Toyota GR Land Cruiser REVIEW!

This is the brand-new Toyota !

It's a definitely gigantic 7-seater, and is the first brand-new to be released in 16 years! So has it been worth the wait?

Well when it concerns the design, it's unmistakably a , with its broad body and substantial grille in advance. This GR Sport edition also features a few upgrades over the standard edition, with sporty front & rear bumpers combined with special alloys and GR badging both outside and in.

Step inside, and the interior is really 'Toyota'. It's absolutely nothing outlandish, not awful – it's all pretty safe. You get a number of physical buttons throughout the dash, and you'll discover good-quality products throughout the majority of the cabin. The construct quality is remarkable, and it comes with a touchscreen infotainment screen on the dash. Regrettably, however, the system isn't all that excellent. However fortunately you get Apple CarPlay and Android Vehicle as standard.

Just three engines are available, with the range-topper being a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 that produces 415hp.

The Land Cruiser range starts from simply over ₤ 52,000, increasing all the method up to around ₤ 89,000 for this GR Sport edition. However there's one huge catch … We're not getting it in the UK! The concern is, if it were on sale here, would you choose it? Or would you choose a different 7-seater? Let us understand in the remarks!

00:00 Intro
00:26 Style
01:47 Interior
04:24 Rear seats
07:02 Boot
08:10 5 Annoying Things
09:01 5 Advantages
09:55 Engines
10:16 Driving
13:18 0-60mph
14:03 Verdict

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67 responses to “Toyota GR Land Cruiser REVIEW!”

  1. Just a YouTube Commenter Avatar
    Just a YouTube Commenter

    Finally, one of my favorite 4wd’s being reviewed by Mat Watson. Looking forward to an off road battle against a Land Rover Defender V8!!!

    1. disarchitected Avatar

      @Jups Its amazing people don’t really get this. Land Rovers and Range Rovers are luxury road biased cars first and foremost with added off road ability. More SUV than off roader. Long gone are the days when they made real workhorses.

    2. yousef yoyo Avatar
      yousef yoyo

      @Purwanti Allan *Trackhawk has entered the chat*

    3. Like a bantha Avatar
      Like a bantha

      @PneumaticFrogit wouldn’t have off-road tires because the defender also definitely wouldn’t

    4. Dehren Avatar

      Spam bot?

  2. Lee Grant Avatar
    Lee Grant

    I have to say I like this so Toyota it’s like they’ve almost gone back in time for the side panels and the back obviously the front looks brand new I have to say it looks really nice

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      This car looked hot but wild.

  3. Jo Isaacs Avatar
    Jo Isaacs

    Now we need an off road rematch between this and the Range Rover.

    1. Free From Bias Avatar
      Free From Bias

      @disarchitected But is there anyone who brings their land rovern for offroading? Whereas land cruisers are always available in almost all fields, both in urban areas, where offroaders are, military vehicles + bodyguards and even used for mining vehicles. After all, offroading using monoque is not suitable plus that land rover is known to not last long even carwow and so power says that land rover considered unreliable car/brand, using air suspension is also too risky to drive in extreme places

    2. Paco Avatar

      @LandRover5 Relax fanboi
      The LC will outlast the LR a million times

    3. Jesus cuzz Avatar
      Jesus cuzz

      ​@LandRover5 Pipe down.



      Compare a the Landcruiser to a posch boys toy 🤦🏿‍♂️

    4. EINS Avatar

      @Free From Bias fk that I still won’t pay that much for a Land Cruiser. If it takes years I’ll go for a different truck , SUV .

    5. Lunamaria Avatar

      Nobody uses Range Rovers in the Aussie bush. Everyone uses Land Cruisers in the bush lol. I have a Range Rover. They are great road cars, but not meant for anything more than that. No YouTuber can afford the repair bill of the Range, after such a off road “test”.


  4. ZAIAZ TV Avatar

    Here in Sabah, Malaysia we have lots of Land Cruiser. From the 1st generation until the current. We call them Ninja, Ninja King, Super King. The latest model maybe we can call it GR super King Kong 😅🤣

    1. Jonathan Ng Avatar
      Jonathan Ng

      @tiadaid it is in the south Malaysia, currently own a Honda City I’d smoke any Land cruisers

    2. Jonathan Ng Avatar
      Jonathan Ng

      @Dharnesh Shanker City > Myvi

    3. Selectively Neutral Avatar
      Selectively Neutral

      @tiadaid It’s not sold by the official dealer, they’re brought in by parallel importers and are very very popular, especially here in Sabah, Malaysia. My office is very near to a parallel importer and there’s 4-5 units of the 300 series parked at their yard. Pricey though, I think the prices are upwards of RM650k at least~

    4. Selectively Neutral Avatar
      Selectively Neutral

      We love our landcruisers. I am still waiting for the new nickname to the 300 series, super king plus? hyper king? let’s see which nickname we Sabahan will settle with!

    5. Martin McDonald Avatar
      Martin McDonald

      @k3nobi The Land Cruiser Amazon is the big one and The Land Cruiser Prado is the smaller one here in Ireland.

  5. Dwarden Avatar

    Absolutely love this thing. It would be pretty hard to choose between this or an old school landcruiser

    1. stef Avatar

      If you want to go off-road a lot (I’m not talking about European forests), then don’t buy this one and get an old one instead. They’re far more reliable. Toyota has to deal with modern laws just as any other manufacturer, which makes engines far more complicated = less reliable.

    2. It'snot Funny Avatar
      It’snot Funny

      choose the 200 series, this one burns engine oil.
      P.S. Toyota technician here.

    3. twopack shaker Avatar
      twopack shaker

      Land Cruiser 200 with the 5.7L V8 is the best land cruiser

    4. TDVL Production Avatar
      TDVL Production

      @It’snot Funny sure

    5. MrAlla0222 Avatar

      @Purwanti Allan You dont get a Land Cruiser for speed. This is an actual everyday offroader that wont break down. That aside its a fast as fk.

  6. Just a YouTube Commenter Avatar
    Just a YouTube Commenter

    From an Aston Martin Valkyrie to now a LC 300 Series Gr-Sport. 2 totally different but awesome reviews.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yes. All of them are 10/10 reviews.

    2. Derpy Avatar

      Because he’s in the Middle East brother

  7. SP Avatar

    It’s bigger than some living rooms I have seen. And it’s turbocharged. What a time to be alive

    1. piuthemagicman Avatar

      When I was a kid, if I was asked what kind of a house I want I would’ve most probably said “TURBO LIVINGROOM”

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @piuthemagicman well the turbo livingroom seem legit for that.

    3. IForgotMeShoes Avatar

      What new car isnt turbocharged?

    4. Kenan Turkiye Avatar
      Kenan Turkiye

      When I was at uni, visiting one of my student friends rental house, we found a snail on his couch that crawled in from the window.
      So, many lounges with turbocharges out there.

    5. pinkbono Avatar

      @IForgotMeShoes the Lexus RX 450h 2022 has a V6 naturally aspired.

  8. Matt Lord Avatar
    Matt Lord

    What a gig.. Reading out the brochure, while also being able to point out something you’ve just go tot laugh at, drive it, and recommended it or not.
    Old school GOLD.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Agree man.

  9. Blue Gang Avatar
    Blue Gang

    Would love to see an off road match between this and range rover!

    1. Stephen Osinde Avatar
      Stephen Osinde

      A range is more despicable 😢you ought to know

    2. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      @Stephen Osinde what about a match up between Land Cruiser GR SPORT vs FIAT Coupe Turbo Plus?

    3. Stephen Osinde Avatar
      Stephen Osinde

      @Purwanti Allan I think both are just epic . wouldn’t take sides

  10. Blue Gang Avatar
    Blue Gang

    One of the best 4wd being revied by Mat. Would love to see this against range rover in an off road battle

    1. hassy g Avatar
      hassy g

      love to see it against german crap like x5

    2. Zot Y Avatar
      Zot Y

      Do a test on a 10 year old cruiser and a 10 year old Range Rover .

    3. Rishi Avatar

      @Zot Y already done ✅

    4. Blevziッ Avatar

      @Just a YouTube Commenter  There is something called Nissan patrol in the Middle East and its better than land cruiser

    5. Kenan Turkiye Avatar
      Kenan Turkiye

      Umm, what’s a ”Range Rover” ?

  11. hagai ohayon Avatar
    hagai ohayon

    The iconic land cruiser 😍

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Land Cruiser GR SPORT has 336bhp.

  12. wilbeugre Avatar

    The fuel cover thing isn’t so annoying if you consider that, in some countries, bad intentioned people will try to steal fuel from your tank (and the LC has a big one)
    Great video as always 😊

    1. Dhanu _45 Avatar
      Dhanu _45

      they can put stuff like sand to mess up the engine too. better to be safe

    2. Afraz Hussain Avatar
      Afraz Hussain

      Yep pretty much all cars in Pakistan have the opening of the fuel tank inside as well as boot opening inside. The fuel thing also makes sense because you don’t actually fill your own fuel there they do it for you so it’s not an inconvenience

    3. K-Peezy Avatar

      Or you consider stuff like a VW that’s 20yrs old requires you do the same fuel cap release.

    4. T100Uk Avatar

      The push ins lock when the car is locked.

  13. Karim Sadredini Avatar
    Karim Sadredini

    This beast is so cool. Future collector’s choice. Love it Mat.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan


    2. Joseph Gittos Avatar
      Joseph Gittos

      So cool it’s effing ugly it looks dated already

  14. S85B50 Engine Avatar
    S85B50 Engine

    11:55 an FJ Cruiser casually driving by, that’s so cool

    1. Khalid Avatar

      they are still being sold in the middle east because its so popular

    2. sidheeque Avatar

      FJ is still in sales in Dubai

    3. JonFarah Avatar

      Quite normal. I see Nissan patrol safaris and Land Cruiser J70s on the roads as they’re sold as new in uae

  15. Ric Ky Avatar
    Ric Ky

    About the separately locking fuel cover door on 8:36 Toyota probably did that to prevent fuel cap theft & fuel theft by siphoning when the doors are unlocked so it’s only accessible when the driver unlocks it at a petrol / gas station.
    Yes, it happens.

    1. 9Joker98 Avatar

      No in uae or Middle East country’s there are people working on petrol stations to fill your car up like u don’t need to get out of the car

  16. Gé Bé Avatar
    Gé Bé

    The new third row is a cool improvement compared to the previous “side folding” seats that were a pain to remove and took lots of space in the luggage area.

  17. Micah Victor Avatar
    Micah Victor

    Nobody knows how I eagerly waited for Matt to review this car

  18. Martin Hutchinson Avatar
    Martin Hutchinson

    I love the quirkiness of this, if I was looking for a 7 seater SUV and had that sort of cash then it would definitely be on my list of choices!

  19. Will Ornburg Avatar
    Will Ornburg

    Proud owner of a 2017 Land Cruiser and I have to say one of my biggest annoyances is that footwell lever to open the fuel cover!! Having the hood release lever right next to it has had me running circles around the car pulling levers and closing things to just gas up 😅 surprised they kept that for the 300 series. What a beautiful machine though! Wish we could get the GR in the states! Such a great review as always Matt!

  20. Raj V18 Avatar
    Raj V18

    Really surprised and happy to see Mat reviewing cars over here in UAE. It would be really amazing if Mat’s reviewing vehicles over here. Have been watching this channel for 2 years from Dubai. Need someone like you in UAE.

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