This is the WORST thing about a Porsche…






46 responses to “This is the WORST thing about a Porsche…”

  1. Dennis Sauer Avatar
    Dennis Sauer

    That’s the new nvidia gtx 4090 in a Porsche?

    1. Preston P. Avatar
      Preston P.

      Yeah, it also comes with 2 HDMI ports at the back (the tailpipes). At a cost, though, as it is a Porsche 😉

    2. SMIK25 Avatar

      Nvidia become so expensive that instead of just a box they wrap them in a Porsche now

  2. The Awesome Man Avatar
    The Awesome Man

    you know YouTube’s drunk when it says there are 2 comments and when you click the comments section it says there are “no comments yet”

    1. Emil Avatar

      literally no one cares tho

    2. Ajay Singh Grewal Avatar
      Ajay Singh Grewal

      @Emil literally dozens liked his comments so yeah they do care, you are wrong possibly quite dull

    3. V Avatar

      @Ajay Singh Grewalthe likes are NPC’s

    4. V Avatar

      Thank you for making that announcement that no one cared about!

    5. Ajay Singh Grewal Avatar
      Ajay Singh Grewal

      @V lol

  3. Michael Hill Music Avatar
    Michael Hill Music

    We thank this guy for making amazing videos ❤ who agrees
    Best at reviewing cars

  4. A S Avatar
    A S

    Bro that is a big graphics card

    1. Azizbek Ochilov Avatar
      Azizbek Ochilov

      that’s what i thought it was before clicking on the video

    2. nomaan jabri Avatar
      nomaan jabri


    3. parsamies Avatar

      Introducing the brand new Porsche 911 Dakar 4090 Edition!

    4. Retro2A Avatar

      @Azizbek OchilovMe too lol

    5. Марсель Алтынбек Avatar
      Марсель Алтынбек

      eth mining

  5. Need4Speed Avatar

    Bro they’ve robbed your engine😂

  6. MostCertainlyNotABot Avatar

    The new rtx 5090 prototype 😳😳😳

  7. Pizza Pozz Avatar
    Pizza Pozz

    Nice gpu!

  8. Drivetimewithbilly Avatar

    That’s all you gon see ladies and gentlemen 🤕😭🤭

  9. Nexus Xeon Avatar
    Nexus Xeon

    Wow I didn’t know u also get a RTX 3090 inside Porche 😮

  10. Shane Avatar

    Washing machine engine

  11. Cyberkillr Avatar

    someone really said “thats a big GPU”☠️

    1. Josh Reynolds Avatar
      Josh Reynolds

      Who said that 🤣 ☠️

    2. Anish Bhalerao Avatar
      Anish Bhalerao

      @Josh ReynoldsSomeone.

    3. Myself Stefano Avatar
      Myself Stefano

      @Josh Reynolds he @gekkemand

    4. Prince King Avatar
      Prince King

      Bet it can run the starfield servers.

  12. DP ie Avatar
    DP ie

    Why is there a vacuum cleaner in the back of the car? 😂

    1. DB Class 407 Avatar
      DB Class 407

      Looks like exhaust fans to me.

    2. Oli Barber Avatar
      Oli Barber

      Hahahahahahaha wow this was the most funny comment I have ever read on YouTube ever hahahahahaha wow you are so funny hahahahahahahaha

    3. DP ie Avatar
      DP ie

      @Oli Barber I drive a Tesla so what do I know?

    4. Orange Avatar

      ​@Oli BarberYou tried to hard its cringy

    5. Oli Barber Avatar
      Oli Barber

      @DP ie I didn’t say you didn’t know anything? Was just a crap joke

  13. João Xavier Avatar
    João Xavier

    The worst thing about a Porsche is I can’t have one,

    1. Parth Avatar

      You’ll definitely one fine day

    2. João Xavier Avatar
      João Xavier

      @Parth thank you for your kindness.

    3. A Tuck Avatar
      A Tuck

      Why not?

    4. João Xavier Avatar
      João Xavier

      @A Tuck Can’t buy and maintain one.

  14. Lauren: Your new girlfriend 💘 Avatar
    Lauren: Your new girlfriend 💘

    This guy never fails to entertain us. I hope this series never dies.

  15. DAWGENS Avatar

    Look in the front…
    If it isn’t there it’s stolen

  16. TheIbster Avatar

    Porsche GTX 9110 with 475 GB-BHP, Boost Clock 149 MPHz, 0-60 in 3.5 TFLOPS

    1. Orange Avatar

      Best one yet😂

  17. Jason Canon Avatar
    Jason Canon

    I actually love 911s for this reason.

  18. Zeky Avatar

    the engine: you don’t have to see me, just feel me..

  19. McKerma Avatar

    But when you see that shape.. you know its a beast🤩

  20. Qhamokuhle Shibane Avatar
    Qhamokuhle Shibane

    Ever had to change a Porsche Tyre in a narrow road Mat?

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