We think the new BMW M5 will look like THIS!






53 responses to “We think the new BMW M5 will look like THIS!”

  1. Darth Groot Avatar
    Darth Groot

    Wtf is BMW doing? Someone from Mercedes or Audi must be telling them that these designs look good

    1. Patrick Holensaber Avatar
      Patrick Holensaber

      BMW needs to start hiring some ex-Audi designers. Everything has been awful since 2022.

    2. MrSoiSauce Avatar

      @Patrick Holensabertbh, this is far from the worst offender. It actually looks fairly decent. Still prefer the previous gen tho. While this isn’t a bad design, the previous one is still FAR better

    3. Aris1956 Avatar

      Most likely in recent years, BMW has been asking the opinion of the competition instead of its customers. Or designers in recent years have a problem with alcohol.

    4. Kiwi Avatar

      It seems like BMW wants each gen to look completely different than older ones. You know, so if you buy a new m5 everyone knows its a new model. Even if its hideous. Cant blame them since thats what a lot of BMW drivers want

    5. MrSoiSauce Avatar

      @Kiwi that’s not the problem. The problem is that they’re not only very inconsistent with their design language, but also a bit static in their design as well, using more geometric shapes instead of the smoother lines we saw on the previous generation models. The only things tying these models together (or at least most of them) are the kidney grilles, the dual headlights and the rear taillight design. Other than that, these cars for the most part do not look related to each other whatsoever, plus they look static as I said earlier. They don’t have much motion to them in the design

  2. general kudzie Avatar
    general kudzie

    it’s the background music for me

    1. Hazey Avatar

      Biggie smalls he the m5 of rappers 🔥 🐐

  3. Eduard Dobroiu Avatar
    Eduard Dobroiu

    As long as it’s V8, actual M steering wheel with carbon and Touring version, I’m all down for it.

    1. Eduard Dobroiu Avatar
      Eduard Dobroiu

      @Wooyou bing chilling Exactly, when you’re driving the car, you don’t get to see the car from outside. And if someone else sees the car and doesn’t like the way it looks, just turn your head and thta’s it. Don’t need to make a fuss about it.

    2. rscosworthfan Avatar

      lets hope its not electric

    3. Operator_Hoodie Avatar

      I doubt they’ll give it a V8. Atm a straight-6 or V6 with a hybrid system seems more likely…

  4. Ashmik  Avatar

    It looks good ACCEPT THE FRONT

    1. riba2233 Avatar

      You mean except?

    2. EuGenius Avatar

      “Accept the Front” as in, this is how its going to be, stop complaining? Or did you mean “Except”. Because we did have to “Accept the front” on the new M3/M4s…

    3. burnzy3210 Avatar

      I do not accept the front!

  5. Steven Surgeon Avatar
    Steven Surgeon

    No thank you, they can keep it

    1. Chelsus Avatar


    2. MSAroDax Avatar

      What happened to the front!?

    3. Lewis Avatar

      That’s what we said about the last one; think it looks ace

    4. DaveLikesJDM Avatar

      ​@shreddedTwoPackonly thing i hate on it is the back tail lights

  6. Nice person Avatar
    Nice person

    The CapCut watermark tho ☠️☠️☠️

    1. Salty Avatar

      chill bro , hes old (joke)

    2. Toms Bondars Avatar
      Toms Bondars

      ​@Saltyhe, as in Matt? Carwow is a fucking massive company. I don’t think Matt personally edits these 😅

    3. Tito Chechene Avatar
      Tito Chechene

      Boring AF 😢😢😢😢

    4. Marc Etlon Avatar
      Marc Etlon

      Because its a hycaderendering

  7. Tam Masuku Avatar
    Tam Masuku

    the song says it all to get this M5 💯🔥🔥🔥

  8. Bitter30old'Gamer Avatar

    I think it’s time BMW updated their 90’s graphics card.

    1. blaze smooth Avatar
      blaze smooth

      What makes you say that

    2. Redmi Note 9 Avatar
      Redmi Note 9

      ​@blaze smoothit’s designed like old 3d video games with triangle textures

    3. Ralph P Avatar
      Ralph P

      That’s the new design language. Not changing soon unless customers don’t buy it.

  9. Arnold Avatar

    Way to destroy an entire car brand by screwing up the nose grill.

    1. blaze smooth Avatar
      blaze smooth

      Looks alright

    2. NK striker Avatar
      NK striker

      They should fix the grill

    3. FalconGamer58 Avatar

      ​@blaze smoothyou’re satisfied with “alright”??

    4. ivanr Avatar

      WYM?, Yall wanted normal size grilles, bmw gave the m5 normal size grilles and you are still not satisfied.
      It looks good imo.

    5. FalconGamer58 Avatar

      ​@ivanrit’s not just the grille

  10. Mark Renn Avatar
    Mark Renn

    Well, they finally managed to ruin the M5. Where the F*** did they come up with front end?

  11. Andrii Sirenko Avatar
    Andrii Sirenko

    BMW please fire those designers. They will find some work in China I’m sure.

    1. ßaron Avatar

      Chinese cars actually look good these days. They won’t want the downgrade.

    2. zeroeffort Avatar

      Looks not bad for me. I’m would be more concerned about mechanical part

  12. Connor O'Beirne Avatar
    Connor O’Beirne

    For all of you down in the comments saying “BMW fucked up” or “Fire those BMW designers”. THIS IS NOT BY BMW. This is a generated concept design by either carwow or another group/individual.

    1. Neo Mantlhasi Avatar
      Neo Mantlhasi

      Glad you cleared that up cause this thing is absolutely hideous

    2. ßaron Avatar

      It’ll look pretty much identical. A prototype leaked.

    3. fremue 93 Avatar
      fremue 93

      You are very optimistic if you think the actual car will look any better

  13. iplayeddsharpminor Avatar

    The Chinese have even more than TikTok to answer for

  14. Gabriel Casemiro Avatar
    Gabriel Casemiro


  15. TinyEyedPotato Avatar

    I’m loving the shift to old school boxy lines by BMW.

  16. Confuzd Avatar

    I recently rode the 2022 BMW M5 and it’s probably the best looking M5 and it will probably be keeping that position for ever , thank you BMW

  17. Joseph Marsh Avatar
    Joseph Marsh

    If it does look like this then perfectly fine. No fake exhausts hopefully and the grill won’t be too silly.

  18. Hillbilly Flipper Avatar
    Hillbilly Flipper

    I will say this looks SUPERB!!

  19. anti mine Avatar
    anti mine

    BMW doesn’t care about the looks they care about performance

  20. andy goodall Avatar
    andy goodall

    The face only a blind man could love

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