This man must be stopped!






23 responses to “This man must be stopped!”

  1. sanda ngcobo Avatar
    sanda ngcobo

    I wish i could say this with a South African language, now you wont understand

  2. Captain Snekk Avatar
    Captain Snekk


  3. Bailey Marks Avatar
    Bailey Marks

    “Watch your Baby “ 😂😂

    1. AP Avatar

      😂😂saved the best for last

    2. Bailey Marks Avatar
      Bailey Marks

      @AP Literally though it caught me out 🤣🤣

  4. PeanutButter&Jelly Avatar

    “Lewis does like to be blown.” You know that Matt, don’t you?

  5. lukeslayer Avatar

    I’m carwow and thank you for watching Mat Watson

  6. Largeone1968 Avatar

    It’s worrying how many people don’t know what a reach around is 😮
    Matt is full of subtle double entendres which don’t offend the innocent. 🤣

  7. A B Avatar
    A B

    I remember my first time seeing a video of Matt and it was like “wth is this guy doing” .. now loving it and him, keep it up.

  8. BraD Morrison Avatar
    BraD Morrison

    This is why we love Matt!!!

  9. Aloniab Asmerom Avatar
    Aloniab Asmerom

    We will never have car reviews like the ones of Car Watson

  10. Simon Long Avatar
    Simon Long

    The bare back analogy used a few years ago (not in this video) was the best (and surprising) comment I’ve ever heard Matt say 😱😱😱

  11. Prosper Potera Avatar
    Prosper Potera

    The best car reviewer😂🙌

  12. MrDjsmooth87 Avatar

    He must have one HELL of a contract 😂

  13. Adrian Locker Avatar
    Adrian Locker

    It’s a right place right time thing, hed struggle to stack shelves in Tesco 🙄

  14. James Passanante Avatar
    James Passanante

    Love the Carwow guy! How do you not!! LSD…hahahhah. he’s a trip!

  15. DentRIX Avatar

    Literally one of the best car reviewers ever

    1. Feminism Avatar

      Not best

  16. Mark Casey Avatar
    Mark Casey

    Legend, way better than any other car reporter or video maker. Guys a genius

  17. Ezekiel Ramtano Avatar
    Ezekiel Ramtano

    The best reaction 😂😂❤️

  18. Philippe STRICKLER Avatar
    Philippe STRICKLER

    Awesome. Thank you MAT.

  19. P Y Avatar
    P Y

    Honest reviews. Matt’s reviews are the best!

  20. Hypergram Avatar

    The amount of carwow videos I would want to send to my folks, but can’t because of Matt’s dirty mouth 🤣

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