This Lexus LFA button placement SUCKS!

Why are they concealing it?!





29 responses to “This Lexus LFA button placement SUCKS!”

  1. かしらもじD Avatar


    1. Conor Avatar


  2. Lovepreet Aujla Avatar
    Lovepreet Aujla

    That’s what we call a “last minute addition”

    1. Antonio Hagopian Avatar
      Antonio Hagopian

      No it’s so that you can see the spoiler when adjusting it to your exact liking.

    2. Lovepreet Aujla Avatar
      Lovepreet Aujla

      @Antonio Hagopian yes, but I’m talking about the button placement itself. Not the button.

    3. AlvaroQN Avatar

      ​@Lovepreet AujlaI meam if it was inside by the dashboard you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the height of the spoiler as well as in this video. I think it’s intended but it is kinda weird haha

  3. Gaurav Rana Avatar
    Gaurav Rana

    Dude that’s amazing 😅

  4. Joyop Avatar

    We want a drag race with The LFA !!!🔥🔥🔥

    1. luke S Avatar
      luke S

      They already did one against the lc500

    2. Sufian Shahid Avatar
      Sufian Shahid

      ​@luke S like 3-4 years ago…

    3. Grom Avatar

      Nah, we need a whole review of the lfa!

  5. Don’tJabonMe233 Avatar

    Thanks for pointing this out, I was on the fence about getting one, but this is a deal breaker for me, I’ll have to go with a Corolla now

    1. M. E. T Avatar
      M. E. T


  6. The Unambiguous Avatar
    The Unambiguous

    Little bit like the G-spot, only a few can find it

    1. Tax man Avatar
      Tax man

      Aight ☠️💀

  7. A K Avatar
    A K

    If you surgically remove your shoulder blade, you should have no problem contorting your body so you can click that while in the drivers seat

    1. Grom Avatar

      I think that’s what they exactly had in mind for the driver

  8. DragonDaddiDev Avatar

    I know matt is young but Wait when did matt have lady hands and nails 🤔🤔

  9. Jon Burnell Avatar
    Jon Burnell

    Isn’t that button just to override the auto raise so you can reach top speed in a straight line only. You leave it alone if you want to go around a corner.

  10. Brian Rand Avatar
    Brian Rand

    It’s amazing most LFAs for years sat in lexus showrooms at 400k u couldn’t get rid of them. Now their a mill at auction!

  11. Mctoastyham Avatar

    If this is you’re complaint I will gladly take this piece of crap off you’re hands 🙂

  12. rXDm Avatar

    I love this car😢

  13. Ru Be Avatar
    Ru Be

    Its called afterthought. 😂. Thats toyota quality for you.

  14. Gabriele Fusto Avatar
    Gabriele Fusto

    That’s dope!

  15. Wai Lee Avatar
    Wai Lee

    It’s the best sounding road ever that itself makes up for all the faults

  16. Taylor Avatar

    There’s an LFA coming soooon? ❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Conor Avatar

    That’s one of my top 3 cars and I didn’t know that. Apparently it’s been too long since I’ve seen Doug’s review of it lmao

  18. Philip S Avatar
    Philip S

    Its placed there for people that want to be able to watch the wing go up and down

  19. farek Avatar

    Great! I’ll have to try this on my definitely “real” LFA.

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