This is when in-car tech peaked…






26 responses to “This is when in-car tech peaked…”

  1. Sazingaye Rampa Avatar
    Sazingaye Rampa

    BMW has never disappointed when it comes to tech and innovation that lasts
    Compared to many car companies that always come up with GADGETBAHNS like Mercedes with all their flimsy concepts🙌🏾

  2. summ.err404 Avatar

    Looks straight out of a James Bond movie

    1. jaymum23 Avatar

      But it was the E38 that actually made it into a Bond film, not the poorly implemented and unreliable E65.

  3. FaDookieAP Avatar

    the trapmobile forsureee😂😂😂

  4. Senna Avatar

    Matt is watching Nico 😄 god tier

  5. Calum Cruickshank Avatar
    Calum Cruickshank

    BMW’s in-car tech is on another level

    1. CG TV Avatar
      CG TV

      Correction, was on another level

    2. Calum Cruickshank Avatar
      Calum Cruickshank

      @CGCTV  yeah, I guess you could say that

    3. CG TV Avatar
      CG TV

      @CalumCrui752  i havent seen any innovation from BMW interiors in a long while

    4. theKuɴ Avatar

      have you seen the mercedes cars from the 90s?

    5. Pham Hieu Avatar
      Pham Hieu

      ​@theKuɴso true

  6. Need4Speed Avatar

    Nokia is jealous that their phone didn’t make it.

  7. Christian Menendez Avatar
    Christian Menendez

    Those platic noises are like nails on a chalkboard lols

  8. Benito Bodtländer Avatar
    Benito Bodtländer

    My grandfather had this gen of 7 series. I absolutely loved to play with all that tech as a kid

  9. JD Avatar

    Surprised it all works😂

  10. Cynical Bastard Avatar
    Cynical Bastard

    So much cooler than Bluetooh. Makes you feel like Gordon Gekko.

  11. Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher Avatar
    Jérôme Lévesque-Boucher

    That electrical white noise at the start. I suddenly have electric problems Vietnam flashbacks from my old Beemer…

  12. JPspin Avatar

    I remember when this stuff debuted at the auto shows thinking it was an expensive gimick.

  13. yeahitskimmel Avatar

    The fuse in the cup holder says it all

  14. AllYouNeed Avatar

    Old Mercedes left the Chat…

  15. Yaman Eligül Avatar
    Yaman Eligül

    Works fine only for first 50k miles

  16. Deathignator Avatar

    Had this car for 4 years, that was a party trick for sure.

  17. Tyler Durden Avatar
    Tyler Durden

    This is the kind of stuff that that car manufacturers used to do that were so unbelievably cool

  18. Jasen Thomas Avatar
    Jasen Thomas

    I remember my Dad’s 92 Maxima also having a phone. I thought it was the coolest feature growing up.

  19. Ian Lloyd Avatar
    Ian Lloyd

    Ahhh my 7 series.. loved her😢

  20. Philippe STRICKLER Avatar
    Philippe STRICKLER

    In 2000, we already know the way to built nice cars.

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