinthe3rd664 Avatar

      What do you do for work that it can’t do?

  20. @DC_Cha_Cha_Cha Avatar

    Because it’s steer by wire, they could basically offer right hand drive kits that dealers can fit! That would be neat

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