Volvo EX30 review – cheapest, quickest & BEST!

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… … … … … … … … … … … … … This is the all-new
! It's an all-new small electric SUV from the Swedish producers, and we think it may be among its finest releases in year! However what makes it so outstanding? Well for starters, let's have a look at the style. Being an all-electric cars and truck, there's no grille in advance, but the style still advises us of Volvos from the past. Along the side you'll find a sloping roofline together with bespoke alloy wheel designs that have the ability to help enhance performance. And after that around the rear there are some properly designed taillights that actually help offer the car a little personality. Step within and the is really well created. Almost all functionality is

housed in the main infotainment screen, which although can be annoying at times, has actually been done to help keep all circuitry in one place to assist enhance costs. There are soft touch materials throughout the majority of the automobile, and the seats are extremely comfy. When it pertains to efficiency, there are a couple of editions of the EX30 available.

The entry-level vehicle has a 49kWh battery pack and features a declared variety of 210 miles. There's then a bigger battery edition with two electric motors, with the range topper being the Performance design, which has a series of around 290 miles. And it's not just the series of the Performance design that we're interested in. The 2 motors integrate to produce 28hp and 543Nm of torque! This makes it among the most effective Volvos ever produced! So this mini loads a severe punch, and the price begins at just ₤ 34,000, increasing to only ₤ 44,000 for the top-of-the-range edition! Does this therefore make it one of the best Volvos ever? You'll require to stick with Mat and see for yourself! Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:28 Variety & Batteries 01:18 Interior Layout 03:54 Pilot Assist 05:41 Design 06:55 Lights
07:09 0-60mph 07:37 Cost
08:45 Country Road Driving 13:07 Interior decoration 15:16 Rear seats 17:05 Town Driving
20:28 Real-world Range 22:09 Single Motor RWD Edition 23:56 Boot 24:36 Single Motor Range 28:10 Verdict Smart # 1 review: Renault Megane E-Tech
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72 responses to “Volvo EX30 review – cheapest, quickest & BEST!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    What would you rate the EX30 out of 10?

    1. Matthew Norman Avatar
      Matthew Norman

      We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 325

    2. HotwheelsUser Avatar

      7/10, definetely a good reliable car.

    3. Matthew Norman Avatar
      Matthew Norman

      Please carwow please a generation drag race PLEASE PLEASE CARWOW

    4. mamin2849 Avatar


    5. Subhash Paturi Avatar
      Subhash Paturi

      Nein out of 10

  2. Billy G♛ Avatar
    Billy G♛

    Not having a proper cockpit with instrument dials right in front of you gotta be on of the stupidest ideas ever. Otherwise, great looking car as usual from Volvo, i just wished for higher range though.

    1. M. Rez. Avatar
      M. Rez.

      I cannot believe Volvo did it. I have driven Tesla and having information in front of you is essential IMO.

    2. A random user👍 Avatar
      A random user👍

      Tell that to Tesla

    3. Peter Avatar

      I wish it wasn’t made like a fancier Tesla. Just a lot of cost-cutting going on.

    4. Wolfgang Preier Avatar
      Wolfgang Preier

      Its one of the best ideas ever! Now lets leave those stalks in the bin of french oppulence.

    5. Morris Iriga Avatar
      Morris Iriga

      Cost savings marketed as minimalism

  3. Brooklyn. Explore my profile Avatar
    Brooklyn. Explore my profile

    Mad respect for your unwavering dedication to creating top-notch content

    1. ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ 👉 ᴏꜰꜰ_ᴄᴀʀᴡᴏᴡ Avatar
      ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ 👉 ᴏꜰꜰ_ᴄᴀʀᴡᴏᴡ

      *Lucky Winner 🎉*

    2. Tom Edward Avatar
      Tom Edward

      Brown noser

    3. caffeine is king Avatar
      caffeine is king

      I’d be pretty dedicated too if I was making bank

  4. hamed Kamali Avatar
    hamed Kamali

    The lack of instrument cluster, wing mirror adjusters etc is not for a minimalist cabin. That’s what they want you to think, it’s clever marketing. It’s cost saving. That’s why there isn’t a heads up display also. People are impressed by the screen in a Tesla – a screen is much cheaper than good quality buttons/dials. These cars look cheap.

    1. Ethan Ward Avatar
      Ethan Ward

      Well you have to remember how much the batteries cost to make and produce. To make them cheaper for the masses they gave to make cuts on things like that and having everything in the screen helps that. It’s unavoidable if regular ppl want to own one.

    2. Milind Dixit Avatar
      Milind Dixit

      I mean that is marketing’s job anyway to spin positives into a negative. But yeah – it is clearly cost cutting.

      Edit – I mean negatives into a positive 😂

    3. topperthehorse Avatar

      Couldn’t buy it with this terrible interior design.

    4. Robin Holmes Avatar
      Robin Holmes

      Electric is no good. Anyone who buys one will regret it.
      Dare you charge one in your internal garage? Or even close to your house?
      Could you sleep at night?

    5. P M Avatar
      P M

      I agree it’s cost cutting and minimalist isn’t for me.
      If the Volvo is so good that you can take your eyes off the road to play with the screen does that mean I can use my mobile phone!!!!

  5. Jakob Rydén Avatar
    Jakob Rydén

    Pulling out trying to sort out the menus etc is the most relatable thing in any car from the past 10 years.

    Buttons and dials desperately need a come back

    1. Wanderer Avatar

      I agree, but screens are cheaper. Hard fight to win

    2. Wolfgang Preier Avatar
      Wolfgang Preier

      You are just afraid of the future. I recommend Ford Cortina for your daily use.

    3. Mark Dutton Avatar
      Mark Dutton

      Or just do the right thing and adjust it before you pull out.

    4. Plot Avatar

      It should be regulated by governments at this point. It’s getting ridiculous and dangerous, same as using a phone to type a text while driving.

  6. MrZhampi Avatar

    I really like how you showed the lights in the dark! Noone does that. One thing i miss in lretty much wvery car review video from anyone is the headlight test in the dark. Like how far, wide, high the beams go, how well (or bar) the matrix loghts work when trying to blank parts of the beam for drives in front of the car etc…would be great if you could incorporate it in the videos!

    1. Chiker Avatar

      Teslabjørn frequently does these lights tests

    2. MrZhampi Avatar

      @Chiker good to know! Will check him out, thanks

  7. Hello there Avatar
    Hello there

    Just casually going 0-60 in 3.89 seconds… in the wet… in a Volvo… SUV.

    1. Armeanu' Avatar

      Calm down. It’s an overgrown Golf. Calling everything an SUV needs to stop.
      It is very cool though. Just not an SUV.

    2. Carlos Miguel Avatar
      Carlos Miguel

      Yep…almost as fast as a BMW M5 which does 3.4 seconds. In a Volvo…SUV…crazy!

    3. Kyron RC Avatar
      Kyron RC

      The wonders electricity makes hey

    4. Chakib Tsouli Avatar
      Chakib Tsouli

      SUV is marketing name for glorified sedan. Look at any SUV from any brand and you’ll se it’s got the same engine as its equivalent sedan, and it’ll also be very likely FWD. BUT, I might forgive that if the car was AWD, which it is in this case.

    5. Paul Avatar

      ​@Kyron RC It gets smoked by a Mini JCW around corners, a Lotus Elise or an Alpine A110. Straight line performance is for NOOBS.

  8. Adrian Vlad Mladin Avatar
    Adrian Vlad Mladin

    For an age when safety is number 1 priority, some of the new cars seem to do the exact opposite with the constant disappearance of physical buttons.

    1. Wolfgang Preier Avatar
      Wolfgang Preier

      physical buttons are not made for safety. Just the please your old mind.

    2. Richard Schultzberg Avatar
      Richard Schultzberg

      True, but most accidents don’t happen because you try to change your mirrors… People using phones while driving are well…

    3. J-Ding Avatar

      Not having a speedo in front of you is so offputting

    4. Wizzy No 1 Avatar
      Wizzy No 1

      ​@Wolfgang Preier change isn’t always good. Wheels are round for a reason

    5. Wolfgang Preier Avatar
      Wolfgang Preier

      @Wizzy No 1 why? Maybe 42 sided is better? If you stop developing you are already dead.

  9. Peter Avatar

    I have to say this: there comes a point where the technology gets in the way of the actual driving. Even the car recognised that Mat is getting super distracted. Just ridiculous. “Minimalism”, yeah, more like cutting corners.

    1. Jori Diculous Avatar
      Jori Diculous

      yeah. Notting wrong with having buttons for the normal things. Even a Citroën from the 70’s are more futuristic and safer than this “everything controlled from a centre screen”, with all the important controls on the steering wheel.

    2. Hans B Avatar
      Hans B

      what to expect from a chinese car?

    3. Bismay Parida Avatar
      Bismay Parida

      ​@Hans BChinese?

  10. Torresmo33 Avatar

    Don’t use your phone while driving.

    Unless your phone is a giant and obnoxious tablet in the middle of the cockpit and makes unavoidable for you to look at it and open a thousand different tabs and menus to simply adjust the A/C fan speed

    1. T Avatar

      And folk wonder why the number of accidents, and insurance costs are increasing!

    2. One Punch Avatar
      One Punch

      ​@TMy 2020 S60 also has AC controls on the center screen, along with everything else except the speedo and tac, and it’s not difficult to adjust, especially once you’ve done the initial setup and driven it a couple times to get familiar with their locations. I had a 6 hour drive a couple weeks ago and I adjusted the AC temp 2 times, once before I started the trip and again that evening when it started getting cooler. The average person isn’t adjusting it every 15-30 minutes but if you must, you just hit a button on the steering wheel and say “set temp to 70”. In reality, the center screen controls are a nothing burger but I don’t like the fact there’s no speedo directly in front of the driver.

    3. Mew Avatar

      Wont using Voice Control will solve 90% of the problem ?

    4. One Punch Avatar
      One Punch

      @Mew yes

  11. mavester Avatar

    I like that they’ve designed a system to tell you to look at the road…..when they’ve put everything you need to know on a screen that’s out of your eyeline. Genius.

    1. Rutu Kedar Bhagwat Avatar
      Rutu Kedar Bhagwat

      Their genius is frightening

    2. Dragon_Blue Avatar

      Profit over human life. To cut the cost, now they just place 1 screen and that is on the center console not on the dash. Copy pasting stupid software making the vehicle look techie instead of properly crafting it. Car prices keep increasing but the craftsmanship decreases every year. They don’t bother themselves to put proper dashboard to a 100k Mercedes S class but simple screen.

    3. Narinjas Avatar

      I hope, with the Off-Road/Cross-Country version, they will add the HUD on the top trim, and as an option for the lower trims. (We need a foldable sun/moon Roof cover matched with the interior material, but with reflective side to the sky for lower heat in the harsh summers we are getting now.)

    4. bishwatntl Avatar

      Maybe the designers don’t drive?

    5. Chris O'Grady Avatar
      Chris O’Grady

      It’s consumer’s and journalist’s fault, everybody thinks ugly screens are futuristic and don’t value bespoke switchgear and dials anymore, which is very sad. In 20 years time all these lumps will be buggy and useless, while a 20 year old TVR today is still beautiful inside

  12. Astrolopitekos Avatar

    Carwow with the best videos. From the intro to the swingers 😂 I wonder if EU regulations will force manufacturers to move info to the dash/headup display instead of a central big screen with a million menus

  13. NitramA Avatar

    I was very close to ordering one after going to the Open Day, but the concerns for me were 1/ Ride quality 2/ Range 3/ Insurance cost. Point 1 seems to have been addressed and at least I know what sort of range to expect but the remaining unknown is insurance. As yet it’s not listed (as far as I can see anyway).

    1. Chakib Tsouli Avatar
      Chakib Tsouli

      Insurance cost will be offset by the government rebates and tax exemptions. Where I live EVs and hybrids are exempt of tax.

    2. Crispy Avatar

      And the bizarre screen only interaction which looks downright dangerous to use!

    3. Crispy Avatar

      @Chakib Tsoulithe government tax breaks are all planned to be withdrawn no there are lots of people buying EVs. Plus the cost of electricity, even at home, has gone up considerably in the last few years and is only heading up.

    4. Christian D. Avatar
      Christian D.

      The “colors” they offer are really amazing /s

    5. NitramA Avatar

      @Chakib Tsouli in the uk insurance in general has gone up considerably, for EVs the increase is more than for ICEs. In fact there are reports that some insurance companies are starting to refuse to insure them. It seems EVs are easier to write off or cost considerably more to repair. I’m not against EVs as I would really like to buy one but this combined with huge depreciation it’s not making it an easy switch to make. And leasing is expensive too.

  14. Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting Avatar
    Air Rifles. Range and HFT Shooting

    It is probably best set the wing mirrors before you start driving LOL. I do agree the speedometer should be in direct line of sight, especially in an electric car where the engine noise doesn’t represent the speed you are going. I imagine the heads up display would be a thousand pound upgrade, but I find it invaluable in my Qashqai.

    1. razvanlex Avatar

      Doesn’t have head-up display even as an option. The speedometer is better placed than a normal car, it’s in the peripheral view because the tablet is higher on the dashboard. Normal speedometer it’s too low, it’s more dangerous than this, because you look down on it. Try for yourself. But a head-up display should be there like in a Smart #1 or #3 which are better cars in my opinion.

  15. Ray Emre TUFEKCI Avatar
    Ray Emre TUFEKCI

    I can’t combine the security aspect of Volvo and not having an instrument cluster or at least a head’s up display. I think it is somewhat dangerous.

  16. Nitenman Avatar

    Loved this review, I like it but it does seem like more of a gimmick than a car though and has a lot of safety issues in my mind which is contradictory to Volvo. I think some of the competition are better

  17. Mark Rodgers Avatar
    Mark Rodgers

    Great review! Thank you for spending time on really evaluating the suspension on different road surfaces! Few reviewers do that.

  18. JakeDrives Avatar

    I have a 2023 Volvo XC60. Moving everything into the screen and making it even more difficult to sort out than the Sensus cars has been mind numbingly irritating for me. Dimming screen brightness takes 34 layers of screen diving while driving 80mph on the highway in the dark. It’s maddening. I see they went even further with it here. I’m loving the EX30 in every way aside from that. I wish they’d dial it back on the streamlining a bit. Because, well.. Nobody cares but them. People want a usable car. Legacy Volvo buyers will hate this thing. I had a 2021 now a 2023 and I hate the differences just between those two. This has to stop. Sweet little car otherwise. I’m unsurprised by the awesome ride and beautiful interior. I do love my Volvo but this may well be my last.

  19. shauros92 Avatar

    I love when Mat comes to Spain cause you know he’s gonna roast literally everything he sees wherever he goes 🤣

  20. Ano Muumit Avatar
    Ano Muumit

    It seems more and more necessary for legislation to make mechanical switches mandatory for certain functions in a car e.g. the blinker and windscreen wipers in a stalk (where you can easily and quickly use them), adjusting mirrors etc. and of course to have the speedometer to be in front of the driver (like in a HUD or regular instrument cluster). This current penny pinching trend to put everything behind a screen is just objectively more unsafe.

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