What do Supercar owners do for a living?!


27 responses to “What do Supercar owners do for a living?!”

  1. @AngelinaPatel19 Avatar

    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how many hours and work she put into this video?
    💜 @

  2. @OliviaLindse19 Avatar

    I like your professional approach to video creation. Simple and effective.‍❤️❤️‍ : 🦒

  3. @NicolleBooher Avatar

    This is amazing 🌺

  4. @2020TYBO Avatar


    1. @Max-hu1bz Avatar

      Mayo what?

    2. @ridhabenammar715 Avatar

      @@Max-hu1bz probably meant heir

    3. @2020TYBO Avatar


  5. @umirdacosta759 Avatar

    There are so many bots

  6. @airthrowDBT Avatar

    Remember when you get denied an insurance claim when you finally need it, that no bought that guy his ‘rarri 😂

  7. @drewscrivers5888 Avatar

    “Health care industry” = sells drugs or is a blood/body part broker.

  8. @murcielago6548 Avatar

    Bro has more confidence in asking people what they do for living then doing a durability test on a new cybertruck 😂

    1. @mhjunky4278 Avatar

      Nah cybertruck is tough wtf are on about

  9. @epicswirl Avatar

    I’m a swe but not at that level yet 😂

  10. @nileshdarunde Avatar

    What crime did you committed that so many booty pic spammers are in your shorts ?

  11. @coldmoonlight6361 Avatar

    “Healthcare industry” huh?
    ….. We see you.

  12. @WonderRL Avatar

    Dawg became daniel mac

  13. @festuspunky Avatar

    There’s where your healthcare dollars go…

  14. @phsychomonkey Avatar

    Bro is doing autopsies on aliens in area 51

  15. @JoeStill-un9gp Avatar

    Steal from the poor and keep it.

  16. @adrianstarr Avatar

    Crypto is the way. So many mega rich who dare to work it out

  17. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

    We need a Hyundai Getz day 363

  18. @fritsb8788 Avatar

    What supercar?? Just because Audi badged it as a Lambo doesn’t mean it’s a supercar….

    1. @mko7680 Avatar

      Ok you expert

    2. @hawkeye5043 Avatar

      Shut ur mouth Audis and lambos are completely different cars

  19. @CanonDIIV Avatar

    He got a sugar mama!!

  20. @OllieW501 Avatar

    Stealing Dan’s line Matt!

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