Why BMW designers are geniuses!

We love it …






33 responses to “Why BMW designers are geniuses!”

  1. Thomas Avatar

    Suppliers have the ideas.

  2. Presto Avatar

    Please carwow can you review the 2022 Lamborghini Countach. Also, BMW may have clever ideas, but they have some very interesting design choices…
    That is all I will say.

  3. Presto Avatar

    Didn’t you guys do a short very similar to this and it got like 13 million views??? Just curious, are you guys able to do some behind the scenes shorts, that don’t relate to a past video?

    1. Lamborghini Fan Avatar
      Lamborghini Fan

      They reuploaded this for some free views

  4. Michael Lechte Avatar
    Michael Lechte

    If BMW are so smart why don’t they do like Volkswagen and Mercedes and have the camera pop out of the emblem and not get dirty at all?

    1. Matic Avatar

      @Hellafast Dude my dad drove various Mercedes models since I can remember. We never had issues with the camera not being clean.

    2. Lieutenant B. (Kakashi Sensei) Avatar
      Lieutenant B. (Kakashi Sensei)

      @MadDaCube genius!

    3. Toni C Avatar
      Toni C

      Because if the mechanism fails you can’t use the camera anymore in the mercedes, but in the bmw you still can. The bmw system is much better.

    4. Z K Avatar
      Z K

      @Toni C this is what the Toyota SA been telling their customers🤣

  5. Patrick Bateman Avatar
    Patrick Bateman

    Rather than putting a complicated mechanism behind the badge to clean the exposed camera, why dont just install the camera behind the badge like Mercedes?

    1. Matic Avatar

      @KDA unless the camera fails

    2. Matic Avatar

      @Toni C unless the camera breaks

    3. Giovanni Altamore Avatar
      Giovanni Altamore

      @A R total nonsense, you must be a Benz hater.

      I’ve had 4 BMWs (116i, 535i, 525d, 440i). Lovely cars to drive, but they all had small issues that cost a fortune to fix, never mind the big issues.

      In sharp contrast:

      I’ve had zero issues with my 5 MBs (C180 x2, C220d, C230, E250). The cameras on all my cars worked flawlessly. Most other equipment like the displays and autopilot is 10x better than BMW. Only minor niggle: MB navigation is a bit slow.

    4. Giovanni Altamore Avatar
      Giovanni Altamore

      @toungewizzard69 No, the MB cameras do *not* have an issue with ice or muck in the Alps. I drive mountain roads in France/Switzerland/Austria frequently, for 3+ weeks a year. I never ever need to clean those cameras.

    5. A R Avatar
      A R

      @Giovanni Altamore how old are you? Or does Mercedes pay ypu to argue with people over youtube? Grow the eff up. Embarrassing to say the least, the car brand doesn’t even know you exists

  6. JackOMG Avatar

    This is actually pretty dumb idea, look at VW Passat B8 what they did is smarter

  7. Murry Nathan Avatar
    Murry Nathan

    Arrived on its own bottom, it did!

  8. Markus Schuster Avatar
    Markus Schuster

    This is a nice Feature, but the Audi A4 has this washable rear camera already since 2015…

  9. Manu  Avatar

    And then your car looks like someone relieved himself on the BMW logo….

  10. P GR Avatar
    P GR

    I love BMWs especially when they are new and have a 3 year warranty. When they’re 10 years old then I hope you like looking at literal pages printed by the service department of everything broken on them that needs repair. Saying that BMW have been better than Mercedes and Audi the past few years according to consumer surveys.

  11. Mihai Sebastian Avatar
    Mihai Sebastian

    And VW thought of this one and a half decade ago, and make the logo move, so camera is always protected. And they are not even premium brand

  12. Mihai Manea Avatar
    Mihai Manea

    Wow, bmw has a future that was present on all vw cars in 2012. Or merc suv since the first glc.

  13. VΞЛФM Avatar

    Yeah They thought about the rear cam, but how they’ve forgotten the iconic f*cking damn GRILL 😩

    1. Toni C Avatar
      Toni C

      You kids just like to complain like crybabies. I’ve seen the new Bmws on the road and they are all absolutely gorgeous in person. Stop crying kids.

  14. less than bread Avatar
    less than bread

    Oh yes, I love having cleaning solution just sitting on my paint.

    1. F Webe Avatar
      F Webe

      So i assume you also don’t use your windshield sprayer to clean the windshield?

  15. Horst Tristan von Wittenbach Avatar
    Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

    I’m so proud of German engineering right now (😭😭😭) – it almost let’s me forget that the 7-Series is pitch-black and perfectly resembles the German national flag in combo with the golden and red rear lights… 🇩🇪 😀👍🏼

  16. Tribalsun Avatar

    Matt always make me laugh… he is a naughty 😜 man… 😆 🤣

  17. Michal Klucz Avatar
    Michal Klucz

    or you can just add a nozzle to the camera housing like Skoda and remove another expensive part that will be damaged by ice

  18. Pål-Roar Johannesen Avatar
    Pål-Roar Johannesen

    I still think just having the camera hidden behind the badge that flips out is a better solution.

  19. Tarek Zakkour Avatar
    Tarek Zakkour

    BMW: we wash the camera when it’s get dirty.
    Mercedes: our Cameras don’t even get dirty 😂

  20. Spasm975 Avatar

    Yeah, geniuses! putting reversing camera that high, so if you wash it once your whole rear is dirty (or more like, it has outstanding clean snot through the whole rear). Also, the trunk handle is sprayed as well 🤷‍♂️ it would be much better if reversing camera was above the registration plate.

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