Which SUV sounds best?


54 responses to “Which SUV sounds best?”

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  2. @user-fq2vl5px3x Avatar

    URUS ❤❤❤❤

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  4. @bojtek Avatar

    V12! 🙂

  5. @BuHuTy Avatar

    It was Ferrari vs Lamborghini

    1. @rolfknappmann Avatar

      And the Lamborghini won, but not by much. That V12 sounds really nice, too, no doubt

    2. @patriczi5824 Avatar

      Ferrari was better by far

    3. @gccarvalho Avatar

      ​@@rolfknappmannnever Urus sound better then Ferrari in this vídeo.

    4. @TCELEVEN-qz2hm Avatar

      For sure

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  7. @tyronewilson7890 Avatar

    Lamborghini by far

    1. @Warlock2212 Avatar

      Everyone saying its not the ferrari is a fangirl. Its like saying c63s e performance sounds better than rs5/m3. Its simply not true.

  8. @flyaroundyourfire Avatar

    I’m so glad that bikes don’t have soft limiters

    1. @CJ-hv6fe Avatar

      Fr tho

    2. @ytsux9259 Avatar

      Harleys should have sound restrictions.

    3. @entwnn6799 Avatar

      @@ytsux9259 no, why grandma?

    4. @famaccount479 Avatar

      @@ytsux9259why, does a HD hurts your snowflake feelings in the past?

  9. @stelladoroman Avatar

    #1 – Ferrari
    #2 – Lamborghini
    #3 – The remaining SUVs on the list can fight for this spot until they’re EXHAUSTED!!

    1. @M-n0751ng Avatar

      Is this a joke because if it is I get it😂

    2. @stelladoroman Avatar

      @@M-n0751ng 🤣🤣🤣
      Once EV takes over, there will be nothing new in the automotive industry left to enjoy a natural exhaust note!

    3. @anthonylepinski8290 Avatar

      Agreed on the first two. Just say the rest are a joke.

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    5. @holamilambo8228 Avatar

      I would say defender gets #3 but Ferrari and Lamborghini sound way better

  10. @imman7140 Avatar

    I love the deep growl of Porsche

    1. @TehNiCoLaS Avatar

      The porsche and lambo have the same engines

    2. @RWQFSFASXC_Bunny Avatar

      @@TehNiCoLaS but different exhaust

    3. @user-px5bh8zt7s Avatar

      What deep growl

  11. @initial_kd Avatar

    Ferrari was loud but the Lambo sounded a bit nicer to my ears, the BMW x6m wasn’t bad either. I don’t like only volune as some loud exhausts sound ratty af.

    1. @neildisley7779 Avatar

      The Beemer was the worst sounding of the bunch

    2. @famaccount479 Avatar

      ​@@neildisley7779I would say the second worst. Leader was the G63 vacuum cleaner.

    3. @neildisley7779 Avatar

      @@famaccount479 nah, the Beemer sounds like a 1 litre Micra.

    4. @famaccount479 Avatar

      @@neildisley7779 I agree, but that is still better than the Benz vacuum sound.

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  13. @magicair6021 Avatar

    A Ferrari, a Lamborghini and 3 vacuum cleaners

    1. @Bug4life Avatar

      A Ferrari and vacuum cleaners

    2. @-gc3zn Avatar

      Slow suvs are vaccum cleaners not the fast suvs you dumb guys 😂

    3. @ALMX5DP Avatar

      @@Bug4lifethis is the correct reply since the Lamborghini has an Audi engine.

    4. @ArifAlAmin0714 Avatar

      Lol 😂 ​@@ALMX5DP

    5. @techandunbox_ Avatar

      The DBX and porsche sound great

  14. @ronburden7451 Avatar

    Damn the amount of liquid coming out the exhaust of the defender I could cross the Sahara desert and make it 😂😂😂

    1. @tomakky1 Avatar

      christ I know, actually wondering wether it had just been washed. if thats petrol / diesel thats eye watering

    2. @Burningwhisky96 Avatar

      Soon there would be a river running in the sahara 😂😂

    3. @gullible119 Avatar

      Literally normal?

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    2. @Batyalas Avatar

      @@Robloxcargames yeah mb

  16. @alexdunphy4358 Avatar

    Ferrari – Urus – Defender… Rest of all RIP

  17. @kylesobe9346 Avatar

    They all need aftermarket exhaust systems to hear how they really sound

    1. @YabrakProds Avatar

      useless, they have rev limiters

    2. @kylesobe9346 Avatar

      @@YabrakProdsnot with a tune

  18. @willywillywillywillywilly Avatar

    Listen to how quickly the revs drop back down on that Ferrari.

  19. @randomeditsahh Avatar

    That lambo sound was edging me 🤤

  20. @QuantumS1ngularity Avatar

    This is basically like asking which massive animal fart sounds most exotic…

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