This is the most pointless button in a Skoda!






30 responses to “This is the most pointless button in a Skoda!”

  1. Silvia Berger Avatar
    Silvia Berger

    Sehr geiles Video wie immer💛💛💛

  2. zonki Avatar

    I would press that everytime ❤

  3. Panda MilkShake Avatar
    Panda MilkShake

    Man, I miss actual keys, manual hand brakes and manual transmissions…

    1. David Avatar


    2. riba2233 Avatar

      Just buy an old or low end car then…

    3. ˢᵒˡᵒᵗᵒᶜⁱᵘˢ Avatar

      Then go ahead and by an old car fitting for your old mindset.

    4. TonninSeteli Avatar

      There is still new cars with all of them

    5. Velvet Blue Avatar
      Velvet Blue

      Manual handbrakes yes! Keys I like being able to jump in lol 😂 but I do think cars should have that magnetic key area so your car won’t start without it being there.

  4. Olim Abbasov Avatar
    Olim Abbasov

    It’s exact same with ID4 too

    1. swiggah Avatar

      And Q4. Nothing special here.

  5. Jaakko is watching Avatar
    Jaakko is watching

    Why does that button exist in an Enyaq? A Tesla-driver asking.

    1. Jay Avatar

      I think to turn It on not sure Tho

  6. EIBRAHM Talks Avatar
    EIBRAHM Talks

    New bmw looks cool

  7. alexoblashki Avatar

    Idk who’s doing your shorts, but most of them don’t make sense.

  8. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    Start stop is easier.

  9. Darko Zampini Avatar
    Darko Zampini

    Nice bmw

  10. SirThomas1212 Avatar

    How about get rid of the remote key completely, just use an app!

    1. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
      Shakeel Zaman

      Have both for extra security measure

  11. Omar Salous Avatar
    Omar Salous

    It looks like an id4 from the inside

  12. BlackCopper Avatar

    In my opinion, every BEV should have no Start/Stop – Button…it is so much easier without

    1. Henning Avatar

      If you get out of the car as the driver, the car turns itself off (before you lock it). If the passengers want AC or heating they can use the button to turn the car on again. So a nice button to have if you ask me!

  13. Fiercephoenix18 Avatar

    Just in case it doesn’t work when u put your foot on the brake

    1. TaiwaneseBoi Avatar

      Aren’t start/stop buttons electronic too? If the electric brake pedal isn’t working, I wouldn’t want to turn my car on

  14. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
    Shakeel Zaman

    Being able to drive a car away without the key even needing to be inside is asking for theft. What a ridiculous idea!

  15. Kasper Kærulf Andersen Avatar
    Kasper Kærulf Andersen

    Its pretty good. Sometimes i want to turn my car of…

  16. kryjag Avatar

    The Start/Stop button is there for a reason. For example it’s useful when you need a 12v socket to provide power when you not seated in the car. I had a puncture so I had to use a compressor and could not be in the car at the same time. Or you are waiting for someone at night and you don’t want the car’s lights to be on.

  17. laistab 1 Avatar
    laistab 1

    I miss the days when keys were cool

  18. J U Avatar
    J U

    When the sensor goes bad on that pedal, the button will be useful 😂

  19. tubby856  Avatar

    Tell me ,why does it say “start ENGINE”

  20. Jørgen Avatar

    I thought this was standard on all EVs

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