Tuned NISMO GT-R v Tesla Plaid: DRAG RACE

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It's time for another gas v electric drag race!

We've revived the Tesla Design X Plaid, and it's going up against a !

So let's have a look at the stats. Normally the GT-R is powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 that can produce 600hp and 650Nm of torque. However, it's been tuned, and as an outcome, it can now produce an incredible 810hp and 890Nm of torque! This power is sent to all 4 wheels, and it suggestions the scales at 1,725 kg.

Then together with it we have the Tesla. It's powered by 3 electric motors, and these combine to produce 1,020 hp and 1,420 Nm of torque. However although it's up on power, it's likewise well up on weight compared to the GT-R, weighing in at 2,539 kg!

So the Tesla is a fair bit more effective, but it's likewise a lot much heavier! But will the weight distinction prove definitive? There's only one way to find out … LET'S RACE!

Thanks to everyone for providing us their vehicles:
– Tesla Design X:
– GT-R :


73 responses to “Tuned NISMO GT-R v Tesla Plaid: DRAG RACE”

  1. @joshuamcbride7673 Avatar

    I didn’t even hesitate to click on the Saturdays drag race!

    1. @SyedMYahya Avatar

      Today is Sunday not saturday?!!!

    2. @joshuamcbride7673 Avatar

      @@SyedMYahya it’s Saturday by me

    3. @jimmymcgoo8641 Avatar

      It’s Saturday ​@@SyedMYahya

    4. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      It definitely is Saturday.😅

    5. @justme307 Avatar

      Saturday in the USA.

  2. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @user-ff5me2gf3c Avatar

      🎉hello I wanna buy 1

    2. @Smzxe Avatar

      No i dont wanna sell my car for free 😢

    3. @samuelbenjamin3588 Avatar

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    4. @W204_C63.-AMG Avatar

      @@samuelbenjamin3588 we need the review

    5. @jacobrev6567 Avatar


  3. @Don-pk2uy Avatar

    The GTR weighs less than the new M2… that’s absolutely nuts

    1. @Raziel_91 Avatar

      The new M2 – my M2c was 1.5t :p

    2. @sanji663 Avatar

      The new M2 isn’t a *Real* m2 anymore

    3. @antecalic8881 Avatar

      That is actually crazy to think about haha

    4. @GodKing804 Avatar

      ​@sanji663 why’s that?

    5. @boostlee876 Avatar

      @@sanji663 have you driven one on a track or road course? If you don’t like the car just say that but All you internet guys that never sat in one think you’re more qualified than someone like Chris Harris to determine what a “real M car” is? It excels at what it’s meant to do and does it better than the models before it.

  4. @elowine Avatar

    Liked the GoPro rant at the end 😂

    1. @aravindradhakrishna8660 Avatar

      ​@@SavingSalvage What GoPro are you using? My GoPro 9 Black overheat easily when recording in 4K and 60fps. Thinking of trying an Insta360 or DJI in the future.

    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@SavingSalvagewell 75 percent still is a lot of battery.😅

    3. @dnvyl Avatar

      @@aravindradhakrishna8660 Both are solid choices. Insta360 is great in post-production because you have access to a lot of useful features. The quality of DJI is still better imo and I really like how premium DJI

    4. @HalfdeadRider Avatar

      @@SavingSalvage I remove the battery and use an external power bank

  5. @HKFIJIHK Avatar

    I already knew the gtr will lose. 🙁
    I remember seeing the MX Plaid with 6 people drag raving a 911 992 turbo s and winning. 😮

    1. @mikef1848 Avatar

      But the stock Turbo S on normal pavement runs 10.1?

    2. @HKFIJIHK Avatar

      @@mikef1848 possibly better driver or downhill. A lot of factors. Nonetheless a fully loaded MX plaid can keep up. In the end I’ll take the 911.

    3. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@HKFIJIHKPorsche 959 is just as good as 911 Turbo S.

    4. @SampleTracks2224 Avatar

      ​@@HKFIJIHKin a straight line, and as long as no stopping required. You can take the car out of America…

    5. @JUFFAIR101 Avatar

      @@HKFIJIHKthe 911 was stock and GTR was tuned , tune the Turbo S and it will beat it stock 911 quarter mile 10.1 – 10.3
      Stock GTR nismo 10.8 – 11.0

  6. @fivespeed3026 Avatar

    When he said 800 hp, I said “that’s not enough”.

    1. @sonicstep Avatar

      Yep! Would need 1250hp.

    2. @TheArSeNaL3000 Avatar

      @@sonicstepdon’t be so stupid, they had a Nissan GTR beat an SF90 and ran a time of 9.5 and with only 1000hp

    3. @christohees9150 Avatar

      Lol a 750hp BMW M3 does 9.9 seconds in a 1/4 mile

    4. @veridico84 Avatar

      ​@@christohees9150BMW hp = 1.3 normal hp.

    5. @TheArSeNaL3000 Avatar

      @@christohees9150 yep… this nismo isnt 800hp with a time of 10.6s it just can’t be

  7. @TaylorStylez Avatar

    As soon as I see GTR in title it’s always worth a watch 🤯🙌🏽

    1. @lukeellis8208 Avatar

      Yet gets smashed by a granny SUV LMAO 10 yrs time EVs will dominate

    2. @b.e.8845 Avatar

      ​@@lukeellis8208 ok EV cheerleader

    3. @i8yourDog Avatar

      @@lukeellis8208 In 10 years 90% of those produced today will be in a scrapyard because lithium ion battery replacement will cost more than the rest of the car. Also a granny SUV with over 1000 horsepower is still a SUV with 1000 horsepower.

    4. @camjam3906 Avatar

      10 years time all the batteries will be fucked and people will have moved on to hydrogen you clown. @@lukeellis8208

    5. @pixelic409 Avatar

      @@i8yourDog In 10 years, almost 100% of EVs will get more advanced, most likely including batteries that don’t cost a lot and last more than 50 years, how would we know now tho?

  8. @bwalechola4193 Avatar

    Props to the editor during the quiz 😂 that was hilarious.

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      Hilarious yet very epic.😂

    2. @racecarrik Avatar

      I was dying 😂💀

  9. @stubones Avatar

    The GTR sounded like its clutch was regretting its life choices.

    1. @chrishart8548 Avatar

      Probably was. You so get to a point where an AUTO and a manual can’t handle the power. I think that’s the main reason electric is so good.

    2. @CyAn-S Avatar

      Typical nonsensical tuned car. Stock is always best.

    3. @stubones Avatar

      @@chrishart8548Well, you can uprate the drive train, but then you’re adding serious cost. If you’re going to do it, do it properly.

    4. @dickybird6916 Avatar

      ​@@chrishart8548tell that to teslas half shafts eating themselves.

    5. @chrishart8548 Avatar

      @@dickybird6916 I never even heard of that.!

  10. @ethan999oz Avatar

    Model X for the weekdays and GT-R for the weekends. Purrfect!

  11. @N4CR5 Avatar

    Those MX Plaids still feel quick rolling from 60mph/100kmh with people in them, they are insane. Nothing like them on the road.

    1. @ayushmalpeddi2793 Avatar

      The reason is because if you look at the torque/hp curve versus speed, the Model X/S only give the full 1000hp+ after you go past 60-70mph. Below those speeds the Model S/X plaid have limited power.

      In other words, it is possible to generate a higher g-force accelerating from 60mph instead of 0mph in certain conditions which is wild.

  12. @Za90_ Avatar

    Thank you for putting the speedometers on the rolling race!! Wish they were on every race

  13. @unfundedtony4814 Avatar

    Bruh this was uploaded an hour ago which was 2am for me, early I love it I get to watch this before I get to work 😭🙌🏽

  14. @dominolehmann8227 Avatar

    09:50 next time use track mode 🙂
    still loved my gtr 2014 with ecutek and more

  15. @edsmith4821 Avatar

    Never ceases to amaze !! what electric cars have achieved with torque figures has defied logic
    There is no way a car that looks like a bus should beat a genuine supercar. Watching technological advances with every passing decade is a treat

    1. @SampleTracks2224 Avatar

      But it doesn’t – or rather it does, but in two metrics only – straight line acceleration with a battery charge of more than 50%, and interior space. If a Model X tried to keep up on a track or even a long, winding road, all its occupants would lose their lives.

    2. @edsmith4821 Avatar

      @@SampleTracks2224 yes i agree Nurbrgring would be a real test i bet it would be good there too

    3. @lukas_ls Avatar

      @@SampleTracks2224That could be improved though. A tuned Model S currently holds the EV record on laguna seca and even beat the McLaren Senna.
      They’re built for comfort not for race tracks. But if you add better brakes, better suspension, tires and an aero kit they’re surprisingly agile (due to the low center of gravirty.

    4. @thundrune1554 Avatar

      @@lukas_lsanyone who knows anything at all about racing knows the key metric is weight. Power is easy.

    5. @lukas_ls Avatar

      @@thundrune1554 no, not really. Weight is important but not the most import factor.

  16. @ehudk215 Avatar

    I own a Model X plaid, and it’s amazing. Handles pretty well too.
    Hard to beat the practicality, speed and costs of ownership.

    1. @hardywoodaway9912 Avatar

      sure, but to be fair. the depreciation will be high

    2. @Mathias_21 Avatar

      Okay, but it’s electric tho. L

    3. @conor7154 Avatar

      @@Mathias_21”1 comment on this channel.” You probably drive a Honda civic. Some 30 horsepower fail wheel drive car.

    4. @Mathias_21 Avatar

      @@conor7154 Not electric tho 🤷🏼‍♂️

    5. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      ​@@Mathias_21EV ruined the engine sounds of these cars.

  17. @filipramljak4326 Avatar

    Nick is the best, I swear. I start watching this channel for u Matt, and will carry on, but every time Nick is in the video, the vido gets 10x times more interesting and funny. Keep that perfect work fro us car lovers her 😀

    1. @mindevo Avatar

      😏😒🤨funnier? Than Sam? Yianni? OG? Now you are trying too hard

  18. @otshepengmolefe5041 Avatar

    I loved how perfect Matt’s launch was on the second drag race..ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!🤯

  19. @zacharywilkins7915 Avatar

    Matt needed to use the rolling boost/anti-lag on the R35. Would have helped in the rolling race for sure.

  20. @mungus8064 Avatar

    Nick’s washing machine puns were on point

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